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Thread: Hello everyone, I'm Lindsay!
14/09/2009 22:27:23
Hi  Lindsey wecome to the site there are a lot of good people on here who are more than willing to impart thier knowledge  just ask and from my experience you will get a reply in a couple of hours if not minutes.
 But first two Golden rules that are never ever broken 1. measure twice and cut once
 2 always always keep your fingers behind the blade edge
 I f ever you meet a woodworker with digits missing and they say you not a woodwrker untill youv'e lost one finger at least STAY WELL AWAY FROM THEM THEY'RE BLOODY FOOLS.
You will learn a hell of a lot through Goodwoodworking I think its the best wood mag out there as it caters for us all  Another tip buy the most expensive and good quality tools you can afford  cheep tools don't last and can be dangerous
  Enjoy your woodworking its a great hobby.
Thread: James Krenov
12/09/2009 15:42:06
Hi Ben Nice to know there a kindred spirit out there If we can leave behind a hundreth of what they did it would be a wonderful world. WOODTURNER GED
Thread: dragons den
12/09/2009 15:37:20
HiTony why not do a micky take of the three dragon from the telly and send it to the relevant channel they would love it and it would get publicity to people with big wallets etc WOODTURNER_GED 
Thread: thankyou
12/09/2009 15:31:24
Hi Sadsam why the name I think your work is greatthankyou for giving us the pleasure of seeing it WOODTURNER GED
Thread: tv
11/09/2009 08:46:03
Send it to the itv company who show the programme they could well
display it for you. By the way I think its great!!!!!!
Thread: James Krenov
11/09/2009 08:40:26
His furnature had a bieutiful simplicity second only to the shakers but James let the grain do the talkinG and selling. Anybody who wants to get the feel of the man get and READ his book A CABINETMAKERS NOTEBOOK . Especialy read the chapter where he describes how and why he made his bent clock . Every serious woodworker should read it RIP JIM  GED MEAGER
10/09/2009 22:56:09
I have just heard the very sad news that the great man has died. I have read all his books from cover to cover what an inspiration they were I dont know if this man got grumpy or bad tempered  but whenever I make a monumental cock-up in my shop and want to fly into a rage and toss it all though the window I think of Krenow and how I imagined the great man would have acted I alway got  the idea he lived in a total peaceful enviroment almost in a permanent state of meditation about wood  I'm probably living in a dream world. Please can I have a little or your harmony with our wonderful material we work God bless and keep you now Jim your in great company with SamMaloof Jim Kingshot and John Brown Oh how i would like to be a fly on he wall whe Jim an John Brown Meet up GED MEAGER
Thread: centre steady
07/09/2009 22:49:18
Thanks Ron I ha the last 4years worth of GWW  if you could give me some idea of the one with the plans in I would be very grateful your WOODTURNER GED
04/09/2009 15:48:01
I have managed to turn one leg . Snapped two     Difficult to use my hand to cut down the oscilating as I'n a disabled turner due to a severe stroke Rt handed, Lt hand near useless but thanks for you comments will try yurners retreat .Thanks guys always value you advice GED
03/09/2009 22:41:53
I have a cl 3 Record lathe and have got to turn 4 thin legs can anybody recomend a cetre steady that would fit a record lathe thanks woodturner ged.

Edited By Ged Meager on 03/09/2009 22:42:49

Thread: Derek's Urn Box
18/08/2009 14:11:20
Be careful of over sanding I think you've lost some of the crispness of you detail by possibly rounding over when sanding Remember we sand the shapes we creat we dont create shapes by sanding.
woodturner Ged
Thread: Spraying MDF
12/08/2009 21:55:40
Hi GavinI made my grandsons toy boxes, desks and chairs tried all sorts of finishes, Spray, brush  paint etc all worked well buthe best tip I ever received for finishinf MDF was to paint it with policell wallpaper glue then lightly rub down befor undercoating  It seals the stuff great then I just used ordinary  canned spray enamel  came up great still in use after 6 years hard knocks by the boys been touched up once or twice by my son
but hey ho what do you expect make the paste up to quite a wateryeasy brushing consistency . Good luck GED
03/08/2009 08:23:33
Thankyou very much for you help Roger I will investigate Norms Site and see what I can come up with however after many hours in front of the screen I eventually found some plans in Fine woodworking Magazine issue 177 which I hope will surfice  Thanks again GED MEAGER SPAIN
Thread: With sadness, the passing of BigBoab
01/08/2009 14:56:36
All these replies will tell you how much your dad will be missed condolences to all you r family at this very sad time GED MEAGER

Edited By Ged Meager on 01/08/2009 14:57:57

01/08/2009 11:15:47
iVE just published this question on a different page but think this is probably the best area to ask the question Can anybody tell me where I can get the plans for the Shaker rocking chair that Geoff Gorman has just conpleted in July Goodwoodworking.GED MEAGER
Thread: rocking chair
01/08/2009 11:11:01
I would like to make the Shaker rocking chair that geoff gorman has finished of in the latest issue of good woodworking arethe plans published anywhare
Thread: This months GW
25/07/2009 22:25:43
Has anybody discovered what the free book is yet in issue 216[July's issue]GED MEAGER
23/07/2009 16:15:02
Has anybody found out what the free book offer is yet as advertised in Issuie 216 GED MEAGER
21/07/2009 22:42:52
Hi all I wrote an email complaining that I had't receive my July copy yesterday But of course the dam thing arrived today. I was told by the company that it was released on 12.7 which was the reason for delay I suppose. Loads in  it as usual so good readingGED MEAGER
17/07/2009 22:48:13
I have'nt received my July issue yet in Spain. GED MEAGER
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