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Thread: Black & Decker DN339 Bandsaw
11/04/2019 20:10:48

Hi Wilf n Paul. Thanks for the info DE Walt 100,sounds fair to me, I'll have a go and see what I can come up with.

Cheers fella's


30/03/2019 18:47:40

Hi Derek. Thanks a lot mate. OK! its not B&D but its useful and much of the stuff is very much like the machine.

Cheers Derek.

28/03/2019 13:32:46


Has anyone got information about how to locate, if possible, an Owners Manual

for the 'Black & Decker' DN339 Bandsaw, please.

Regards arryB

Thread: Dust Control
03/02/2019 18:05:02

Hi all.

As always I'm looking for advice.

Had a long time off now, health issues, and just trying to kick-start but with big problem -- Breathing! The slightest hint of dust and I'm in the funny stuff.

At the moment I have a Record RSDE 2A but its not enough, I need something more powerful - minimum of 'M' on the H+S ticket. I know its expensive but, just got to sort it. As well as 'Dust Control' for all machines - routers, table saw, mitre saw, band saw and the others I have to get a set of Hose and Tools for the machine to clear up the floor.

I know there are lots of these things out there but! has anyone got experience of a particular 'brand' or 'type' ?

Any advice would be helpful and I'd be very grateful.

Regards arryB.

Thread: Bench Drill Press
13/06/2017 11:20:44

Hi Derek.

Thanks for your reply, sorry to have been so 'down right rude' in delayed response mate, nice to see that you are still in the world of 'chip n dust'.teeth 2

I understand your point about your personal requirements being of a lesser need for throat dimensions.

I have no great need for a drill press on continual basis but, just now and then, I need something for cutting combined angle mortice and tennons/shoulders etc and it would save so much time to be able to set up on a tilting table of a drill press for repetitive work.

Thanks Derek.

09/06/2017 13:53:32



I have been considering buying a Bench Drill Press and so have trawled through on the look out. BUT! Confusion.

Please, can anyone tell me with any certainty, which of the spec measurements given in 'mm' in most Drill Press advertisements refer to the size of the 'Throat'?

There are one or two who have specified 'Throat' but, not many.

I understand the 'Throat' to be the space between the 'Column' and the 'Drill Spindle', just as with a Band Saw, the Throat being the free space between the saw spine and the blade, Is that correct.

Regards.  arryB

Edited By arryB on 09/06/2017 14:23:00

Thread: Dust Control
22/01/2017 13:21:38


I'm looking to replace my RSDE2 vac machine but am a bit baffled by the current

'Standards' "When Shown" of the term, Ltr/Sec.

Of the many manufacturers displaying on the web, some state the 'Class' as being either 'L' 'M' or 'H' Low, Medium or High as per European standard whilst some others state, Ltr/Sec figures.

Please! can anyone tell me how the one equates with the other and just what is the meaning of it all.

I note that many manufacturers do not quote any standard, I assume these are the one's to avoid like the plague?

Regards arryB

Thread: Big Thanks
14/09/2016 15:41:13


A big thanks to Derek Lane, Big Al and Derek Willis for all their responding to

my DVD/CD rack question.

I eventually ordered and was delivered from 'Isaak Lord, a first class service.smiley

Thanks guys, hope I may be able to be helpful to you all sometime.


Thread: DVD/CD Racking
07/09/2016 15:24:42

Hi Folks.

Please can anyone help. I need to build a couple of DVD/CD storage cabinets but, try as I might, I can not locate a supplier of the "Rack Insert Spacers"

I came across one, H'A'FELE, based in Ireland but, they have discontinued this particular product.

I've searched till I'm blue in the face but I think I've become 'blinkered' and am probably not searching in the right places.

Regards to all, arryB

Thread: Inertia Reels
06/12/2012 11:37:04


Has anyone any information or idea where to locate an 'Inertia Reel' suitable for in the workshop. I have two main cable electric pionts, a 4 point and a 6 point hanging from the rafters but to place them at a convenient height is sometimes a little awkward. If I could attatch inertia it would, iliminate trailing cables,enable all power lead feeds to be directly above the work - not accross - and provide instant safety storage of all electrics.


Thread: how to loose your fingers
19/11/2010 15:52:08
Ged Meager
Hi Ged
I've read all the comments and as an ex squady and ex leading fireman I am with you all the away.  YOU ARE SO CORRECT SIR!
Yes! H&S a lot of the time is a pain in the back end, but there are aspects of using machinery that don't need H&S intervention, just plain old fashioned common sense.
If the public saw what we were faced with all to often and most of the time, preventable, you would not get comments like, 'well we were at home'  All the more reason for using your common!!
Thread: At Last!!!
19/11/2010 15:31:38
Hello Olly Parry-Jones and baz
Thanks for your comments, sorry for not acknowleging befor but Just back from the hovel in France again so can get out to the sawdust at last.
No Olly its not oak, its ash mate.  Smashing wood to work with and yes baz, after Mrrs changed her mind a few times, it still finished with a fair bit of storage.
Thread: Yippee
19/11/2010 15:11:02
Hi Derek
Shed/garage/workshop what ever, sanity certainly seems to nestle there.  Trouble is I go out there intending to do,  this,  that  or whatever and all to often get sidelined into, clearing up, organising or reorganising before I get to the this, or that I went out there for.
Good luck fella, keep warm.
Thread: Power Tool Dust Extraction Conecters/Feather Boards
19/11/2010 15:00:32
Trying to be efective in dust/debris collection is proving a little difficult!
I just don't seem to be able to get the right combinations of 'hose/connecter sizes'
Would be gratefull of any advice please.
I anticipate buiding my own Router Table using a length of white worktop which will be trimmed to fit up to the end of my bench.
Looking around at the various Feather Boards on offer I can't determine the most practcal/safe/ease of use. The Jessum paralign looks good but its a bit on the pricey side.  Any thoughts anyone?
Thread: At Last!!!
15/09/2010 19:23:27
At last , the first project has been compleated!

Not that it's take so very long from the begining i.e buying the timber but hwmbo has had changes of heart on her requirements likie, digi shelfes at the top three and then later (after the housings were cut in the sides)  Can the bottom three shelfes be adjustable.
No way I could hide the unrequired trenches so I made an obviouse feature of them instead.
Finished in 'Ronseal Brush-on Wax'

Edited By sparky on 15/09/2010 21:11:17

Thread: Conundrum
17/06/2010 23:59:33
I am suprised
If I can't find anything (by that I mean 'all things') - it's always the same reaction because I know WHY it is.   Reaction?
                            NOW!           what the hells she done with that? ***_+_*****--****/"+/
Thread: i'm back
17/06/2010 23:48:39
Hi Ian
Don't know you but read your traumatic mail.
      Good luck Pal  -  keep punchin
Thread: back to basics in good woodworking
17/06/2010 23:18:43
Hi All
Recon there are umpteen ideas every month as we all read through the mag.  If even the best of em put into print would produce a need for a huge advertising revenue increase and then none of us could afford the mag though!
But hey! Julians comment re the 'annnual index' strikes a chord.  Progressing from that, a permanent index of projects/on test/tools general and so an would be a huge  plus here on the site eh?   Just a breify so as not to take too much away from the 'Past Issues' sales.
Thread: Bookcase
16/06/2010 00:11:55
I am about to start making a bookcase. Dimensionns as directed by hwmbo are (not exact at the moment - yet) 2m high six shelves 850mm wide x 855mm wide.
I have never done dovetail housing joints and wonder ifthere is a good book I could get to read up on.  Just as important, is there any advice from any of you time served and proven woodies please.
Thread: Formica
10/06/2010 21:47:06
Thanks fella's
Following through with all suggestions.  Somethings gata give, I ope
Regards  ArryB
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