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July Edition of "The Woodworker"

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Denis Solomon25/06/2008 23:03:00
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I was disappointed by your opening aricles in the Hand vs. Machine series in the July 2008 Woodworker. The first article, as was to be expected, contained material on mortise and tenon joint cutting that exists in many magazine articles and woodworking manuals.  Fair enough.  But I thought the second would be a compendium of techniques for cutting mortise and tenon joints with different machines, most or all of which the average woodworker would possess -  bandsaw, table saw (with or without jigs), router and router table, mortiser attachment on planer or radial arm saw, etc., etc. - information that rarely if ever appears in a single article.  Instead I found a description of the Trend mortise and tenon jig.  Any reader who doesn't have this jig will be none the wiser for this article, and anybody who has one presumably already knows how to use it.  The article was not about cutting joints by machine - it was about cutting joints on A machine.

Denis Solomon

Monticelli d'Ongina


warren gruhl26/06/2008 03:02:00
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this is the ridig table saw comes with 1and 1/2 motor 30" rip and mirco fence the fence is very good on this saw you can give it a little push and it will slide right a crossthe table

Denis Solomon27/06/2008 08:27:00
11 forum posts
I'm new to the forum, but I don't understand what Warren's post has to do with mine.
Mike Garnham27/06/2008 08:31:00
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 I think Warren has posted in the wrong place.


Dave Warren16/06/2008 13:07:00
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I got July's copy the other day and I have to say the news and test sections just felt like reading a bunch of adverts

With a full spread from Bosch (followed by the Bosch GTM12 review in test) , and a visit to Festool (followed by the OF2200 review) there seems a lot of manufacturer specific news, then the reviews were very complimentary, almost gushing, it made for slightly uncomfortable reading.

I like magazines, as I don't get as much time as I would like (do any of us?) in the workshop due to other commitments (such as a 2 hour commute), magazines give me a sort of vicarious pleasure. And I know that you have to look after the advertisers, but maybe to make this feel a little less conspicuous youcould have spread the articles over 2 months?



Woodworker16/06/2008 14:10:00
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Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum. Your comments make for interesting reading. I'll do my best to shed some light on things. Firstly, I had no intention of making the July issue of WW feel like a bunch of adverts, perhaps we've got the balance a little off centre this month. Secondly, there has been a whole host of significant product releases over the last few weeks from Bosch and Festool, which gives us a dilemma when creating the magazine. Do we try and cover the new products as quickly as possible so that readers have up to date news and reviews, or do we hang back, with a more relaxed approach, in the knowledge that others will get there first. I thought Andy Standing's visit to Festool in Germany made an interesting read. So why not run it alongside my review of the OF2200? My intention was to give readers some good quality background information on Festool to accompany a significant product release. Likewise with the Bosch event, in a few short weeks it'll be old news and probably not worth running. But, because of the expense involved, we have to justify trips out to manufacturers with editorial content which, I'm afraid, is often time sensitive. I take your point onboard though, perhaps we should of staggered the two feature/review combinations over a couple of issues. With regard to the reviews being complimentary; you're right, they are, and that's because both tools are excellent. I wrote both reviews and I've put both tools through their paces over the last couple of months. I'm sorry if you found the write ups too positive, but I really can't see any point in going out of my way to find negative things to say about great tools. If you get a chance, give them a try and then let me know what you think. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and don't give up on WW just yet! Cheers, Ben
Dave Warren16/06/2008 14:39:00
8 forum posts

Thanks for the swift reply Ben, I do want to make it clear that it was just the News and Test section I was commenting on, elsewhere the Magazine was fine, as a wood turner, I am especially pleased you haven't just allowed this section of the magazine to fade away.

I do understand your points and should the budget become availabel I'd love to give both tools a go - and I will make sure you get my feedback

I really don't have a problem with the reviews being complimentary, and of course you shouldn't make negative comments where there is no justification. Maybe I read them as "gushing" because my impressions about the number of pages given over to both manufacturers.



Woodworker16/06/2008 15:21:00
1745 forum posts
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74 articles
Thanks again for your comments. I've taken everything onboard and in hindsight I think we could have done a better job. It's always tricky to get the balance of content right, so your feedback is appreciated. Glad you like the turning section. It's a relatively small area of the magazine but I've been trying to keep the quality as high as possible because there are a good number of turners reading WW. Turning is a popular subject on this forum too, so it's a bonus to have a steady flow of articles coming from the magazine though to the website to support those members. Cheers, Ben
Sparky16/06/2008 16:35:00
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I must admit, I did drool over the Bosch and then came to my senses and thought...I'll never get one of those and also thought about the cheaper versions in the likes of B&Q.

We have had this conversation before Ben but, I still cant afford to buy those products to give my opinion to them and personally find it may be a waste of time  to give you a list to  test if I cant buy them in the next few months........and by then, another product comes by to tempt me away..........catch 22........

If only we all were millionaires and then go by your appraisal and buy the products!

I do like reading about all the different machines/tools out there and find your comments fair and true..........keep up the good work mate!


Doug16/06/2008 18:24:00
3415 forum posts
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The thing is, if magazines like the Woodworker don`t cover these new machines, cheap & expensive alike, then we don`t know whats out in the market place & how good they are.

The readership of the WW is wide & varied & so is their expenditure on tools, so without these reviews we would be buying in the dark.

I personally really like the tool review section, more power to your elbow Ben.

Cheers Ben.

Sparky16/06/2008 19:20:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos

Was there ever table saws covered in the magazines Ben?

Might be thinking of one in the future but the price range would need to be between £50-200. 

Big Al16/06/2008 20:37:00
1599 forum posts
73 photos
I think reviews are good as they give someone's point of view. However the real proof of the pudding is to try before you buy, and this is what shows are good for. I bought my lie nielsen at the last axminster show, about 4 years ago. I went there specifically for this tool, and tom lie nielsen said, please try the tool, I did and was instantly hooked and therefore bought it. With regards to magazines, ones like the woodworker usually test a good mix of tools of different price ranges and quality, which is very good for the majority of people. I have always held the belief that you should choose a tool for the usage that you are going to get from it. In other words, if your going to use it day in day out then buy the best that you can afford. If however you only use it every now and again then buy a cheaper tool. I bought a cheap SDS 6 Kg drill from B&Q over 5 years ago. It cost me 50 and came with a set of drills and chisels. It recently died after serving me very well and certainly out lived its expectancy. And yet I have spent a small fortune on hand tools, routers, drill drivers, etc.. Al
Dave Warren16/06/2008 20:38:00
8 forum posts
baz wrote (see)

The thing is, if magazines like the Woodworker don`t cover these new machines, cheap & expensive alike, then we don`t know whats out in the market place & how good they are.

The readership of the WW is wide & varied & so is their expenditure on tools, so without these reviews we would be buying in the dark.

I personally really like the tool review section, more power to your elbow Ben.

Cheers Ben.


 I agree 100%, I subscribe to this and several other magazines, and tool reviews is one of the reasons.


Ralph Harvey16/06/2008 21:41:00
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It is a dificult subject that in my opinion all are right, we do need the most up to date reviews on the latest products, but i as a lot of other woodworkers can not afford new products ! we relly on the second hand market, so it is like dangling a carrot under our noses that we will never get.

I also agree with the original point that the balance is a little off when the review is directly after a section on the maker. I personally like to see more projects than reviews, but i am sure there are plenty of other readers who would say different, so we must just trust the team know best i suppose.

By the way Ben congrats on your move i hope you enjoy your new post.


Mike Garnham16/06/2008 21:54:00
4114 forum posts
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yes, I saw that too. Tell us about this new job. Is this real promotion? .......or is the sort of promotion most of us title, more responsibilities, extra hours, same old money?


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