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Thread: First staircase comission, not to be the last....
02/11/2012 03:13:12

That looks fantastic.

Thread: Al's walnut entertainment cabinet
04/06/2012 14:36:07

very nice.

Thread: stake bed truck
01/05/2012 13:30:08

very nice.

Thread: Yandles Spring show
29/03/2012 12:53:09

would love to go, but it's a hell of a walk...

Thread: Carving #2
22/03/2012 11:05:55

very nice Derek.

Thread: Built myself a workbench...
06/03/2012 19:03:33

Cheers guys.

Good point on the shelf Derek, I may well have just made it right across the whole area, but will now see what'll work best with more thought applied.

I now have a small bandsaw attached to the bench, and there's a bench hook in the process of being made. Some day I'll get back to carving rather than making things to be able to make things...

Thread: Si,s Train
06/03/2012 18:59:35

Very nice.

Love the truck even more.

(I use the recent posts link whenever I come here. If not I'd never have seen this as there isn't any post by Si at the top. Do some of you just check out the albums? I just clicked on the Albums link and might have to do that more often...)

Thread: Built myself a workbench...
04/03/2012 04:57:01

I'm still new to carving, but realised if I wasn't going to be stopped before I started, either by tennis elbow from the deathgrip of palm carving, or the bad back from being too tall for the B&D portable bench, I needed something to suit me.

It's made from found pallet wood (1 left intact as the basis of the whole thing), with some old bamboo flooring for the top. With it being thrown together, I have no worries about spoiling it, or adapting it for that matter (already want a shelf under it).


Thread: First true carving
24/01/2012 18:50:18
Nice job Derek.
Set the bar high for us first timers there.
Thread: Getting started carving
24/01/2012 18:49:02
Thanks for posting Mark, wasn't expecting that I must say.
I've got my Pfeil gouges now, but haven't used them yet. I've been reorganising my back room where I'll be working. Partly because it's a good idea, but also because I managed to slice my finger a bit. I've been pretty good safety wise in all my noob practising so far, and even thought "I should probably do this in a more comfortable, less awkward way" just before I did it. Idiot. Can't play guitar now.
Ready to go tomorrow though, extra shelves up and workspace ready to go, and finger healed enough to get carving properly.
@Ron - there are some pictures of crocketts on Mark's blog now. they poke out from the corners on the spires.
16/01/2012 10:15:16
I'm not 100% sure what I'll really want to be carving most of the time, but I don't think it'll be fine detail to start with.
I'm new to wood but familiar with forums, so joined a few at the same time, and was pointed to this page on one of the others:
I must have read it about 5 times, and have now ordered a couple of Pfeil gouges. I was quite taken by the site, the work, and how straightforward Mark Yundt is in his writing, and why reinvent the wheel? 20 years as a pro and his trusty 5/12 is still going, so seems like a decent place to start.
Still a very good point though. I need to have a good think about what type of carving I really do want to get into most.
13/01/2012 03:47:05
Thanks Derek, the bigger image is great. Much better than anything on sites where they sell this.
I'm not 100% sure what I want to carve really. I have a few ideas, but they are way ahead of my skill level, so I'm just wanting to learn technique to start with and will have a go at anything and everything. I have a stick of sycamore with three ongoing wood spirits on it. I'm bouncing between them to learn from a couple and apply that to the nominated 'best' one. I also have a Kryten (the robot in Red Dwarf) head in progress, but I've kind of hit a bit of a wall with that as I'm unsure what to do next on it without ruining it, which is why I started the wood spirits to just keep practicing and see if I learn anything, then come back to this one.
I have put some of my first efforts in an album now, but there's not much carving there, just what I felt like doing to make a first start with the bits of wood I had to hand.
12/01/2012 05:11:21
After a while spent looking around on the web at all things wood, and having a little play around (mostly with a Stanley knife and a cheapo version of a Dremel I aready had), I think I'm ready to get some proper tools.

I've already had a variety of pathways to a fully kitted out workshop, but have very limited funds so they're more wishlists really. Any that involve power tools tend to start with a respirator, safety first and all that. Cost more than I have, but at least with that I can fake-dremel and sand away without messing with the rubbish little elastic things I've got at the minute.

Anyway, I've decided to start with carving first, and move on to bigger stuff later if/when I feel like it and finances permit.
I'd seen flexcut carving tools a while back when I first had a wander round the web for woodwork related info, and thought they looked really weird and pretty much dismissed them out of hand, but I think they may actually be just what I'm looking for.
One thing I would like to know though is how much they do flex and whether it's a difficult thing to get used to.

I'd like to get a beginners set, so I have a few things to play with rather than just the one. The SK110 I could get straight away, and the DVD may be handy, though I daresay it doesn't show you anything you couldn't find on youtube somewhere (there's a thought, will do that search as soon as I've posted this).
More likely though is that I'll hold off and get the SK108 set as it has what looks to be a good selection of fittings, a knife that will no doubt be a big improvement on knocking into things with the body of my Stanley knife all the time, and the strop thing for sharpening.

Any advice will be gladly received.

I'll sort an album out for the bits I've made so far and link it here when it's done.
Thread: Yew wood
09/01/2012 02:54:37
Are there any special safety needs with yew?
Visited Powys Castle in the summer and they have shaped yew (not sure if that's still topiary at that scale). I read the info board about them and it seemed they were pretty poisonous throughout.
Thread: new to forum and woodworking
09/01/2012 02:51:21
oh, it got squished. will make sure images are sized right in future then.
09/01/2012 02:50:40
thanks all.
I've added a bit to my profile, though as that will no doubt change over time the first version is:
Complete beginner. have Stanley knife will.....something.
Whittled a little.
Couple of kitchen/toilet roll stands, little horse head, set of buttons.
Unfinished trio of walking sticks, toy car, Kryten's head.
Future plans for amazing artistic carvings, with some DIY bodging on the way, and maybe a new toilet seat.
I've been taking pics but don't have many uploaded yet. Do you need to have a few posts before uploading directly here? There are a couple on imageshack, but I'll put a few up in a bit and link to them if that'll work better.
At the moment it's the Kryten head I'm working at, but it looks more Darth Vader at this point.
Having had a good search around the web on all things woodwork, the first question is where do you start?! Endless scope isn't there?
test pic:

06/01/2012 21:51:15
as a newcomer I thought I'd just say... hello.
new to woodworking and so far done little more than a bit of whittling with a Stanley knife, but have a few ideas for things to do in the future.
likely to need an awful lot of advice, though will have a good read around first anyway. may still ask some stupid questions but hopefully keep them to a minimum.
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