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Thread: subscription number
22/03/2010 22:15:22
I am desperately trying to watch the free videos and keep trying to enter my subscription number. 
if I omit the leading zeros the number is shortened to 7 digits tody I have checked this number out by phone not once but twice and I definately do not have an 8 digit number unless I use one of the leading zeros Any suggestions would be appreciated

Edited By sparky on 22/03/2010 22:27:08

Thread: dangerous turning video
21/03/2010 22:30:58
I suspect I'm not the only one who subscibes to different magazines apart from goodwood, I also subscribe to finewoodworking Today whilst watching one of their free videos I was horrified to see a spindle gouge being used to turn uphill also the long end of a skew point be ing used ti [stab] markout lines also the long end of said skew being used to try and  turn a 'bead' The turner in question was a highly proffesional cabinetmaker But being Americal I was suprised  knowing their habits on suing for anything  he also tried to stop his turning by using his hand as a break after turning the machine off which we all do however this pratt had the pad of his thumb and his thumb lying along the tool rest  which should have resulted in his thumb and meaty part of hand getting trapped between tool rest and work piece.
 Woodturner ged
Thread: Hi, I'm a newby
17/03/2010 14:17:49
Hi Gray I used to know a guy in Portland Dorset who called everybody Bruv and every body called him Bruv  If you spoke to any of the dockyard workers and mentioned the name everybody knew who you were talking about
woodturner ged
Thread: Finding a Lathe
23/02/2010 22:59:21
Hi Geordie good to see you on the forum Another place to look although I'm sure you've tried in the classified here ,or in thback of good wood magazive Good luck with your new hobby
Thread: videos
17/02/2010 22:16:54
I've entered my subscription number on my details I've e-mailed ''my hobby store'' and i still cant watch these lovely free videos anybody help please                    GED
Thread: Follow on from Alan Holtham's shed door cock up!
14/02/2010 12:34:32
Thanks guys my Pop would still have given me a v hard time. I remember when I was a kid he'd lent his Jack plane  to a nieghbour and he'd hit a nail my dad made me stay with him untill he's corrected it and I learnt the lessons
 1. Never lend your tools out especially the sharp ones
 2.If you hit a nail or a piece of metal it takes hours to grind them out In those day it was on the side in the kitchen Hobby workshops were virtualy unheard of then. The hours my dad spent rubbing that blade back and forth up and down that oil stone  I will never forget Nor will I forget my mum saying ''you should'nt use that language infronton the boy either. When I think there were no gauges to set the angle and when he'd done there was only two facets visable the main one and the cutting angle not bad craftmanship for a taxi driver. 
10/02/2010 13:38:36
There are times Very rarely thank god when I'm gld my dad is no longer around
because today my ears would be bleeding severely and the back of my head would be bruised from a well deserved whaking. Last night whilst planing smooth a thin piece of sapele I hit a nail and you got it dinked my blade  I could
hear his voice   from beyond the grave as the air turned blue purple and all other obsenity colours  When I went back into the house with steam still coming out of both ears my Wife said ''Bad night love''' no I said'' plane sailing''. Hey guys think of me tonight when I'm trying to regrind my blade!!!!!GED

Edited By Ged Meager on 10/02/2010 13:40:32

Thread: sharpening turning tools
30/01/2010 22:54:57
Hi Sam if my poor half brain memory is correct Goodwood gave away a free dvd on sing Tormek jigs alittle while ago might be worth contacting them to see if they have any spare. I use this system al the time get repeatable grinds every time its dead simple when you know how!!! GED
Thread: Lathe chisel angles???
20/01/2010 20:45:35
When you become confident at turning the answer to you question from most pro. turners will be use whatever angle you are comfortable with however as a beginner try these   they set me in good stead  'roughing gouge 45 degree all scrapers 70degees
spindle gouge 30degrees bowel gouge 45 degrees I would most strongly recommend a book and accompanying vid called a Woodturning a foundation course BY kIETH ROWLEY it will tell you all you need to know to get you started safely. then as you gain in confidence join a club and buy other books and vids Another great vid for spindle work is  Ray Jones a course in spindle turning Go to shows and exhibitons there are generally woodturning demos at them I have never met a turner yet who is not prepared to help a fellow turner If you meet one give him/her a good kicking as they will deserve it  Have great fun but most of all stay safe Ive cought a couple of bit of wood as they fly through the air with the greatest of easeTHEY HURT.  WOODTURNER GED
Thread: Jan's carved spoon
25/12/2009 22:30:48
I think its loverly but my main comment is creep but it will last longer than a bunch of flowersI would guess the wood to be european ash.
Thread: plans
25/12/2009 22:28:17
Hi all you good woodies out ther and a very happy xmas to you all.         Iam looking for some plans for a four poster bed that has four heavily turned posts any help or pointers would be most appreciated
woodturner ged
Thread: finished at last
17/12/2009 11:44:35
gREAT JOB LOVELY WOOD and the brightest workshop Ive ever seen be a bugger cleaning all the sawdust of that glass
Thread: four posters
15/12/2009 23:04:53
I want to make a 4 poster bed with the posts being heaily turned anybody know of any plans out there
yours woodturnerGed
Thread: The wonderful Tormek grinder
21/11/2009 22:46:37
I've had a Tormek for anumber of years and I thnk they do a great job certainly takes away a lot of elbow grease whe regrinding plane chisels etc but one major drawback is that I find it difficultto grind my plane iron square often en up  like madame gulitine  but if you have the jigs which are bloody expesive sharpening turning tool is bril .
21/11/2009 22:40:32
Hi Mike my tenons are 4.5 inches wide and 10.. thick any ideas thanks GED
19/11/2009 22:54:30
As always thanks guys Unfortunately I cant transport it to spain bit much for excess baggage on easy jet sta tuned for load of to quality YEW ON CLASSIFIEDs no I'm not shouting finger slpped and its midnight over here hanks again guys
13/11/2009 14:00:02
How do I calculate the cuft of wood as I have a large quantity of Yew, black walnut nd American cherry for sale but dont know how to calculate the cubeft
your help as always appreciated
Thread: Sheared Screw
04/11/2009 23:00:00
Hitting the tang of a file can be extremely dangerous When I was an apprentice engineer
 some idiot hit a small file with a hammer as a result I ended up in casualty with half the file embeded in theforehead skull for which I still bear the scar some 32 years on 'If you don't have screw extractors woodies idea is easy and safe. Howevr if you have a Wilkinsons in your area or a shop that sells all these tv gadgets they advertise and sell screw extrActor sets very cheaply and you've then got them ready for your next disaster.Remember always drill a proper pilot hole especialy in hardwoods such as oak and always dunk your screw in paste wax prior to screwing it in Not only will it go in easyer but if you want to take it out in ten years time bobs your uncle and out it comes as easily as the day you put it in. GED

Edited By Ged Meager on 04/11/2009 23:02:53

03/11/2009 15:18:28
When do you use a double tennon instead of one very wide one are there any general rules Ive looked it up in joyces and other books with no luck I" working on a project which require three about 150mm wide I thought I'd breakit down
to 3, 50mm section s any of you guys and gals out there got any better suggestions
Thread: Plane blade
02/11/2009 16:07:18
Hi Toothy please tell me your not a dentist as here I am a 56 year old war vet x2 falklands and first Gulf and I' still terrified of dentist so much so my wife comes with me to hold my hand. If you go onto You tube all your questions about hock blades will be answered as they have a good video on there GED
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