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Oddjob30/08/2009 21:19:05
1635 forum posts
79 photos
Having recently returned from holiday I spent a little time this rainy afternoon looking to see what I had missed in the forum.
I was pleased to see some interesting posts but disappointed with the quantity so I looked back to last year to compare.
In the seven days to Aug 30th last year there were 48 posts from 25 different members.  This year there have been only 27 posts from 16 members.  Of the 16 members posting in the week this year, only 4 posted in the corresponding week last year.  Of the 25 members who posted last year only 7 have posted here in the last month!
How have we failed to hold the interest of those who have fallen by the wayside?  What can we do to get them back?  I know of at least 4 absent members who post regularly in another (thriving) forum.  Why don't they post here too?
Perhaps we are boring them.  Perhaps I should get out more
Doug30/08/2009 22:58:01
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Hi Richard,
I hope you had a good holiday.
Your observations are spot on, up to a year ago this forum was thriving, but the shambles that was the switch over from one host to another meant a lot of regulars went looking for other forums.
The lack of magazine employees or magazine contributers posting on here doesn`t help. Why should the general public post on here when the folks from the magazines that this forum represents, can`t be bothered with this forum. Andy King has posted more in one week on another forum than he has on here in the last 2 months, & this place is is run by his employers.
It seems to me that since the switch over, no one from Hobby store is that interseted in the forum, this disinterest is infectious & less & less threads are being started. I look in most days, but with so few threads it is rare that i leave a reply. This is very sad, as i used to enjoy this forum more than most.
More than anything i feel sorry for Sparky, who seems to be fighting an up hill battle to instill some interest, having recently posted umpteen threads to try & raise user responce.
I do hope things can be turned around, but 27 posts from 5000+ members surely must be shouting loud in the ears of the folks running this site.
That all said, the site still isn`t working as it used to do, still no spell checker, folks are still reporting problems months & months after the site was re-designed, only 2 nights ago i couldn`t send a PM. IMO the site is still a shambles, which needs some serious imput if it is not going to die on it`s feet.
Tommy mc glynn 130/08/2009 23:13:25
291 forum posts
1 photos
hi i know i am only ne to the forum and the site. but the new sudscribers only parts on the site mite not help. just a thought
Oddjob31/08/2009 08:37:20
1635 forum posts
79 photos
Excellent response there Baz.
I hope that the publishers take note.
Cristoff31/08/2009 09:23:11
76 forum posts
21 photos
Hi All
I enjoy the site and would say i too look in most days, but my observation on the lack of postings/ members would be that the site can be a bit clicky maybe for some people, and maybe that puts people off a little.
I would agree that sparky works his n**s off to pull things together, but like many clubs it can be hard to break into the click so maybe some members just give up.
Doug31/08/2009 10:15:40
3415 forum posts
35 photos
I completely understand what you mean, as i have felt the way you describe when joining other established forums.
The answer is to join in whole heartedly, the more you post the quicker you become established & in many ways accepted.
A recent discussion, elsewhere, centered on the unwillingness of established members of woodturning clubs to accept new members. The problem is, trust & frendship take a while to establish, the newcomer needs to keep pluging away, entering competitions etc. & being seen.
As with most things in life the more you put in the greater the rewards.
Best wishes.
Joe O 331/08/2009 14:39:38
203 forum posts
I have to agree with everything you said. I had hoped it was down to  summer fall off due to holidays, weather and summer related commitments. Alas i was wrong.
Baz wrote what i had suspected but could not prove. The elephant in the room, or should i say the elephants no longer in the room. I have noticed a distinct lack of enthusiasm which extends even to the magazines themselves. When did we read popsts enthusing about articles in the newly arrived magazine?
Like Thomas i have noticed the emergance of suscribers only material which is designed to encourage new suscriptions but could alienate some new members.
Marc's involvement in and enthusiam for and to the site is well above and beyond the call of duty. As the  R E M song says....pushing an elephant up the stairs.
Hopefully someone somewhere will take action before it is too late.
Joe O 331/08/2009 14:53:11
203 forum posts
PS.. To Christoff,
Baz put it much better than i could. I would encourage you to stick with the forum.
A friendlier or more helpful bunch you won't find. IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END!
Andy King31/08/2009 16:20:30
170 forum posts
8 photos
19 articles
Hi Baz,
a fair comment - I do browse the forums and try and make comment on some subjects if possible, but historically, i've found that some forum members are opinionated on how a magazine and those who review for them work, and when I have defended my corner, i have ended up in a battle where the opinions of others against my own factual experience end up getting very heated.
It does make me loathe to post on forums as much as I used to, as it often invariably ends up going back to an opinion on magazines and reviewing policy that is posted which I know to be wrong and therefore I feel i am entitled to defend against.
Even so, I  try to offer help when I can,  but in most instances, i find it best to stand back and let other forum members make comment as I feel i am often seen as the devil in disguise and my opinions or knowledge invalid...
I have to be honest and say this isn't the case on GetWoodworking, the members here are certainly a good bunch of guys (and girls)!
You are correct though, as it is the company website i should maybe comment more on some subjects.
I'm more than happy to do so if members feel its useful, and i'm always available for PM or email if you need specific advice if I haven't seen a particular posting that i could help on.
My email is: or alternatively:
The latter email may be better as the Myhobbystore one tends to lag on re-routing emails as I work remotely to the magazine office.
Ron Davis31/08/2009 19:34:46
1619 forum posts
201 photos
Richard started this in good spirit, but it has become a bit personal, with attacks on Andy.
I visit the forum nearly every day and enjoy most comments, sometomes I declince to post as others have said it for me. i have not noticed it becoming cliquey just that if you post the regular members will respond. Which is not the same.
If you feel the magazines are not what they used to be, well there are two explanations, one if like me you have read them for years then you do notice the same topics coming round and it appears old hat some times.
The other option is that the mag has fell away a bit, and the answer there is to contact Ben and suggest some articles, or make constructive comments.
Whenever I see Joe Bloggs, 1 post, the responses are always, 'Welcome to the forum' from other members, I have yet to see a negative comment.
I do notce that some people ask questions which are answered in a recent issue of the mags, do some people see the forum as a way of reading the mag for free? Beats trying to get to the shelf in Smiths for the same bods reading it and leaving me with a second hand copy.
This forum is what we make it, so it's up to us to makee it a good'un
Mike Jordan31/08/2009 19:40:40
160 forum posts
17 photos
Hi Richard
I  also though that interest had been falling off, and wondered like Baz, if the changover, which didn't seem to go well, had sent members looking elsewhere. I think the format of this site is good and easy to use when compared to some others that seem to be security mad!  If I do add a post, I usually check the box for e mail notification of replies, it hasn't worked for me since the changes. If others are experiencing the same, it can't be helping. 
I  still see it as a  friendly and helpful site but not well used at the moment.
Doug31/08/2009 19:45:37
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Hi Andy.
Thanks for your honest reply.
I completely understand your view point, as i have witnessed first hand the cynieism posted elsewhere, with regard to the bias (or not) of magazine reviews, of products, supplied by advertisers of the magazines.
I feel with this site things are different, a lot of  folks who visit  here do so due to the magazines, & as such expect the site to be magazine based, which on the whole it is. 
But i personally feel the forum should also be more reflective of the magazines, with not just you but others from the mags giving their input.
I would also like to say i have nothing against you or anyone else, my coments are i hope,  taken in a constructive way. All i would like to see is the forum thriving as it used to, which can only be a good thing for My hobby store.
The lack of posts on the forum IMO is also down to the site itself not functioning as it should, i do believe things could & should have been done better when the switch over happened, but that`s in the past. I doubt the regulars who left will ever be tempted back, the important thing now is to encourage new people to take over where the others left off.

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Edited By baz on 31/08/2009 19:50:28

Face31/08/2009 20:36:38
8 forum posts
Hi All
 I've been visiting the site for a while now but haven't posted anything simply because I don't think my projects come anywhere near to the quality of the rest of you, but I have enjoyed reading about your own works. However, I would have to say, having recently subscibed to the magazine, that the treatment the subscription service offers is little better than some of the comments made about their overall involvement and participation in the site. After 3 months I still haven't had the advertised free gift and have only received one copy of the magazine, if this, combined with this discussion, is a sign of things to come this could be a very short lived forum involvement and subscription on my part.
Sparky31/08/2009 20:57:53
7631 forum posts
22 photos
Hi Richard & welcome back, hope you had a good one
I certainly understand your point.
This site seems to get the 'ask a question, get reply and goodbye' from a lot of 'members' who seem to only come on here when they have a problem.
This site has always (well, to me anyway) been a family forum as the bench banter thread seem to flourish.......but, then the rest seems to go by the by........Albums have had a drastic drop in uploads and I think it maybe down to a slow building/turning time of the year........I do hope this autumn will bring more opportunities for members to get back into their sheds/workshops and ready themselves for the Christmas season.........and hope to post something too!.
My lack of posts is due to having new electricity cables installed in our neighbourhood........intermittent power during the days and sometimes evenings.........but, when I do get on here, not much is posted.
Hi Baz
I also agree with you.
The change over did a lot to make members leave but, I don't think that was the main reason..........I have noticed over the years on other sites that people change and sometimes leave the woodworking for new interests.......saying that, I think most of those members are DIY'ers........There's only a few tradespeople who post on here and of those its their posts which are the replies to many of the 'help' questions posted on here...........again, they get there answers and disappear again. I too don't see many of the magazine staff respond....(Sad that Andy King feels like the way he does)....its people like him that can offer a lot and maybe we should ask for their opinion more often..........If the answer has been given before perhaps we need that Search option back again......and working
Thankyou for your support too, its appreciated
There has been a lot of new items placed on the home page so the staff (Ben) are still trying to get the interest back up again.........also with the introduction of the subscribers only content may help with more posts in the future but, it can go drastically wrong when 'viewers' cant get a taste of what's being done...............perhaps a one/two week free membership trial may get them to subscribe to the magazine to then use the sections on here for good.

Hi Cristoff
 I do hope there isnt that feeling of this site being 'cliquey'.........If I understand you properly, I still think many of the new members only want an answer to something and then there happy to go on their way..............Baz's response is right too........
we certainly need to pull them back here and hopefully the monthly newsletter will help.
Keep at it mate, we all are a friendly bunch here
Thanks to you too
 Hi Joe
Thanks mate...........I hope my back doesn't give out with that elephant! 
Hi Andy
Welcome to the Get woodworking's forum! ..........only kidding mate

I'm sad that you feel the way you do.........if you cant comment on something you've experienced then we've all lost the battle.........Its like knowing a short cut to make easy money but no one wants to hear..........dont let them see you off.........its the others that suffer mate..........everyone on here loves wood in one way or other and is always learning.......thats how we get better and more experienced in the media.

Perhaps updates of your and others magazine work could generate a more positive forum ........just an idea

Hi Ron
Yes to all mate
Hi Mike
Agree with you too.
I also think that the members how have now gone have had over 6 months on another site which by now makes them part of a is (sadly) hard to bring them back and with their lack of posts makes this site seem empty...........its time to attract the new members and make them part of this family and as you all know, time passes so quickly they will become more positive to post more.
Sad to hear of your notification problems mate. I'll see if Ben can see if there is a problem this end..........have you tried clicking the 'Bookmark this thread' just below 'Add posting'?
Doug31/08/2009 21:10:13
3415 forum posts
35 photos
Hi Paul (face) & welcome to the forum.
Please don`t be put off posting your work because you feel it isn`t up to a standard, the input from the folks on here will more often than not help you to improve you standard, with helpful tips etc.
We are a friendly bunch, who all had to learn in the first place, in my case from friendly tradesman willing to pass on their experience. If we know nothing about you it is impossible to help.
Which magazine have you subscribed to?  If you post the title i`m sure Sparky will be along soon & point you in the right direction to solve your problems.
Best wishes.

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