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Sparky31/08/2009 21:13:32
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Paul and welcome to this site's forum.
I'm sorry you have had problems with the magazine's subscription offer. Please phone the subscription's number 08456 777 807 email or customer services on 0844 412 2262, email with your grievance, They will sort things out.
I also like to add that everyone started somewhere in woodworking and its only through practise and getting help from those who know that we get better.........
jay 131/08/2009 21:32:42
72 forum posts
6 photos
have to say not a bad site just needs abit of life put back into it online tool reviews some plans for projects the new lads can do dont forget this site is not just for the serous amature its for the new lads who just got the bug as well there the people that is needed to
Andy King31/08/2009 21:40:26
170 forum posts
8 photos
19 articles
Hi Marc,
Thanks for the warm welcome!
When you say updates of my work, do you mean what i'm currently working on for the magazine as a sort of teaser to what i'm up to in any particular issue?
I can do that no problem (I just have to remember to do so so if you do want me to do so, and i haven't give me a nudge!)
Baz, I never take things like that personally, you are right in saying that its constructive and you have very valid points, so no worries on that front from me!
Paul, sorry to hear about your problems with the subscription. Hopefully the numbers and contact that Marc has given will get it sorted for you.

Edited By Andy King on 31/08/2009 21:41:13

Doug31/08/2009 22:05:50
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Posted by Andy King on 31/08/2009 21:40:26:
Baz, I never take things like that personally,
Phew, thought i was off the crimbo card list for a moment there

Edited By baz on 31/08/2009 22:06:56

Ralph Harvey01/09/2009 00:32:05
3274 forum posts
315 photos
2 articles
Now for the shortened version ? i have hit the wrong spot 5 times and lost all the words typed
Basically the thread has hit a nerve and with such a quick response there  is certainly a lot of to think about !
First though, what dose everyone actually want,? a discussion forum,? a digital magaazine?
I myself like the setup, we dont have an editor deciding which subjects are ok to be added, we dont have a production team stearing us in any particular direction. we dont have the profesionals who have to come up with the latest must have tool or the in fashion style of doing something. We do have Sparky, the online wizz kid who dashes around sorting out all the problems we throw at him, Many thanks Marc.
What we do have is US a group of like minded friends who meet up at our leasure to discuss...... anything, any problems, any advice any subject ( sometimes a little off the mark ) but really anything.!
No one is ever turned away if we know the answer it is freely given we even allow everyone to show off there work, thats something you dont get on the other site ? and no one ever knocks you no matter how new you are.
There was a time when the site was a place to heir the grevences with the printed version and i was one of the guilty members that on reflection went a bit too far some times sorry for that
What we need more than anything else is for the many thousands who look regularly to tell us why they only look ? yes a greater input from the magazines would be nice but the people who drive the site are us all of us !
Tommy mc glynn 101/09/2009 00:48:15
291 forum posts
1 photos
hi all as a new comer to the forum i all ways find it a great place to learn and every one willing to help. as for sparky the forum would fall with him. and as for asking andy for help he dose every mount in goodworking. it is here we help each other. and may be just may be help andy and goodworking at the same time. after all they can see the type of work we like doing plus the things we like to talk about. so gives some insight into our workshops. hope this maks sens
Tommy mc glynn 101/09/2009 00:50:31
291 forum posts
1 photos
sorry sparky that was ment to say the forum would fall with out you. hope you dont think i was putting you down in any way

Edited By thomas mc glynn 1 on 01/09/2009 00:51:13

Oddjob01/09/2009 09:13:51
1635 forum posts
79 photos
21 responses in only two days - and a Bank Holiday weekend at that.  How I would love to see many more similar responses to posts about projects, tips, tools etc.
Quite clearly, many of us recognise that something is wrong but I'm not sure that anyone has nailed it exactly.  Certainly the site "upgrade" and resulting (and ongoing) inneficiences have cost us a few members but there is more to it than that I think.
It is surely up to us, the members, not the publishers, to make this a popular, thriving and welcoming site?  But how?  I don't pretend to know the answer but I'll keep working on it and hopefully so will the rest of the membership.
So, come on you regulars, keep the posts going.  More importantly you passers by, ships in the night, lurkers, voyeurs - call yourselves whatever you like - don't stay out there in the cold - come on in.  It really is warm and welcoming in here.
PS - To Paul and everyone else.  For once I advise you to ignore Sparky's usual excellent advice.  To contact the publisher do not use the sneaky, expensive 0845 number.  Call it on 01858 438861 or 01689 899233.

Edited By Oddjob on 01/09/2009 09:18:47

Sparky01/09/2009 13:41:07
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Andy
Your welcome

Yes mate and not just you but the others as well (if they have time), that sounds a good start.
The other thought that could be good on here/in magazine is why/how tools are made the way they are? (I know some are common sense but there are others) and that could even be aimed at furniture making. Why is a certain joint used for, lets say, drawer, frames, legs and so on?..........a learning library thread on here and or a section in the magazine? (plenty for Ben to photograph!! )
Hi Ralph
Interesting points too.
I think thats what makes this a family like site, we all can have a say and its all listened too (though sometimes not replied too).
Thanks to you also mate, I do try (well, the wife say's I'm very trying!)
I still think that this forum should be able to discuss the content of the magazines and not have the fear of upsetting people. We all have our own ideas and some are how we learn by but, there isnt the need of slandering/slating (not saying you did) the staff but to give helpful advise to; Spelling mistakes........I do know that it shouldn't be in professional magazines and maybe the use of our spell checker on here would help those matters!

 Hi Thomas
Not at all mate and thankyou
Isn't it great to have a good post to start things off.......may there be many more
Darren Loucaides 101/09/2009 15:29:48
31 forum posts
18 photos
1 articles
Hi chaps,
I just wanted to add a brief comment to this debate. Contrary to what has been said, we are very "interested" in the site. Recently we have been trying to update new content on the website more regularly and we have launched the new series, Bargain Hunter. We're always keeping track on debates on the forum and new projects that are posted; if we don't chip in with comments more, it's only because we're working day and night to produce Good Woodworking Magazine (and in Ralph Laughton and co's case, The Woodworker). We're also more focused on creating content on the site than on participating in conversations and, unfortunately, providing advice. I'm afraid there are only so many hours in the day.
Having said that, if members let us know - as you have been - what you would like to see from us in terms of the forum and otherwise, we'll discuss your points and try to respond to them in kind. This is an ongoing process - we'll get there eventually!

Edited By Darren Loucaides 1 on 01/09/2009 17:09:40

Sparky01/09/2009 15:39:48
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Darren
Thanks for your comments, I hope others will understand how much time is being used in the magazines and of course, your private lives too........nothing like a busman's holiday to make you go insane
Ralph Harvey01/09/2009 23:14:24
3274 forum posts
315 photos
2 articles
I will second that Darren
It is much appreciated to hear your comments and i am sure we all understand the time restraints after all there is only so much time in a day even if we often wish there was more.
I am a firm believer in this site it has given me the incentive to get back in my shed which i am greatful for, but i also think we need to first find out what the other members, the ones who only brows, want ?
This often seems to me as has been said on many occassions to be a "family site" obveously there is a lot more than just a forum and galleries and maybe they are happy to brows through the additional areas  but the only way to find out is to ask ?
would it be possible to run a servey and find out what is wanted ? I know this is more time and money but it might be what is needed to go forward from here
Joe O 302/09/2009 01:00:26
203 forum posts
Hi all,
Could a survey be organised in early 2010 (as these take time and money to organise and Christmas is near also). This survey covering satisfaction with present content  of both magazines and this forum and suggestions for improvements to same. this survey to be in the magazines  and the newsletter. With a view to getting back  lapsed members, holding on to what we have and getting new members.
Sparky02/09/2009 01:48:57
7631 forum posts
22 photos
I think its something that can be done Joe. I've also missed the newsletter as said before, the last one was back in May if memory serves me right
I've often had emails asking me what type of front page a certain woodworking magazine catches the eye which does open up the home page of their website to thank me for the click of the mouse and vote.
Now, once the person has got to the website we need something that will get the people to stay and search it...........any ideas there?
What about discount vouchers on certain tools for the web advertised merchants?
10% off tools/accessories does help members and make money for the company as you get diverted to their web page.

Lets keep the ideas coming.

Edited By sparky on 02/09/2009 01:50:19

Bob02/09/2009 11:40:58
85 forum posts
Sparky et all,
I also agree that the project photo's are intimidating, besides who wants to see photo's of repairs on items that really should have been replaced?
The comment on the fequency of visits, in my case anyway, is that I have to use someone else's computer, mainly this means once a week; the community centre wich I volunteered at now charges

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