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Thread: Pocket Hole Jigs
02/01/2015 19:36:27

I purchased the UKJ one last Jan

simple it works, easy to use & set up and better still they now make a plug cutter as the drill is 9.5mm different from kreg.

with the pocket hole systems you can use either fine or course threaded screws depending on what wood you are joining.

Also here is a useful tip I use an old main corded drill for drilling the holes, in fact it was one of my fathers an old B&D Orange and white model!! I leave the drill bit in it full time.

Thread: Power supply for new workshop
01/03/2012 22:53:12

just looked it up, it a P certificate

01/03/2012 22:50:28

Also check latest regulations

because if its a permanent connection it will need a cert or your it can invalidate your house insurance
ive just built a workshop & a utility shed two seporate building (his & hers was the deal) & ive been quoted £1250 to put in power to both from fuse box with heave duty armored cable etc bot to full 17th edition spec

Thread: Bust Bandsaw
06/01/2012 00:17:48
Well Part arrived this afternoon as promised
after close inspection they will do
machine all working again
So Thanks to Meg at Axminster for sorting good service deserves due credit
Im after so Lacquer and bit n bobs so they'll get my money this weekend
04/01/2012 16:39:38
Well so far no reply to my email and phone lines where busy today
but I have just received an email saying order dispatched.
Attached is an foc invoice for parts 15-39?? so it does look like they are sending all necessary part to fix
so to be fair not bad after sales & I cant really moan too much about product quality as I knew what I was buying.
But I think I may modify the old one and make it stronger just in case !!!!
03/01/2012 21:44:28
Well update so far
I have sent them an email with photos & spoke to a nice lass in Customer services
They actually asked what I would like ,
First they are going to see if they have the necessary parts in stock if so they will sent them to me & I will fix machine
I thoroughly inspected the rest of the machine & for what I paid its a good machine as I would have to pay in the 4 figures to get anything noticeably better
Pluss I had the machine pretty well dialed in, its amazing how much a decent blade improves an average machine.
If its going to be a long delay in the parts ie a few weeks I'll probably repair the broken bit myself and make it stronger than original
02/01/2012 16:07:30
I will keep post updated as if they do give good service they will be given due credit

the ball will be in their court tomorrow.
02/01/2012 16:03:30
if you look at the photo you can clearly see rust on the broken pieces this shows that it failed some time ago and was only held in place by a couple of other very poor tack welds
02/01/2012 15:59:16
Well so much for a happy start to new year
Thought I'd get some blanks sorted for turning
So there I was happily working away at my third bit of spalted beech log about 4 to 6 inches thick when a god almighty bang & bandsaw locking up
on examining machine the top wheel stub axle & tensioner has broke
but further examination shows shite welding
The phone call to them tomorrow is going to be fun I'm seriously thinking of rejection the entire machine as I cant trust the welding if this is the standard
Machine is about 4 months old

See photo
Thread: Cremation Urn
07/11/2011 22:30:32
I used a big sorby gouge & a scraper but they where right on the limit for depth, hence my post thinking about a Robert sorby sovereign system or the crown revolution
the other option is a 1 meter length of S'Steel bar a carbide lathe tip and some sports handle tape.
I sent photos back to Canada and the family are very pleased, so I'm going to make another for stock and a few smaller ones
The shape reminds me a bit of the Egyptian Kanoptic? jars
06/11/2011 14:21:41
I turned this for my partners Step mum who passed away last month.
We decided on something simple & personal
Thread: Hollowing Tools
04/11/2011 15:46:50
I'm looking at tooling for deep hollowing etc & I'm interested in something like
Either the Robert Sorby SovereignUltima
Hamlet Big brother or Rolly Munro or pro forme?
has any one done a side by side comparison or actually used theses tools
Do they actually work as well as the videos ?
Seeking collective advice as none of them are cheap
Many thanks
Thread: It had to happen sooner or later!
01/11/2011 11:05:28
This made me laugh, I was turning my first piece of Padauk last week, I clocked the red dust straight away & generally use a twin filter mask & my lungs are fubar'd already

But my hair & beard looked well henna'd.

An extraction & filter set up is next on the purchase list. And the Padauk is a lovely wood the mrs has already nicked the lidded bowl

Thread: Artisan Free dvd with Mag
24/10/2011 23:04:44
The comment was actually aimed at the chap in the video as I am sure he does have a lot of skills & experience I would be interested in. But the fact is the bad choice of music & excessive video effects & editing made the watching experience unpleasant & detracted from the subject, hence I shall not be purchasing the the other dvds.
There is no complaints for the Mag as I enjoy it that is why I subscribed.
24/10/2011 19:41:29
Just got my sub through, and out drops a free dvd, great i think
Unfortunately its an advert for a set of dvds
but the bit that drove me nuts was the grossly over produced video & excessive sound track.
If I wanted a Metallica gig I would go to one , the music just did not fit with the subject also seem like camera man & editor had just got a load of toys & effects to play with & totally ignored the subject matter.
Thread: Christmas Complaint
13/10/2011 18:01:13
Yup had to make a visit to local garden center,
The entire main hall was just a mass of boxes being unpacked & all 99.9% pure Chinese tatt.
& make me laugh as 99% of the people celebrating Christmas are not even Christians
Me i'll bring in my potted tree about mid Dec to celebrate the Pagan winter solstice
Then again I'm thinking of turning a load of decorations :}
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