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Thread: earing stand
22/04/2013 18:01:52

I can see you selling quite a few of them at craft fairs Dennis, well turned mate. Les

Thread: trincomalee
22/04/2013 17:53:03

A great bit of turning Dennis, well done mate Les.

Thread: Needing ideas
01/04/2013 18:05:36

Youy could do a few pot pourri if you have the metal inserts Gerry, or just do a few small coin bowls to get back in to turning mate. All the best Les

Thread: Wood gloat
30/03/2013 09:10:55

I have been on the rob (i mean scrounge) looking for some wood to put in my wood store for future turning and this is what i have got so far.

Maple logs

maple logs.jpg

Oak logs

oak logs.jpg

Walnut logs

walnut logs.jpg

I had to pay £50 pounds for 10 large Walnut logs but the 10 Maple and 10 lots of oak i got for free, i still have to process the logs (cut them into 3" thick and stack them with spacers for 3 years for them to dry) but in 3 years i will be turning day and night . Well that's the idea, i have to go now as i have to pva glue the ends to stop them splitting. Take care and happy turning Les.

Thread: Finished at Last
30/03/2013 08:46:58

Great work Derek , the rippled tops look well nice mate. Les

Thread: open segmented bowl
10/03/2013 17:30:11

I also like the top ring, you have done a great job on the bowl Dennis. Well turned mate, Les

Thread: Spalted Beech Bowls
04/03/2013 21:37:12

What a lovely bit of spalted beech, i also think that you have also got a lovely shape to your bowls. well turned Carl, Les

Thread: oak plater
03/03/2013 19:22:56
Posted by dennis wake on 03/03/2013 16:10:34:

I did enjoy doing this and will be trying another as big if not bigger. dennis

You probably know this Dennis but the bigger you go the more chance the plater has of going out of shape, once it has started to go out of shape you can't go back over it with the tool that you are using as it starts the tool bouncing. To get around this you have to turn and sand the outside edge of the plater first leaving the midle of the plater quite thick , once you have done the outside edge you can remove the midle of the plater and sand to a finnish.

I hope that this helps, Les

Thread: Cake tazza
01/03/2013 18:28:55

Well turned Gerry, i like the look of your Tazza mate, Les

Thread: oak plater
01/03/2013 18:20:09

For your first one you have done a great job Dennis, well turned mate, Les

Thread: rippled sycamore bowl
01/03/2013 17:57:52

It's looking like you get to turn all the best bits of wood Dennis, well done, a lovely bit of turning mate. Les

Thread: First go at a Burr
01/03/2013 17:51:38

Could you find me one the next time that you go out Carl, well done on finding it and turning it mate, Les

Thread: New work
01/03/2013 17:35:32

Yep, great looking boxes, well done Mike, Les

Thread: lathe
01/03/2013 17:31:10

Happy turning on your new lathe Sam, Les

Thread: Flamed mahogany cabinet
21/02/2013 17:17:54

Nice work mate, i wish that i could make things like that. Les

Thread: ofcentre burr yew bowl
18/02/2013 18:36:16

I don't think that you can beat a bit of yew for turning, the grain and the coulours just stand out and shout at you.

I think that you have done a great job on turning something different Dennis, well turned mate. Les

How stable is it when you fill it with fruit?.

Thread: Gone, hopefully not forgotten & now coming back
14/02/2013 07:55:55

That's good news Gerrybhoy, it's good to have you back.


i don't think that we get silly novice questions on here mate, just lots of silly answers budwink 2 ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page. only joking the guys on here are quite knowlagable. on mondays Les

Thread: bs400
13/02/2013 20:39:42

Hi Shane, both Ged and Simon have given you sound advice. ( I will add a little to what they have said)

If you got the bandsaw new it should have come with a bandsaw set up guide on dvd showing you how to set it up and adjust it . If you did not get the dvd ask the dealer for it mate as it will be a great help to you in the future.

When i got the bandsaw that i use it was not set up , some of the blade guides and bearings that lie next to the bandsaw blade were 1 cm away from the blade. (the bearing that lies against the rear of the blade was wrong it was too big and the clearence from the blade to the side of the bandsaw was 1mm.

I first had to loosen off all the blade guides and track the bandsaw blade into the centre of the wheel (i did this by hand turning the wheels that hold the blade with the bandsaw unplugged from the mains)

i then set the bearing - blade guide that lies to the rear of the bandsaw blade under the table of the bandsaw, i set that so it was just a fag paper away from touching the blade.

The next one to do is the the blade guide on the left under the table, that also needs to be a fag paper away from the blade keeping away from the teeth of the blade. You then need to adjust the right hand side blade guide under the table keeping away from the teeth of the blade. (once again it needs to be a fag paper away from the blade)

Now that you have adjusted the bottom blade guides you now have to adjuste the top blade guides

I adjust the top blade guides the same way as i adjust the bottom, the back blade guide first then the left blade guide then the right blade guide. all a fag paper away from the blade leaving the teeth of the blade clear of any blade guides or bearings.

Most bandsaws after being set up will cut to the left or to the right, you might find that you have to adjust the table fence to compensate. before you cut a straight line.

I hope that this is of some help to you,

but if you are unsure please get some help from someone who knows what they are doing. Les

Thread: This is a vase that i have just finished turning
13/02/2013 18:14:41

Many thanks for your kind words Bruce, i hope to be putting a 3 more coats of oil on over the next few days.

I will post a picture of it when its finished to show you the end result. Les

Thread: bs400
13/02/2013 07:33:39

Shane i will get back to you to night as i have to go to work now mate. It's a shame that many of the bandsaws are made in China where they pay quality control to stay at home.

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