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workshop hell

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Mike Wall03/01/2010 16:43:35
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Hi guys
              happy new year to all
          I thought u might like to see what santa left! high winds heavy rain took its toll on the old workshop roof   i had to pull the workshop apart as water came down one wall what a mess . i thought i moved every think out the wet area but as you can see wrong! working on the clearup  let you know about the plane.
                     all the best for  2010  mike

Oddjob03/01/2010 17:00:45
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Sorry to learn of your misfortune Mike.  I suppose that the new surface rust on the plane will be the least of your problems to resolve.  It will be nice to see an "after" picture in due course.
Happy New Year to you too.
Derek Lane03/01/2010 17:03:43
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Sorry to hear about the workshop Mike. Hope to see you up and running again soon did you manage to save most of what was inside
Mike Wall03/01/2010 17:30:26
64 forum posts
45 photos
cheers guys
         yes derek saved some lost a lot sheet material mostly small     veneered mdf bits all my hardwood was at the other end of the workshop i was away when the deed was done found the mess just before christmas .and Richard will post pics when the plane is cleaned up
Doug03/01/2010 18:05:56
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Sorry to see that Mike, you have my commiserations, i recently had the cold water pipe leak in the workshop, it`s unbelievable where the water can find places to get.
I hope the clean up & repair is not too painful & that you are back in full swing soon. 
Best wishes.

Edited By baz on 03/01/2010 18:13:21

Big Al03/01/2010 18:20:17
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Sorry to hear of your misfortune mike, my workshop roof leaks, although I will be replacing it later in the year, its still depressing though, especially when I forget to cover my tablesaw, like I did last week only to find the table wet and rusty.
George Arnold03/01/2010 22:04:19
1834 forum posts
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 Not a very good end to the year, sorry to see the mess you are left with. what must it be like when you get flooded out , by over flowing rivers? Hope you soon get sorted out and back into production,
 Years ago I got called to a chalet bungalow, the tank in the roof had over flowed , it seems it had been running out  of the over flow for some time, and they had not done anything about it, they worked away during the week as they used the water at the weekend the overflow stopped dripping, They where away for over a week and slowly the water from the tank overflowed in the roof space the fibre glass insulation soaked up  the water untill it was saturated, the water came through the ceiling over the double bed , soaked through that through into the room below, saturated the Parquet  flooring which swelled up and the floor looked like waves," I suppose the moral of this storey is a stitch in time"
 I know that is no consolation to you  in your hour of need.
 Best wishes fo 2010 George

Edited By George Arnold on 03/01/2010 22:05:31

Olly Parry-Jones04/01/2010 10:37:49
2776 forum posts
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What a devastating start to the new year! I sincerely hope you're able to sort things out soon and that too you don't have to throw away too much.
Is the old roof salvageable or will you need to buy new sheets?
Alan T.04/01/2010 11:19:41
1033 forum posts
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Hello Mike,
                   Commiserations to you,the shock must be devastating. I've had a small leak caused by the cold freezing some lying water on the felted roof of the workshop,but nothing like this. Hope it soon gets sorted. What's happened to Global warming. Even the Chinese are suffering the coldest weather in yonks. Cheers   Alan T.
Ron Davis04/01/2010 15:42:06
1619 forum posts
201 photos
What a disaster, I hope your insurance will cover it!
A lesson for us all, check the policy
Wolfie04/01/2010 16:38:33
406 forum posts
76 photos
Hi Mike, I'm sorry to see the damage inflicted on your workshop. I have no doubt you will be up and running again very soon. Good luck with it and I hope that 2010 will be a better year for you.
All the best               Ian
Mike Wall10/01/2010 15:37:55
64 forum posts
45 photos
Hi again chaps
                  and with this weather it is chaps  just a quick update on the old workshop  had to remove some of the bottom wall lining and some of the roof lining will have to go in the spring. On a better note the snow is melting still to cold in the workshop to do any fine work just managed to clean up my old 90j plane.    lets hope this year i might get to finish off some of my projects do envy you guys you all seem to get such a lot done.
                                       any way all the best mike
Sparky10/01/2010 15:57:12
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Ouch Mike
That's no way to end a year...I do feel you pain though, My roof did the same in 2007, managed to work in the rain to place plastic sheeting and prop ups in the shed to angle the pools of water away............unlike you, most of my tools were bought in 2008 so I didn't have so much damage.....
Good luck and lets hope nothing cant be cleaned up.
PS, Snow thawing here too but, more is forecast.
Delete11/01/2010 13:52:05
575 forum posts
Alan T
You ask whats happened to Global Warming. I dont propose to go into detail here as it is Off topic, However global warming will and is causing more extremes in the weather and in some places like the Mid Latitudes it will cause cooling at times (due to the ice melting and cooling the sea).
The term climate change is realy more appropriate.

Edited By Roger B on 11/01/2010 13:52:42

Toothy11/01/2010 16:27:57
458 forum posts
67 photos
Hi Mike
Commiserations and I hope you are soon back on your feet and at the bench.
I have also just discovered that what I thought was a minor roof discrepincy to my wood shed was in fact a major leak. Luckily its summer for me and I have replaced the roof but a large quantity of wood (mostly my jelutong for carving) has been water damaged / stained. Some was fungus affected but a light sand seems to have cleaned that. The rest has been liberally dosed with bleach and allowed to air dry.
Global warming: The warming of the poles and cooling everywhere else.

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