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Thread: Vaugns meat mallet
06/11/2009 11:54:35
Hi all
thanks very much!
baz/ralph, i used my router with a v-bit to cut the grooves. i took a leftover piece of mdf, made a hole the size of the mallett head, and hot glued it flush to the mdf. i marked out parallel lines spaced every 5mm, and used a straightedge as a guide. once done, i turned it 90 degrees and repeated. it is quite time consuming, i must find a better way to do it.
mark, i'm afraid to admit it, but i really don't know what wood it is. it is originally from very heavy crates, and the dark lines are due to oil stains. it is very hard and heavy.
Thread: Christmas list?
19/10/2009 21:30:03
Hi Marc
Im throwing industrial strength hints fro a sliding compound mitre saw! dewaldt or bosch will do!! swimbo doesn't know what it is, so i have a provisional "yes"!!!
Thread: Excellent resource
19/10/2009 21:13:44
hi harry
thanks for the link, this is what the forum is all about! please fill in your profile, and we'll always send you stuff in turn, for example, have you been here?
i can't imagine you will find a better site to evaluate stanley planes etc, and tools in general. the guy is an encyclopaedia. definately for the toold nut/coolector, i've consulted this more than once before buying an old tool.
Thread: advent wreath
19/10/2009 20:55:49
Hi George
this chap has a fantastic website, with three xmas decorations. please look, it is marvelous. i'm very fond of the inside out christmas ornament, but i do find it difficult just today i turned some wood into kindling while trying.
Thread: Newsletters
19/10/2009 20:49:30
Hi Ben
sorry for the late feedback. i have received the last two, all is in order. thanks kindly
Thread: baby rattle- how to
19/10/2009 10:44:15
hi alan
i used Kiaat, which is non toxic, and i used food safe oil to shine it up. not really sure which wood is best suited, i went with a close grain to make it nice and smooth. i will be making more, the one in the photo's was very well received.
thanks to all for the kind comments as always!
Thread: advent wreath
19/10/2009 10:20:09
Hi Matt
try this link, ,it shows a traditional wreath with a how to.
otherwise, just cut out a disk with your router/bandsaw, and drill holes for the candles . the disk will make a sturdy base for the rest of the decorations on the wreath.
Thread: Listen up all you Woodturners...
13/10/2009 21:34:26
alas, being in south africa puts me well away from attending, more's the pity. please show your entries on the site, i'd love to see who is doing what. as for entering, i say go for it. the more who experience it the more valuable it is for everyone.
Thread: baby rattle- how to
13/10/2009 21:11:34
Hi all
thought i''d try my hand at a basic how to, maybe for some of the new turners. if you follow the photo''s in my album, you''ll see 1. the blank, 2. the blank cut into three pieces, with a section hollowed out on the drill presss.3. the blank reassembled, with careful attention paid to re-aligning the grain, and after peppercorns were put in to create the sound.4. rough turned, and i decided to burn lines in with wire, to disguise the glue lines.5. the finished product, 4 inches by 1.5 inches, which is accepted by the US dept of safety as large enough not to be a choking hazard for the wee ''uns! hope you find it interesting, i have three pregnant friends right now, and needed an idea for a gift!
Thread: Vaugns home made tools
08/10/2009 12:44:17
Hi Marc and Alan
The surface produced is much better than this. the picture was taken while roughing, and i was using it very aggresively. also, the wood, bluegum/eucalyptus was rock hard. i couldn't get shavings with any of my gouges, only dust. that said, it does work alot better on wet wood. i also use a round cutter, which seems to leave a smoother edge. the makers of the "original" market theirs as a "serious wood removal" tool.
07/10/2009 20:30:08
hi ron
the carbide tips are store bought. i just cut a length of square bar, and tapped a thread into it to hold the tip tight. the nice thing about the tips is you can rotate them, and use all the sides before it is truly blunt. i've had the one in the photo for a year, and it's not blunt yet.
the bowl jaw was really easy to make. i cut it to fit the maximum swing on my lathe, and cut six grooves with the router. i made some indents just to help with centering the bowls. the hold downs are 1/4 inch by 2 inch bolts with butterfly nuts, and small doorstops. it works really well, but watch the knuckles!
Thread: Vaugns Iroko set
05/10/2009 14:26:03
Hi Ron
they are upholstery tacks, as used with a lot of leather seats. i bought them at an upholstery shop.
Thread: Vaughn's segmented vase
04/10/2009 20:40:22
thanks very much for the kind comments.
it was a bit of an experiment really, just to see if i could. i'm not too sure what the wood types are, a mate of mine has a furniture factory, and he lets me take whatever offcuts i want..
thanks again
Thread: Just an Experiment
02/10/2009 09:22:15
Hi Derek
i quite like it. it is different, but very well done. i think a "how to" is in order, i'd really like to see the steps it takes to make this.
Thread: Article Requests
11/09/2009 09:24:55
Hi Ben
I want to second OPJ's request for web know-how on blogs or websites. only started buying the mag last year so i missed those articles. it would be pretty cool to have a link on this site to member's personal sites! it might be a good way to attract new members, as they could follow the link back to this forum.
Thread: centre steady
08/09/2009 13:03:36
Hi Ged. look in the january 2009 issue of the woodworker, page 60.
Thread: Newsletters
03/09/2009 07:50:51
Hi Ben
me too, unfortunately.
Thread: red mallee burr
28/08/2009 10:14:16
Hi Dennis
very nice bowls indeed! with the pippy oak, how did you deal with the balance/vibration issues? do you counter balance the piece, or just set the speed very slow?
i recently put a weight on a blank to balance it, which works ok, but is dangerous if not secured well.
Thread: Vaughn's Decorative bowl
28/08/2009 10:04:16
Hi Derek and Ralph
Derek, i posted a side view photo in my album for you. i took the photo before the final wax coat unfortunately!
ralph, i like the idea very much, you'll recall i asked you about the thin pieces in your segmented vase? i don't come across much, and don't really have the right tools to cut thin strips myself. i never realised that to turn you also needed quite a lot of other tools.
it would be interesting to hear from the turners, if they could say what other machinery they use most to get the blanks ready. i could use a few pointers, as i'm looking at a bandsaw, and possibly a drum sander for segmented work.
thanks for the kind comments as always!
Thread: Ralph's burr
14/08/2009 22:09:53
hi ralph
what sort of speed do you turn this at? is it very unbalanced?
it's very nice, must be quite scary to turn.
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