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Chisels V. Health & Safety

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Bob22/04/2008 17:12:00
85 forum posts

Having decided to go to night school to learn to do some joints properly, I was told that you shouldn't use the palm of your hand, as a half way stage between hand paring and a mallet; apparently this can cause a 'pulse' of blood to your heart and can cause a heart attack.

This is the first I have heard of this, is this right?

David J22/04/2008 17:52:00
28 forum posts

Gosh, I've never heard that one before.

Woodworker22/04/2008 17:59:00
1745 forum posts
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Blimey, things have changed since I was at college! Never heard anything along those lines Bob.
Rob Johnson22/04/2008 18:17:00
378 forum posts
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Heart attack! No! But it can cause a lot of pain, to the base of your thumb.

In 25+ years in the trade have  never seen someone drop down with a H/A by giving the chisel a little extra umph. However I have had a very sore palm that lasted several days!

So it is best to use a mallet or hammer or monkey wrench in preference to your hand, as tempting as it may be, when said mallet is 1/4 mile away in boot of car due to rubbish parking rules in LONDON,(Grrrrrr).

(alternatively use the hand of someone you really don't like and hope for the worst )

wood magnet22/04/2008 18:58:00
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5 photos
Sounds like a load of rubbish to me Bob, or is that why parents/teachers/coppers cant give kids a slap nowadays, in case it causes a blood clot to the heart.
Big Al22/04/2008 21:07:00
1602 forum posts
73 photos
The lunatics have taken over the asylum!
Andy King22/04/2008 21:13:00
170 forum posts
8 photos
19 articles

Sounds to me like the only clots here are the jobsworths who get paid to come up with these ridiculous notions!

What about other situations where your hands strike things? Olga Korbut would have conked out halfway through her first routine in the olympics!



Mike Garnham22/04/2008 21:31:00
4114 forum posts
1 photos

.....and a cricket ball hitting my hands at 80 or 90 MPH about 300 times a day for twenty years surely would have been a bit worse than helping a chisel along a bit! I've never heard such tosh......


Andy King22/04/2008 21:49:00
170 forum posts
8 photos
19 articles

You're lucky to be alive Mike!!!



OldHand23/04/2008 09:09:00
11 forum posts

A few months ago, rec.woodworking carried a report from a tradesman carver who has suffered severe damage to his hand from a lifetime's use (I think) of the base of his thumb to strike the gouge handle.

 I guess that using the palm could do even more damage, and be quite painful.

Olly Parry-Jones23/04/2008 13:53:00
2776 forum posts
636 photos

I'm guilty of doing this quite often, although my hear is still beating at a regular rate.

Did anyone see the Ben Huggins series when they used to show it on Discovery Real Time on Sky? I remember he used to an offcut of oak as a mallet!

I'd say it's much worse to use a hammer (not the side of the head) where you'll either splt the chisel handle or miss and really hurt yourself!

Derek Lane23/04/2008 17:18:00
3219 forum posts
1004 photos
now i know what caused my heart attack must remember to tell the doctor he thought it was something else just goes to show what do doctors know
Doug23/04/2008 19:06:00
3415 forum posts
35 photos

My nephew, an electrition, is working on a big site in london which he tells me is crawling with H&S men.

Recently one of his workmates cut himself with a Stanley knife, they have now been banned from the site.

It got me thinking if i couldn`t use a tool as i`d hurt myself with it, i would only have half the tools in my toolbox. Infact in 28 years i`ve injured myself in one way or another with almost every tool. From slipping with a screwdriver, nipping flesh with pliers, missing the nail with a hammer & Stanley knifes i`ve been in casualty twice with those.

Lucky i don`t work on big sites, the construction industry would grind to a holt.

They will be bringing out cotton wool overalls soon.


RICH KELLOW23/04/2008 19:30:00
59 forum posts

If the HSE could sort out the definition of an "accident" then we would'nt need them anymore, if we paid attention to EVERYTHING they recommend we'd get nothing done, as is the norm nowadays, the agenda is being pushed by company lawyers and a fear of compensation culture, for goodness sake, the public liability insurance a self employed chap has to take out now is frightening, thank fully I'm on the cards now, just like guns, tools are not dangerous but the user MAY be.



Doug23/04/2008 19:50:00
3415 forum posts
35 photos

You`re dead right there Rich.

Just thought of something the old boy told me when using a Stanley knife, " always cut towards your mate, that way you`ll never cut yourself."

Wise old lad its just remembering the gems.

Though i`ll never forget " Never put your fingers where you wouldn`t put your k--b" & touch wood, i`m still fully intact in both departments. As i say he was  a wise old boy.


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