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Good Woodworking issue 203

Your thoughts?

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Ralph Harvey03/07/2008 18:34:00
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The trouble with adverts is some people blank them and look for the interesting bits, admitably not all the time though,

I can se the logic to what Andy is saying maybe there is a happy medium we do after all seem to be getting a lot more threads and posts recently, trouble is we cant find out how or why they have joined or just started posting.

Will wait and see what happens in the future.


Nick Hanson03/07/2008 19:41:00
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 I bought the mag first ,saw tha ad,had a look at the site had a good root round ,laughed at sparky & the lads taking the pee,i like the gallery & the way if you need to know anything just ask,someone will help.


Sparky03/07/2008 19:49:00
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Thanks Nick..............I think

I'd like your definition of 'taking the pee' though

I don't think we/I do that at all.......we enjoy both gallery and members threads as we all learn, we have a laugh at members jokes but I cant think of a time we/I have taken the pee at anyone!

Doug03/07/2008 20:27:00
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I can`t remember you taking the pee, though i will admit to having my tounge firmly in my cheek in a few threads.

As Andy said earlier, it would be a sterile forum without some humour.

I don`t think Mike thought for one minute  i would put a trailer on my roof rack with all that oak!!! He knows i haven`t got a trailer.

Always remember it takes 43 muscles to frown at someone who is annoying you, & only 4 to reach out & slap them!!!!!!!!!!!


Sparky03/07/2008 20:32:00
7631 forum posts
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Only 4 hey!Hmmmmmmmmm
Nick Hanson03/07/2008 20:35:00
155 forum posts
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 marc,the one i laughed most at is when derek put a black & white picture of box joints on & baz i think put a colour one on & you replied oooh i like yours baz it`s in might only be gentle pee taking but i do like it, it`s just my level of silliness.

cheers nick. 

Ralph Harvey03/07/2008 20:44:00
3274 forum posts
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2 articles

Well that proves the system works !

Sparky03/07/2008 21:07:00
7631 forum posts
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Its just the way I tell um..........even though I did like the coloured ones best
George Arnold04/07/2008 17:28:00
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Did'nt Brian get upset with somebody on the Magic Rounderbout and went of in a huff? Zeberdee said to Dougle and Dorothy.


Doug04/07/2008 20:32:00
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You could be more right there than you think George.
Ged Meager17/08/2008 22:55:00
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I was greatly saddned to see the passing of John Brown I loved reading his articles they always made me smile Please repeat them. Althjough I never met the man and if I had I probably would have his boot imprint on my arse as I come from the Norm school of woodworking which JBhated I did learn quite a bit from him though and would love the see any article he wrote on welsh stick chair making as I would love to have a go

RIP JB from a loyal fan

Woodchip21/08/2008 13:49:00
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Hi Folks..


Has  'The Woodworker' descended to the level of using 'Pocket-hole' Joinery, for making carcasses? I am surprised to find this tool/jig being given attention by any serious woodwork magazine. 

The first time I encountered pocket holes was on a cheap kitchen table my old Dad bought in the 1940's.  The top  (plywood) was held in place with screws in pockets. Quite ok, as the plywood top wouldn't move noticeably.

Now, I am far from a snob, but I prefer joints when building even a utility carcass and  just the humble dowel joint is superior to pocket-hole screws.

In case someone is going to say it's okay for me, because I know how to cut the joints, well yes, up to a point, I do. But that's only because I kept using them until I was proficient in cutting them. 

Pocket hole jigs? Were I to find a use for them, it would be easier for me to make an angled block to use as a throw-away jig, since I would use it so infrequently.

am almost crying here! I can remember when 'The Woodworker' was the benchmark for magazines. Heck; I can even remember when it was THE ONLY magazine!!!



Woodchip21/08/2008 13:56:00
380 forum posts
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sparky wrote (see)

Regarding Tormek, I like my India oil stone to much

Well Sparky, you don't have to throw out you oilstone, if you buy a Tormek grinder. Once you have the hollow-ground bevel, you can put the secondary bevel on with whatever honing stone you wish.  
John [img
Olly Parry-Jones28/06/2008 09:58:00
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I'm a bit surprised to see no-one else has already decided to start discussing the latest issue (I assume that's why they put it up as a news article!) As with many of the recent issues, I find the articles to be very well written and well worth a read. Very interesting to read how two people have gotten in to woodwork from other backgrounds; product design and graphic design, as I've always felt destined to heard down that route myself. A great tribute to the late John Brown, though I'm sorry to say he was a bit before my time with the magazine. They've been critisised in recent issues for being too "arty" but it looks like they're trying to stear away from that now to suit what the readers want to see. I enjoyed most of the projects featured this issue but felt the "three-hour" Tile Top Coffee Table looked a little out of place... I'm all for beginner's projects, of course, but I think it may have been better suited to The Woodworker, where Ralph has recently explored Pocket Screwing systems...? So, if you've read issue 203 and want to make you're voice heard (well, read, actually...), this is probably the best place to do it!
Sparky28/06/2008 12:33:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos

I'm interested into who writes up about this site's forum.......I'm still annoyed at deformation of character!

Other than that........not bad I thought.......still havent read it all yet..........


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