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Thread: My bad......
12/11/2011 15:57:22
Not being one for always doing as doc's tell me, I got so fed up with being advised against doing this that & everything else cos of the broken wrist that I decided to go pay the lathe a visit.
One off-cut of apple & 2 hours later, I had this little tealight in my hand.
Nothing fancy, nothing intricate.
Just something to let me feel as if I've been busy.
Sanded to 400 grit, and finished with shellac sealer & wax.
Comments & critique welcome as always .

Thread: No gift ,no cigars,and no fat lady singing
08/11/2011 20:42:19
Good on you Dave.
As you say, it's the principal of the matter.
And well done Paul for getting it sorted.
Thread: How will I cope??
08/11/2011 20:22:25
Looks like I spoke too soon.
Back in cast again, and been advised against even lifting a bit of sandpaper.
Apparently last week's doctor 'made a mistake' when he looked at my MRI results.

Now waiting for an appointment to go for a CT scan, and still might end up needing the wrist pinned.


01/11/2011 18:28:24
That's what I'm hoping for Derek.
And so is the Mrs - she's hoping I stay out there for hours on end!! lol
01/11/2011 17:57:09
Update time.......................
Finally out of the cast, but still got to wear a splint for the next couple of weeks.
No metalwork needed, just lots of physio to get the movement back.
On the upside, I've been cleared to drive again in 2 weeks time and the doc's happy enough for me to switch the lathe back on as of next week (not been able to hold the chisels cos of the shape of the cast).
All that remains is to see what I can now come up with.
08/10/2011 16:58:45
Cheers Steve.
The only thing that makes it worse than any other bone break is the lack of blood supply to the bone.
If I'd done it anywhere else I'd be looking at a total of 6-8 weeks.
Still, it'll be sorted before I know it - hopefully at the sooner end of the scale.
08/10/2011 12:06:09
Still in plaster, and still bl**dy sore Steve.
Got an MRI scan coming up on 19th Oct to get a proper look at the damage and see if the scaphoid needs pinned back together.
So far the x-rays have shown I've broken the scaphoid, cracked the radius & torn some ligments too.
If there's no metalwork needed, I'll hopefully be out of cast by the middle of November (he says with a wishful look on his face..................).
The problem with this bone is there's a very limited blood supply to it and I've been told to expect to be in cast for anything between 7 & 30 weeks, with the possibility of splints after that.
All in all, I've done a proper job on it.
On the upside I've managed to find a way of still using my tools without pain or discomfort, it just takes a little longer than usual to do stuff.
Once I get the MRI results & review I'll let you know the outcome.
Thread: Bud vase
30/09/2011 18:03:45
Thanks Derek.
Trying to take it easy, but hate sitting about festering. lol.
Only doing little things just now, or just little bits at a time.
Got some things to do that weren't supposed to be started for a few weeks yet, but I'll start them over the next few days and just take them slowly and do them bit by bit.
Doc reckons that as long as I'm careful & sensible (not usually words associated with me) I should still be able to get things done, just a bit slower than usual.
28/09/2011 13:53:21
Thanks Simon,
The darker colour is from really bad lighting when I took the pics - it's a lot lighter in reality.
However, I too am more convinced that it's sycamore.
Was back at hospital this morning for further x-rays.
It appears I've broken my scaphoid, cracked my radius and torn some ligaments.
Gonna be in plaster for anything from 5-12 weeks initially.
If it's not healed properly after that, it then becomes anyone's guess.
Who ever said football was good for you???????
I can empathise totally with your mate.
Earlier this year I had to have knee ligament surgery as they'd tightened up and shifted my kneecap out of place.
The pain afterwards was unbelievable, as they literally cut the ligaments to loosen them then leave them that way.
Definitely a bummer about his hol's.
Hope he too has a speedy recovery.

Edited By Gerrybhoy on 28/09/2011 13:54:24

27/09/2011 21:55:34
Thanks Steve.
Dunno if I do any better - maybe I just take good photos?!?!?! hehe
Definitely don't recommend breaking it your wrist - it's a right pain!!! (sorry - couldn't resist)

27/09/2011 20:20:51
Cheers Bill.
The rim defect wasn't at all visible until I'd turned it down to size.
I do wish the pictures wouldn't distort on here - makes the vase look like it should be on a diet!!
Yeah, very naughty, but I hate sitting doing nothing and since my arm's in a splint I really can't do it much more damage. I hope!!
More x-rays tomorrow to see just how bad I've done the wrist, and to find out how long I'll be in plaster (apparently anything from 6-30 weeks, so I've been told, cos the scaphoid is a very sloooooooooooooooow healing bone).
An update on the wood species: a tree surgeon mate of mine reckons it's sycamore.

Edited By Gerrybhoy on 27/09/2011 20:24:09

27/09/2011 17:18:05
Still nursing my broken wrist, I got fed up doing almost nothing (plus, I could hear the lathe shouting that it's been lonely) so I decided to see if I could try & make something.
Ended up with this little bud vase. Approx 3" tall & 1.5" across.
Not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with it since I still can't move my fingers or wrist properly.
I think it's spalted beech, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
As always, all comments etc very welcome.

Edited By Gerrybhoy on 27/09/2011 17:47:23

Thread: Woodturning clubs/groups in Ayrshire
21/09/2011 13:54:08
Thanks Ron.
Checked their website & the nearest appears to be Prestwick for wood turning & Glasgow for all woodwork.
Will get in touch with them for a starter pack.
Thread: competition piece
19/09/2011 21:07:58
Sam, that's a beautiful clock.
Your club colleagues are gonna have to come up with something special to beat that.
I'm sure the recipients will also be as impressed as we on here are.
Thread: Absolute Novice - Working WIth Wood
19/09/2011 17:03:23
Hi Kevin,

Same answer as the previous guys have given you.
Read up on the various areas of woodwork - turning, furniture etc - and decide what you want to concentrate on.
Then shop about for different tools & machines, but take advice before you buy them.
The guys on her have a vast amount of knowledge between them and will keep you right.
Choose wisely, and you'll enjoy it for many years to come.
Thread: Woodturning clubs/groups in Ayrshire
19/09/2011 16:35:38
Excellent idea.
I'll do the same.
18/09/2011 20:52:51
Cool. I'm in Dailly, so just as easy for me to get to Girvan too.
So, that's 2 of us - now to see if we can get a few more people in the area and see if we can start something up.
Thread: Newbie getting better
18/09/2011 20:49:45
Cheers fatboy. I agree that it gives it character.
I'm in Dailly, South Ayrshire.
Having read your other reply to me, I'm not that far from you.

Edited By Gerrybhoy on 18/09/2011 20:50:41

Thread: Woodturning clubs/groups in Ayrshire
14/09/2011 20:39:27
Does anyone know of any woodturning clubs/groups in South Ayrshire, around the Girvan area?
I know there's one in Prestwick, but it's not the easiest to get to from where I live as I don't drive.
If there's not one, are there any others from the Girvan area who'd be interested in setting one up?
Thread: Newbie getting better
14/09/2011 19:07:04
Where I live there's a constant supply of small logs & branches.
We're on 'Lairded land' & there's always a squad of tree surgeons out trimming & lopping.
One of them is married to a mate of SWMBO, so arrangements for deliveries are being made.
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