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Thread: Do you pay tax on sold products?
14/04/2020 21:20:18


Yes you do need to declare the income.

Fines, interest and penalties for non declaration of income are to put it mildly draconian!

However there is some light. If your self employed income from your woodworking business is less than £1000, then you do not need to submit a return. The £1000 is turnover not profit. But you have to keep records to be able to demonstrate that your business turnover was not more than a £1000, and by using this exemption you are not able to claim expenses.

The HMRC website lists the penalties for late filing, but if you get picked up by one of the investigation teams the penalties can be severe. Its not worth the hassle. HMRC can go back 4, 6, or 20 years depending on how serious they regard your case - or in the worse case you can be prosecuted.

Hope that helps

Thread: Joint Genie
16/08/2010 22:19:00
I have 6mm Joint Genie, Bought in a rush when i wanted to get a couple of small doors made quickley. I was very pleased, produced perfectly flat joints. It is a bit pricey - but you get what you pay for. John
Thread: Tale of woe
10/07/2010 17:21:38
Quite a while since I posted the original message. SIP were as useful as a chocolate teapot, and the dealer i got the machine from has disappeared. Anyway, I found a local "Aladdins Cave", who it turned out were also a SIP dealer. They were quite happy to repair the machine, and for a reasonable price too. So the machine is now back, with new bolts and sharpened blades. So if you're in Glos'shire and near the Forest of Dean, I can well recommend Toolite. I may upgrade to a bigger machine in a while, and the Woodstar 8x5 looks good. I see they also do a 10x6. Has anyone had any experience of that machine? regards John
Thread: Which table saw?
20/06/2010 20:57:45
Hi Jim, Once set up there isn't a lot of set up. i very rarely change mode. All I check is that the blade is square to the table, and that the legs have spread correctly. As it can affect the squareness. As I say I like mine, and it's a simple way to have a saw bench and router table, which can be folded away, when I want to do some turning. John
11/06/2010 22:19:02
Posted by Victor Hamshoo on 06/06/2010 19:44:20:
 I've been looking at the Triton workcentre 2000, does anyone on here own one?
I've had one for a few years now. They are a faff to set up, but do work very well. If you do get one get the dust bag and device to raise and lower the saw blade.
They seem to cut accurately, and being mobile are great if like me, you have a miniscule workshop. They are great if you just want a bit for DIY, although I do think they are a bit pricey. I wouldn't be without mine.
When I win the lottery and get a decent workshop, then I'll probably upgrade. So doubt it will happen soon


Thread: Tale of woe
04/06/2010 21:53:52
Hi all,
Thanks for the many and varied thoughts on my little problem.
Sparky - thanks for the tip, about tightening, I'll remember that for the future. As for drilling out, it is way beyond my capabilities, and I think I would need specialist equipment.
Dennis, I've had the machine for at least 3 years now. I hadn't thought along the lines of fit for purpose due to it's age. To be honest I have been pleased with the performance of the machine. It has produced some excellent results. Apart from the lines caused by the blade nicks, it was making a very nice job of the Iroko I was working on.
I will try approaching the retailer and see what he has to say. It will be nice to be fore armed with the knowledge that other people have had the same problem.
With regards to the blades, I have to admit that I thought that they would be disposable. It's only since I have seen the replacement set that i realised that they are very substantial and could be esily sharpened on my Tormek.
Many thanks for your thoughts, and ideas for a replacement. I'll let you know the outcome in the near future.
03/06/2010 21:55:42
I have had  Sip planer/thicknesser (the 6x4) one for a couple of years. Although it hasn't been used reguarly.
Anyway at the weekend I nicked the planer blades. Not to much of a problem, as it was bound to happen at some point. The problems started when I tried to loosen the blade retaining bolts, and sheared one off ! I then tried another, using a decent spanner this time, and succeded in rounding the bolt off. All of the bolts seem to have been put in with no intention of them ever moving again.
I have spoken to SIP who advised that they probably couldn't help at a reasonable price, and suggested I speak to a local engineering firm. However no luck there.
So I now have  decision, do I get a new machine and if so which one. SIP do a nice bench top 8x4, but I worried I'm going to hit the same problem.
The machine has to be mobile as it lives in my conservatory when not in use.
Any thoughts ideas would be appreciated. 
Thread: SL Hardwoods
02/08/2009 20:54:34
Hi Roger I decided to take the plunge, buying both a pallet and two bags of wood for turning, and have to say that I have been very pleased with the purchase, which has consisted of a lot of oak, sapele, some ash (I think) all in 2-3 inch boards. The sacks of turning wood has yielded some 14x14x4 inch square blanks. Not sure what it is but it is very dense, very hard, similar colour to sapele. They also included oak blanks, and some very nice pieces of black walnut. I don't think you can choose a pallet, it is pot luck. This time I seem to have been very lucky. regards John
19/05/2009 21:59:44
From the side menu, go into carving turning, and it then offers sacks and pallets. All the pictures are generic which is why I'm looking for feedback. 100 miles is a long way to travel to just check something out. Cheers
Thread: Tormek sharpening systems
19/05/2009 20:53:20
Hi Eddie, When I started turning I almost gave up on the sharpening lark! However since the tormek arrived (I have the little one), I have done a lot of turning. Once the tools are shaped then it doesn't seem to wear to badly. I don't know what the other systems are like, but a strong factor in Tormeks favour is the excellent manuals, and cd which you can learn from. You do have to learn how to use the system, but once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to use, and produce sharp tools that keep there edge well. I would never go back to dry sharpening! Hope that helps John
Thread: SL Hardwoods
19/05/2009 20:47:17
Hi Sparky, Thanks it would have been helpful to state where SL Hardwoods are. The company is based in South London - about 100 miles from me - but apparently for delivery of 10 Cubic feet of h/w delivery is free - which surprises me. They describe the product as one of there most popular, but I'm hoping that someone who has one will be able to give me a heads up. Cheers John
18/05/2009 21:38:19
Hi, I'm looking to build up a small stock of various hardwoods. I notice that SL Hardwoods do a mixed pallet, and wondered if anyone has bought one, and wanted their thoughts on quality etc. Can anyone help? Cheers John
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