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New Yankee Workshop

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Alan Mackay30/12/2007 23:08:00
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I am interested in buying some NYW plans but I see the dvd/video that accompanys the plans in the US is not available in the UK I assume the US version works in most DVD players these days.Norm is about the only thing I miss since I ditched Sky last Feb.


Sparky30/12/2007 23:13:00
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Hi Alan

I've bought plan & DVD from the USA and when you place the order you will see the DVD is global and works perfectly.


Alan Mackay30/12/2007 23:39:00
15 forum posts

Hi Sparky,its the router table I was going to order what site did you order from as far as I can see the NYW site only ships to USA or Canada

Regads Alan

Alan Mackay31/12/2007 00:08:00
15 forum posts

Have had a bit of a search Rockler is the only supplier I can find anyone know any others.


Jamie31/12/2007 00:17:00
3 forum posts

Hi All

A couple of sites that might be of interest if you want to buy from the NYW site. I havn't used either site yet. hope this is helpful


Sparky31/12/2007 00:19:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos

Hi Alan

Yes, Rockler was the place I bought mine from. You just fill in your postal address and its done from there.

Excellent plan and DVD, just a little to expensive to build with top grade items.

I just built a rough design until I can afford all the right gear.

Sparky31/12/2007 00:28:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos
briMarc is the UK's NYW shop >>>>> CLICK HERE <<<<  but I still found it cheaper to buy from the USA especially when there's been a sale with free shipping
Alan Mackay31/12/2007 14:00:00
15 forum posts

Hi Sparky,I looked at Brimarc and as you are aware they only do plans no DVDs had a look at Rockler last night shipping was going to be @$21 do they often have a free shipping deal on I take it you would still have to pay the international shipping charge

Regards Alan

Delete31/12/2007 20:02:00
575 forum posts

Hi Guys

Two things to remember.

1 We live in Rip off Britain. We are expected to pay in £ here what they pay in $ in the USA.

2 Brimarc are the import and distributor fro NYW. It is now public knowledge that Axminster are buying them out. As far as I am concerned it will be an improvement. Mind you there is no gurantee that Axminster will want to continue with NYW. I do hope they will

If you register with Rockler for their weekely email they will tell you when they are having a sale on delivery etc.

Alan $21 for shipping from USA to UK is quite reasonabl thats what my daughter spent sending me my Christmas present this year.

Have a good 2008


Sparky31/12/2007 20:04:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos

Hi Alan

When you fill in your details (address) you place your country and that tells them the fomat for the DVD. Also, when you check the details after you have completed the first part, check the other postage details, I chose the normal airmail which was about $12 (around £6) and still only takes a couple of days. The figure that shows up ($21) is for fast delivery with some other doesnt get here any faster.

This is what it cost me:

Merchandise Total: $19.99

Shipping and Handling: $6.99

Subtotal: $26.98

Sales Tax: $0.00

Shipping Upgrade - USPS First-Class Mail International Mail $12.29

Total: $39.27

Worked out around £18.50 at the time, which isnt bad at all.

Its free shipping/handling at the moment so just add about £6 for postage.

Hope this helps.

Happy new year


Chipper01/01/2008 21:01:00
30 forum posts
18 photos

I've just joined and have been reading your thread.  I too like Norm and watch his programmes whenever they appear on RT.  Luckily I have Sky+ so can record the early morning shows.  Norm does get a bit of stick but he's probably done more for woodworking than anyone else - and what other woodworking TV programmes are there?  I bought the plan for the CD Cabinet from Brimarc and found the plan easy to follow (after converting the imperial units).  I've added some photos to the gallery of the finished article.  Some of the furniture Norm makes looks great but to build it would end up pretty expensive ....

Good New Year

Delete02/01/2008 13:05:00
575 forum posts

Hi Chipper

Great to have you on the thread. I also have the luxury of a Sky + box. Although these days it doesnot help that much. Some 10 years ago when I first discovered Norm I started to record him on tape. When we upgraded to + I started recording and then downloading to the Computer and then Burn the Show as a VCD ( In those days DVD writers were too expensive) Now I have all the shows from the start onn VCD. The last 2 seasons 18 and 19 Have been purchased from the USA and Previous seasons 16 and 17 I am trying to catch and remake my disks as DVD. I am afraid Real Time appear to work against the best laid plans etc.

I also have the full set of plans now thanks to some help from a magazine last year. I dont use the plans to specifically build an item but I use them for inspiration and it saves some reinvention of the wheel.

Whilst I can not suggest you pirate the DVD's if a small group combine together that can make quite a saving in delivery costs and may give the chance to see shows which have not been screened in the UK. Or at this rate likeley to be shown here.

Have a great new year and Best of Woodwirking to you


Delete04/01/2008 18:33:00
575 forum posts

Well you may not be surprised to learn that good old Real Time are not giving us any Norm either NYW or TOH during the next 2 weeks. It all appears to be exterior decoration of people and interior design of houses.


Re your comment above about DVD I think you will find hat the NYW DVD's will be exactly the same where ever they are sent. DVD Formatting is not the same as VHS whee the data for the UK is in PAL , France  SECAM, The USA NTSC, etc. The DVD Format is the same worldwide in the same way Audio Compact Cassetes were the same. The one diference that was introduced with DVD was region code. The idea being that if a DVD player was sold in the USA (region1) it would play DVD's carrying the Region 1 code, or in the case of some DVD's they are not coded or multi region coded.

I dont know about the TV systems on DVD PAL SECAM etc but that does not appear to give me a problem with replay.

In the case of the NYW DVD's I dont know if they are Non region if there is such a thing or multi region. What I do know is they will rum on my DVD machines and my computer. Using a programe called Any DVD I have just scanned my drives with a NYW DVD in it . Any DVD reports that my drive is an LG DVD-ROM Hardware Region 2 It also reports that the DVD label is Carved Wooden SIgns The Media is CSS protected the Video Standard is NTSC media Locked to region(s) 1 2 3 4 5 6

That would appear to confirm that the DVD is multi region even if my player is not.

If you are uncertain if you can play a NYW DVD I am happy to loan you on to see if it will run on your machine before you go to any expense buying from the states

I hope that helps


Sparky04/01/2008 20:37:00
7631 forum posts
22 photos


I already have a NYW DVD (Deluxe router station). It was Alan who needed the info but, thanks anyway


Delete05/01/2008 23:14:00
575 forum posts

Hi Sparkey

Sorry trust me to get it wrong. My excuse I have been suffering with some nasty virus.  OK a lame excuse


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