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Thread: black & decker rouer
04/09/2010 10:40:46
i had a black and decker router, it had light use but only lasted  2 years. I found at the end that it would be as if it was not spining straight, as had to much play in bearings. I bought a dewalt one and the difference was massive in quality of cut.
Thread: Short courses in NE London/W Essex
17/08/2010 16:10:12
i did a course with Chris 3 to 4 years ago, I found the course worth the travel. I lived in Reading at the time. We looked mostly at Dovetails as this is what I wanted.
We did 5 days, first couple spend on tools then joints. It was great, he was very helpfull and gave me some great ideas on desin and drawing to scale before starting any wood work.
I would love to get back and do a chair making course but have not had the time.
One note of warning I stayed at The Bridge on Wye, as i wanted to be close to were course was run, it was so bad that i moved afer 1st night.
I hope this helps
Thread: Soss Hinges
14/04/2010 10:52:12
i have had a look at these and will give them a try on the next set of wardrobes, i have fitted some of the doors, one i set up the template fitting was very straight forward, took 1 day to set up and 10 mins to fit each door .
I will post some photos when i have finished them.
Thread: Axminster AWEPT106
24/02/2010 18:19:03
I dont know were the noise is from. I have mine on a 13 amp fuse, and it has not to date tripped any fuses.
I have found that it works best taking small cuts rather than trying to take too much at a time, the max I turn the wheel when thicknessing in 1/2 a turn, this i have found gives best results, with only a small amount of tear out when a used maple.
Mine is fitted with the aminster heavey duty base, thi si not the easiest to move around as it only likes to move in straight lines.
I dont find the hieght a problem, iam 6 ft 2 my self and find the extra hieght helpfull when planning long heavy lenghts.
I bought this machine as being Scotish I found it hard to part with more money than I had too. I would say that for the money this is a very good machine, that has changed my wood working, and the jobs that I am able to do, I am still on my wardrobe doors and have been for some time.
23/02/2010 16:16:20
i have had one of these for the last 2 years, i have it fitted on heavy duty trolley. I have had no problems with the machine at all, seting up was very easy, and very easy to use. I have no real problems with snipe at the ends. I believe that they now have a cast iron fence, this would improve set up as i do check 90 degress every few passes.
I have not need yet to sharpen the blades so could not tell you how easy or hard this would be.
You would need a good extractor sysyem with this, and ear plugs.
When i moved workshop / house the machine was dropped and a securing bolt was broken, Axminster then send 2 out as i was not sure on the size the next day, and i remember them charging for it.
I hope that this helps
Thread: Qtr sawn Oak or Sycamore
03/12/2009 12:16:14
Looks very promising, just to confirm it was Qtr sawn????
I will pop down over the chrismass break as hoping to get started before the new year.
Thanks for looking
02/12/2009 09:38:24
sorry for delay in answering,
I will be after Qtr sawn timber 12mm thick, for  3 draws. The timber I am not overly concerned if Oak or Sycamore, as like the idea of the contrast in timbers.
Thread: Soss Hinges
01/12/2009 10:11:59

Soss Hinges arrived to today, they are very large and appear well made, I ordered from Issaac Lords and the service was very good. I can see why they were the cost that they were.
I will let you all know how i get on fitting them.
Thread: Qtr sawn Oak or Sycamore
01/12/2009 10:00:15
Thanks for your thoughts.
I have looked at andover, but this timber is not dryed enought for indoors, so was concerned about the amount of time it may take to dry out completly. I have spoken to them with a out door project in mind for next year.
I will try Brmpton in Southampton failing that i will get over the net and pay more it seems for delivery than for the wood.
THanks for you help so far.
28/11/2009 11:59:21
I will be looking for some qtr sawn oak or sycamore for some draws in the new year, to do a matching chest of draws for the wardrobes i am currently doing.
Does any one know where i could get these, i live in Farnborough, Hampshire and only require a small amount, will be doing no more than 4 draws.
I would even consider any other type of qtr sawn wood ceder etc, but want to avoid having to use metal runners in the draws, but dont want to have to keep adjusting with changes in the wood movement.
Thread: Soss Hinges
28/11/2009 10:44:52
27/11/2009 15:40:40
thanks for the thoughts,
I will let you know how i get on.
Andy Spence
27/11/2009 09:46:29
thanks for your thoughts,
The hinges that you show are the first ones that i looked at, i have went for a heavier hinge designed for fitting front doors- fire doors, they are ob-long in shape nad are £20 each hinge.
sorry for the small picture. I am hoping to make some sort of template up and cut out with the router. I have not done this before as I like to do by hand, but cant see how i would do this with these. So information on how to work out how to make the template would be very helpfull.
Soss hinge that i have gone for is No 212
Thanks Andy
26/11/2009 15:28:54
Has any one fitted soss hinges, i am fitting them now to Oak Wardrobe doors.
door size is 2.3m long by 230mm wide and 30mm thick, they have a 20mm panell insert. Weights just under 10kg.
I have ordered 212 hinges from a very helpfull Isaac lords and am look for any helpfull tips in setting out and fitting, before i start this week end.
Thanks Andy
Thread: Brass Hinges
25/11/2009 11:05:15
i will give it a try
21/11/2009 10:01:33
hi all,
does any one know the wieght that these will take. I am making some fitted wardrobes in oak, and am now at the point of hanging the first doors, but i am trying to avoid using but hinges.
Doors are 30mm thick, with a 20mm solid oak insert pannel, 2.3 m long and 230mm wide. They weigh around 10kg each.
They are flush fitted and the frame is 38mm thick with a 10 mm over lay from.
I considered european hinges but did not want to build up the difference betwen the frame, I looked also at Soss hinges, but these were to expensive. I have 8 Doors to do in total.
I would welcome any thoughts that any one has.
Thread: Andy Spence's Computer desk.
04/04/2009 13:37:39
sorry for the dlay, nut work has taken up so much wood working time, made out of ASh and Maple, it still isnt finished at present, but i have done matching tv type cabinet and coffee table for another house, but coffee table to big for new rrom so will be doing a smaller one when time allows.
I will put some photos on when time allows.
thanks Andy
Thread: Solid Wood Flooring
01/04/2009 15:16:48
i have just layed a solid oak floor on top of existing pine flooring, i use a flooring hammer, this allows for the flooring to be knocked together without to much hassell.
The most importamt run is the first one this should not be done directly off the wall, but one or two rows in, this will allow you to get everythigh square. Everything is then worked off this. Lay out your first whole box of boards, getting the joint patten correct, no two joints next to each other. This will make the job quicker and better looking in the long run, dont forget to allow for the waste on the next section.
With wood to wood you need to be carefull what you put down, i would only put down a paper, and allow the wood to breath both sides, and will make fitting the boards easier as the wood will slide over the surface better. If you put a barrier between the wooden floors you are risking damp- condensation problem with both floors. Ensure that you leave an expansion gap not only around the room but also aroung any pipe work.
I made wooden threshold with the bits that i had left over, this then matches the flooring and allows for movement, poor fitting, not square between rooms, as this is were you will see if the flooring has not been layed square to the door ways.
It would also be worth treating for wood worm before you fit the new flooring as once down likley to be down for some time.
sorry for the lack of detail but doing in between appiontments.
Thread: What wood and where from
18/12/2008 09:59:00

i went to a talk on the company that made the chairs in high wycombe, i think it was stewart Linfield ?????, but he told us that they put out scrap wood, this he suggested would be ideal for turning.

The chair he was talking about was the nelson/ victory chairs, they also operate a museum so this might help in a internet search.

Might be worth a try


Thread: Steam bending
14/12/2008 17:58:00

thanks for the reply mike, i will do some experimenting and post the results.


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