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Thread: what type of wood
14/08/2009 22:05:09
hi all
thanks for the kind comments.
a mate of mine says its iroko?
Thread: ralph's segmented bowl
14/08/2009 22:01:07
thanks for the reply ralph.
i have not tried this type of glue up yet, as i don't have a reliable means of sawing wood at an angle. sorry to hear about your mishap!
Thread: Dennis's bowl
13/08/2009 10:45:58
hi dennis
great bowl! a question please. for the solid top ring, did you glue a whole piece of wood on, or cut a hollow disk out? i'm trying to save as much wood as possible, and am keen to know what techniques you use.
Thread: ralph's segmented bowl
13/08/2009 10:41:37
hi ralph
i really like this bowl! a question or two.
what thin wood did you use as spacers? did you cut it yourself? also, did you turn the bowl in stages, or did you glue it up in one go and then turn it?
very nice indeed.
Thread: what type of wood
13/08/2009 10:37:43
hi all
i made this bowl from wood used as heavy duty crates. they came to south africa, but i don''t know the origin.
the wood is very hard and heavy, it planes well but sands with difficulty. the lighter color wood is softer. the black lines are spalting, and i think stains that pnentrated the wood. the grain is quite wild, and the wood is quite red at first.
any ideas?
Thread: Vaughn's refurbished assorted chisels
27/03/2009 10:43:27
Hi Marc
Thanks very much! I am quite excited, i just received a stanley no 10 rebate plane, and i have a no6 on the way!
I'll still post before photos of the rebate, and hopefully some nice pics after the cleanup. you'll see the handle is broken.
I have a question for you, maybe the other guys will know too. I want to redo the "japanning?" on the rebate plane. is it merely black paint, or a special process such as baked enamel?
Let me know if any of you have done this before.
Thread: Ouch
14/03/2009 15:11:45
hi all
i must say it wasn't too spectacular when it came apart. it basically slammed into the lathe bed and got stuck! had to switch off quickly cause the motor was still trying to turn.
sadly nothing salvageable derek. it's taken me since i posted the photo till now just to come back and look at the picture again. the lack of commentary was because i felt a tiny bit upset at the time.
the piece of teak must of been the middle of the tree. the photo doesn't show it clearly, but the middle piece was the pith/core of the tree, which had cracked away from the main part of the trunk. if you look at the left piece, you'll see the round profile of the break.
like you say richard, onto the next 'un!
thanks for the commiserations lads!
Thread: worksharp 2000
04/03/2009 20:19:35
hi all
received my new worksharp today! after i actually read the instructions it took about 10 minutes to set up and was in use.
i tried it on some chisels first, worked very well. i also used it to flatten the back of one chisel which was quite out of shape, and again worked very well. last thing i tried was my spindle gouge, which worked great when you use the see- through disk. it's quite cool to see the edge shaping while you do it.
i read the revue in the woodworker, and must say i agree with the article.
Thread: mystery stanley plane
19/02/2009 12:42:57
thanks Derek, you're an ace!
turns out to be a 10 1/2 stanley coach makers rebate plane.  they look to be selling for around 30 pound plus shipping, i can pick this one up for just less than 10 pound. just needed to know what it was so i can compare first. thanks again!
19/02/2009 10:24:34
hi all
a mate of mine sent me this picture, and i don''t quite know what model stanley plane this is. the price i can get it for is very reasonable, and i''m always keen to add to the tool collection! if you know the model, please let me know. it is about 13 inchs long, 2 inches wide.
thanks very much
Thread: Pine bowl 1c.jpg
31/12/2008 21:37:00

Hi Marc

no worries! thanks for the reply, i have access to some pine and am keen to give it a go.

happy new year to you too!


Thread: mystery planes.jpg
26/11/2008 19:00:00

Hi Ben

thanks very much. i honestly don't know enough to distinguish the makes yet. i reckon i'll pass on these, as i have two stanley block planes already.

thanks again


26/11/2008 15:17:00

hi all

i can get these on auction for a good price, but they have no markings. the guy has no idea. any guesses from anybody? please let me know what you think, auction closes tomorrow!

Thread: Gates almost finished
27/10/2008 10:25:00

Hi Malc

thanks very much, i appreciate it. i hadn't thought of fixing pillars to a wall, was going to fix the gate to the wall directly. i think i like your idea better.

will post a photo when i am busy with it.



27/10/2008 06:23:00

Hi Malc

i really like your gate! this is great timing, i am starting one this december myself. please answer a question or two.

what did you use to attach it to the walls? have you supported the middle with anything like wheels to roll on when it opens? lastly, what did you seal it with?



Thread: bedside cabinet.jpg
20/10/2008 08:21:00

Hi Mike

to the best of my knowledge it is iroko. however i am not 100%. i can tell you that it darkens considerably over time, especially with a varnish or linseed oil coat.  have a look at my "iroko bowl" picture, and you'll see ralph and i have had a good chat about it.

by the way, i posted this after reading your post about cabinet makers not showing as much as turners. i made this one year ago, so i forgot about it for my gallery. You'll be pleased to hear i am in a cabinet making phase again, so more cabinet related posts soon. i like that you raised the topic, this is everyone's site, and anybody should be able to put their opinion or ideas out there to help things along. i agree with the sentiment that the site is fine as is, but you will always find that if things stay the same for too long it will eventually stagnate.



Thread: bowlsssss 011 (992 x 744).jpg
19/10/2008 21:59:00

thanks dave

i see what you mean. its quite clever to turn the pieces after glue up! i haven't progressed that far yet, but your piece gives me an idea or two.



Thread: bedside cabinet.jpg
19/10/2008 21:52:00

Hi guys

thanks for the kind comments! the boss wanted some space for her stuff, and so it was. true to form this is twice the size of the previous cabinet, and it is already full.

next project is a blanket chest from the same wood for the foot of the bed.



Thread: bowlsssss 011 (992 x 744).jpg
19/10/2008 21:45:00

Hi David

that is an awesome bowl, i really like it. how did you join the different pieces so smoothly?


Thread: iroko set 1.jpg
19/10/2008 21:41:00

Hi Ralph

i took the photo with my mobile phone, will definately have to try again with the camera.



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