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Thread: Hello, newbie here
13/07/2009 20:37:59
Robert glad tosee you here on the forum  As for lay out think about how you work and plan your machine layout around that. One very big word of caution and that is if you floor is unevenie car pit be very carfull about machine layout dont want you tripping or stumbling and woops only 9 fingers left yours GED MEAGER

Edited By Ged Meager on 13/07/2009 20:39:33

Thread: Alan Peters
12/07/2009 21:42:47
David Charlesworth told me about Mr Peters cn dition and also said the family are very close and private so I will lett the matter drop just goes to show fame has a price in good health and bad GED MEAGER
11/07/2009 22:48:13
I cant beleave there's no one out there who knows how poor Alan Peters isThe last I heard was 08 and I was told he poor man had Altzimers Any update would be appreciated I did meet him once and of course I have a copy of Joyces and I have the rewrite of cabinetmaking the professional approach ,So come on people bring a concerned woody up to date GED MEAGER
Thread: This is what can happen. (No images but links)
07/07/2009 22:45:02
Hi Mandy I thjink we're using the same designer at the moment my middle finger right han aint looking to good either mine was stupidity should have been more careful with my router but I've still got 10 whole ones WOODTURNER GED
Thread: Burr clock
06/07/2009 22:59:10
hI rON LOOKS GOOD AS USUAL  I made about 6 one year from some burrs but I just used gold hand and no nubers the present went down well many are still in good working order I thnk they're a great WE project very easy with minimal amount of tooling required WOODTURNERGED
Thread: Why why why
06/07/2009 11:40:17
Sorry about the capitals its where my paralised hand sometimes rests to close to the ketboard and I dont know what its touching.    thanks all Ged
05/07/2009 10:04:33
Thread: One leg in the air
05/07/2009 10:01:29
I think its fab and I dont care how he did it just want my knukles to stay intact GED
Thread: Drilling out on the lathe
05/07/2009 09:58:52
hI Christoff Gree with a lot of what the others are saying to start make sure all mating surfaces are clean then when you put you chuck into your tail stock give it a tap with a allet to drive it home problem should be solved.GED
Thread: Alan Peters
05/07/2009 09:53:40
I heard very sad reports that the great Alan Peters is very poorly can anybody update us mear mortal on his situation WOODTURNER GED
Thread: What would the ideal tool box be for a beginner??
05/07/2009 09:52:00

Further to my last lay all your tools out on a flatish surface like a table etc arrange them how you would like to use the  and there you have the size of your box just remember you can also have storage in the doors  or lid Also remember you have to keep it somewhere warm andDRYyours GED

05/07/2009 09:48:50
Thread: my sons new cot
05/07/2009 09:45:34
I look forward to seeing to progress I am considering doing something similar for my stepson and his wife who are expecting their first child in October apart from the making I've got to get it to Thiland from here in SpainTwo thirdworld countries both with poor postal services Goodluck with yours GED
Thread: Good or Bad
23/06/2009 09:18:39
Sound like a bit of an unknown quantity which is unusual amongst us lot look forward to hear the results like the rest GOOD LUCK GED
Thread: my first wheelbarrow
20/06/2009 22:35:02
And here I was just about to inform you where you can get a set of plans from Well doneGED
Thread: new
18/06/2009 10:47:27

Hi Mandy add me to the list I am a relative newcomer to the site but have to say the guys here are great if you have a problem or want to know something you can bet you wil get an answer within hours if not minutes of you posing the question I have found them great I got kicked out of woodwork at school becase I made a stool with 4 different length legs and the mortice and tenon joints were all a rattling good fit I have now been teaching myself for 33 years and still learning  from magazine books etc   Other woodies are a great source there does'nt seem to be trade secrets!!! amongst us lot   most people are willing to share there knowledge One year I met most of the biggest names in cabinet making in england and without exception  they were all polite frendly and on the whole a good bunch. there are sometimes some good TV programmes to watch but you do need sky  New Yankee workshop, boys in the wood , the great british workshop You have to pick and choose what is good for you if I can be of further assistance just message Ged

Thread: project measurements
17/06/2009 22:58:39
Thanks for the reply but I dont think thats good enough.If thats the best reasonthey can come up with would be better not to cal the projectsGED
17/06/2009 16:16:11
I n the latest issue  of good woodworking there are two projects a desk and a nest of tables but there are no measurements for either  not very helpful if you want to have a go yours GED MEAGER
Thread: hELP
09/06/2009 22:38:58
Ralph was nearly right the problem was ann unoticed rotted area that ran across the blankI've mannaged to turn the bowel will have to use some disgused filler Thank as always for your helpguys
09/06/2009 16:27:16
I bought a piece of sycamore last week4"X12"diameter to make a client here in Sppain a large Salad bowel as requested When in the shop screwing a 6"faceplate to the blang using some 1.5inch No10 screws allof a sudden there was a loud band and a crack appeared about a 1/3 across the blank and yes I had used the correct pilot wholes I wondered if anybody had any ideas what may have caused this  I would be gratful for your ideas
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