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basato 3 upper wheel tyre

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John Baddeley14/06/2017 07:58:11
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My bandsaw is throwing the tyre out of the wheel, causing the saw blade to come off. Any experience of this or advice?

The details:-
I have been using a 3/8ths inch [I think it was] blade that had become quite blunt, and on occasion I had needed to push the  wood quite hard to maintain sawing progress.
I removed that and fitted a brand new 1/2" blade (from Hamilton Beverstock), checked the tension (about as high as possible) and the tracking by turning by hand, then set the guides (all 6) to within 0.5mm. (They are not binding.) I then turned the wheel by hand some more to be sure the blade was not moving (back or forward) on the top wheel tyre. At this point I had the teeth just off the edge of the tyre (following discussions with the blade supplier), meaning it was not central to the tyre.
As soon as I ran the machine on power (within 1-2" it threw the blade off, and gouged metal off the casing, stalling the motor. The tyre was half way out of its groove in the top wheel.
So I moved the blade guides back, and realigned the blade ie reset the tracking so it sat in the middle of the tyre. (Rechecked the guides.) I turned the wheel by hand for several rotations [as before] to check the blade was not moving. This time the saw ran for a few seconds before it went wrong, this time the tyre was half-out to the front, with the blade off to the back.
The machine is several years old now, but has had very light use overall. I have [obviously] changed blades before but never experienced this problem.
To judge the tension, when the length of blade on the left [upgoing from bottom wheel, of course] is plucked it sounds much like a double bass bottom string [to me, a non-musician].
The guy in 'Technical' at the importer company [NMA] suggested that I could bond the tyre to the wheel to stop it coming out, but said they were normally very difficult to get off without getting the tyre really warm in hot water.
He had no further solutions, or reasons why this is happening.
Any help or advice, particularly from Basato 3 owners, would be most welcome.

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derek willis 116/06/2017 09:22:49
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I think the advice to bond the tyre to the wheel is going to work, some years ago

I had my first 3 wheel bandsaw and had the same problem so i fixed the tyre to

the wheel with contact adhesive and never had the problem again.


John Baddeley16/06/2017 12:40:03
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Thanks for that.

As it happens I've had another conversation with the technical manager at NMA and as the tyre is supposed to be a very tight fit, it must have stretched or aged as it is now easy to slip on and off. (The machine is 13 years old.)

Rather than bond the tyre to the wheel [and have a devil of a job getting it off later] I've decided to buy a replacement tyre, and hope that does the trick.

I'll try to remember to post the result of the swap.


John Baddeley26/08/2017 01:42:31
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well a bit late, i can tell you it is a *******-* tight fit!

NMA warn you to warm the new tyre in hot water; -- well you want it as hot as you can get it. Even then it requires clamping the wheel in a vice and levering the tyre on with a real effort.

all seems ok except i'm getting some vibration. I've changed teh blade and it still shimmers,but less. both blades are same spec , and from Hamilton Beverstock in S Wales.

Looking very closely at the tyre as I spin it (by hand of course!!) it looks a bit irregular at teh edge, and i wonder if it did not settle into teh wheel evenly ....

Any ideas?

derek willis 126/08/2017 10:43:50
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John, i had this problem at one time, I bonded the tyres to the wheels with contact adhesive, cut he tyre and feather the ends so that they join again with no visible bum, but stop using blunt blades and do not force timber through the blade.


Delboy24/01/2018 10:07:46
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Not knocking Hamilton Beverstock at all because as they are fairly local to me, I have had blades from then in the past until I discovered Tuffsaws. Next time you need replacements try them, you wont be disappointed. Also any bandsaw problems, talk to Ian at Tuffsaws. What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

John Baddeley24/01/2018 11:29:28
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Delboy, thanks for the tip. (Incidentally, I hadn't been on the forum since August, but logged on this morning to enter the Trend competition, and there was your message you left an hour ago. Quite a coincidence!) Thanks.

Delboy24/01/2018 11:40:55
36 forum posts

A pleasure John. Like you I havent been on here for some time. Incidentally, I also have the Basato 3

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