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Thread: How will I cope??
14/09/2011 19:04:34
Hmmm, maybe a quick online look then order stuff.
If they don't like what they get, I'll give them the receipts to change them themselves. lol

Thread: Newbie getting better
14/09/2011 18:46:01
Thanks gents.
Bill - you flatter me with the word superb (although I do have a big smile on my face from all the comments & advice from everyone).
I do use sanding sometime to take a little bit of shaping in, but I try not to if I can avoid it.
Steve - you're not wrong about it being a learning curve.
I'm finding it a nice challenge after being a metal turner (and cheating with CNC lathes).
Thread: How will I cope??
14/09/2011 18:40:12
Thanks Steve.
Eventually (when funds allow) I want to have a proper log building for my lathe and other tools/machines.
Hope it turns out exactly how you want it.
I now need to think of new cnristmas pressies, as I was going to make some this year.
Ho hum................
14/09/2011 18:19:15
Thanks Simon.
Freak accident - saving a shot and my wrist was twisted in a very strange direction.
It's not just about football - that's just a side issue to all te other stuff it's about.
Fitness, friendships, socialising, involvement & inclusion - not to mention all the charities we can help support by playing sponsored games.

Edited By Gerrybhoy on 14/09/2011 18:20:28

14/09/2011 17:55:55
Very true Tommy - just SWMBO trying to stop me spending more money on it. lol
The problem with football is it's either in your blood or it's not.
I got the bug at a really early age (about 3) and started playing when I was 8, playing at various levels.
Maybe now I'm touching 41 I should think about retiring from the game...........
You make a great point though about reading up on stuff.
I've spent most of the day trawling this t'interweb looking for as much as I can to learn more & watching loads of vid's on YouTube.
I'm just gutted that the lathe's sitting there & I can't do anything for at least a few weeks (or at least until SWMBO ain't looking!!!!).
14/09/2011 17:24:05
Now that woodturning is well & truly in my blood, I'm going to have to leave my lathe alone for anything up to 3 months as I broke my wrist (scaphoid) last night playing footy.
Why did I ever decide to become a goalie???
Oh well, roll on January......................
Thread: Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator Chair
07/09/2011 17:10:07
All I can say to this is WOW!!
Looks extremely complicated, yet the end result is absolutely terrific.
Someday I hope to be even half as good as this....
Thread: Side Table
07/09/2011 17:07:57
Hi Cobbs,
I like this.
Usually I go for things that have unusual designs, but I really like the simplicity of this.
Looks excellent.
Thread: Spindle Turning Project
07/09/2011 13:39:21
Hi Julian,
From one beginner to another, let me say well done.
That's a really nice looking lamp.
I like the way it all seems to flow naturally from one shape to the next (including at the change of wood) - doesn't appear to have any curves/points where it looks like teh shape doesn't fit/suit.
Definitely something I need to try.
Hopefully we'll see more of your work soon.
Thread: Boxes
07/09/2011 13:31:41
Totally agree with you Al.
Unless there's a specific request or requirement, I see no reason why we need to stick with 'tried-and-tested' shapes/styles.
Maybe one day the shapes we come up with will also be regarded as 'tried-and-tested', then someone else can move on further from those too.
I'm a great believer in new ideas, cos if it weren't for ideas nothing would ever have been invented.
Thread: Newbie getting better
07/09/2011 13:27:31
Thanks Simon - all advice very much appreciated.
My gouge probably could have done with a little sharpen at that point, something I really need to get more into the habit of doing.
As for sanding the chatter marks away, I'm of the same opinion as you - it feels like I'm cheating.
Probably won't have any more don til at least next week, maybe even the week after as have (unusually) quite a full diary coming up.
Once I'm back in the shed I'll get some more pictures up - and as always all cmments are very welcome.
Thread: Boxes
06/09/2011 21:34:55
Thanks Mailee.
I like to stay away from conventional designs and try to create something unique.
06/09/2011 20:11:05
Thanks Derek, these were done on the scrollsaw (small drawer knobs were turned).
Were done using pine, just used a stain to contrast the colouring.
Thread: Newbie getting better
06/09/2011 19:48:08
Thanks for the feedback Derek.
The bich goblet & bowl were both turned green, hence the distirtion.
The foot of the bowl was left the size it is as at the time I didn't have a chuck so was having to work from a faceplate and couldn't figure out how to get it smaller.
The apple bowl is my first effort since I got a chuck, and it felt a whole lot easier to change the shapes/sizes of anything I was making.
Definitely don't mind the comments - every bit of feedback I can get is valuable to me.
Thread: Just a newbie saying Hi
06/09/2011 19:43:39
Hi Derek.
Thanks for the welcome.
Didn't see your thread re the boxes, but glad they're liked.
Thread: Newbie getting better
06/09/2011 18:04:40
Hi all,
First posting in this section from me as up until now I haven't really felt my work was worthy of displaying.
Now I'd like to show you two bowls & a goblet I've made (amongst my first few attempts), and would like to aske for opinions/comments/critique on them.
Positive or negative - all feedback is helpful.
Firstly, a small goblet & bowl from birch....

Followed by another small bowl, this time I'm led to believe it's apple...

Still some tooling marks on show, but I'll get there with those.
Thread: Just a newbie saying Hi
06/09/2011 17:59:24
Hi again guys.
Been a few weeks since I posted anything - was taking time to practice more than anything else.
Started doing more turning, trying bowls & goblets.
Added a couple pics in my gallery, but here they are for your viewing pleasure.........
These are birch....

I'm led to believe this one is apple...

Hopefully they're to your taste.


08/07/2011 07:31:53
Thanks Bill,
I'll keep that in mind.
Thread: A dead pear
07/07/2011 22:00:12
Hi Ron,
Far from being an expert on the various woods for turning , I got curious about your question and went scouring other forums to see what answers were available.
Pretty much all the ones I found gave a resounding YES to using peartree wood.
Apparently even dead peartree wood will turn well provided it's not started to rot, with some people even suggesting spalting it for some dramatic effects in the grain.
As I said, I'm no expert on this but I'd give it a go if it's free wood.
Cutting it down myself would be a small price to pay if the results were good.
Thread: Just a newbie saying Hi
07/07/2011 21:50:02
Simon & Sam, many thanks to you both.
Simon - I try to keep detail a part of how I make things. I like them to look just a little bit different. As you say, quirky. Having worked previously on some intricate metalwork with very tight tolerances, it's more a natural thing to me to take my time and make sure everything fits & comes together just right.
As and when I come up with anything I think is worthy of being put on display I'll certainly add pictures. Always good to read other people's critiques of things - keeps my perspective open to alternative ideas.
Sam - The drawers were a really tough one for me, having never made anything on as big a scale. Tried not to use plans/designs from anyone/anywhere else for the build, although I did have to refer to a few for ideas on how to bring it all together. Thankfully the wife is very pleased with them as they fit (in the corner) perfectly.
Hopefully I'll have all my equipment set up to be used properly over the next couple of weeks. We've recently moved house, so still organising where everything's going and trying to get it set up.
Once it's all in place I'll be looking to enjoy many hours improving my skills and creating many more pieces. Hopefully they'll stay quirky, and possibly verge on the unusual.
And they'll be posted on here for your viewing pleasure (or just for comedy value - whichever's the most appropriate for the piece!!).
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