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Thread: Wide Drawer Fronts - What would you do?
20/08/2009 00:23:24
P.S.  If you have a lot of drawers to do, you could speed the half blinds up by resawing 1/4" of the drawer fronts, then cut the dovetails as though dovetails, and glue the bit you cut off back on to make them halfblind....does that make sence
20/08/2009 00:17:14
Hi Olly,
I would leave them whole. The dovetails will keep everything straight (thats the beauty of dovetailing all four corners) I knocked up some bedside cabinets last year, the carcass was MDF and the drawers were pine.  There was three drawers each all at 6" and non of them bind. Give the drawers a bit of play when you fit them and everything will be fine.
Its all coming together a treat, you're making good progress...must be that nice new bench.
Are you hand cutting or using a rotuer for the dovetails?
I have heard of a method on the bandsaw, but im not sure how its done...
Thread: oak veneer doors
19/04/2009 23:18:49
Hi russell,
I suppose it depends on wether you want to add any colour ....Personaly, as there doors, I would oil as its easy to applie (just rag it brush strokes) and touch up in time if needed. Off couse this dose depend very much on personal taste.
Hope this helps

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Thread: Sparky's turtle
18/04/2009 13:23:07
Well, buger me....that is incredible, you really have a talent and an eye for caving.
Absolutely stunning
Many thank for sharing
Thread: Oak Porch
17/04/2009 18:33:17
Hi Mike,
Your too late...the power has well and trully got to Sparky, the whole forum is doomed.
Good to see you're back anyway.
Thread: Broken Marking Knife
17/04/2009 00:12:42
Dispite all the problems you have had, you still managed to pull of a cracking job, I am looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Still, I can imagine you'll be glad to see the back of it.
Thread: sewing frames
17/04/2009 00:05:54
Smashing job there Ron, Lovely finish on the one on the left.
what finish did you use?

keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.
Thread: Axminster planes
16/04/2009 23:59:02
Hi Gareth,
When I rounded over my cutting edge I used a file, took abit of time but worked well. I would put the primery bevel on the iron also with a file (use a grinder if you have one) and hone the edge by hand on a fine stone. Like you said, it only has to be approximate...Its a roughing tool. 
Keep us posted on how you get on
good luck
Thread: Bedside Cabinet
15/04/2009 22:52:51
Cracking job, I have to  agree with Baz, watching pine age is very satisfying. wonderful colour aswell.
Well done
Thread: Broken Marking Knife
15/04/2009 22:17:46
Well done Olly, that looks like June covered...
Thread: Drawers
15/04/2009 22:16:32
Dont panic...the drawers arnt for the bench, they're for an oak serving table. As soon as the top arrives I will get some photos on.
Your vice layout sounds very logical, keep us updated on what you decide. For me I think it would just feel wrong, I suppose its just what your used to.
Many thanks
Thread: The Benchmark?
15/04/2009 22:11:31
"The worlds best bench".....That sounds good.
Ha Ha, "sliding dead man" is quite harsh, I cant think why they would call it that... 
thanks for that. It was the misses who took the photo so I cant take credit for that.
Thank you all for your kind coments, they mean a lot.
Many thanks
Thread: Drawers
14/04/2009 22:36:27
Thanks Baz, much appreciated. .
The bench is holding up very well, I was expecting some movement on the top with it being so thick but there has been none, still as flat as the day it was planed.
This might sound strange but I have been thinking about removing the tail vice..... Nothing wrong with the vice but i just cant get used to having one, I have always just planed against a stop. I have built two pieces on the bench so far and havent need the tail vice yet.....
Many thanks
Thread: New mallet
14/04/2009 19:57:17
superb, I love making tools. If as was any good at turning I recon I would have about 60 mallets.
well done
Thread: Nice Draws
14/04/2009 19:52:29
Hi Toothy
lovely job, I could certanly find good use for somthing like that. I hope you will take some pics of it when its filled...
Craking Work
Thread: Axminster planes
08/04/2009 20:41:23
Hi Gareth
Preparing boards by hand is a great way to learn how to plane. To prepare rough sawn timber you ideally need a
scrub plane,
4 1/2 smoother.
I prepare timber by hand most days so i made an investment in tools dedicated to each job. What i used to do years ago is have two irons for my smoother, 1 for smoothing and the other i put a 3" radius on it so i could use it in the smoother as a scrub plane (if that makes sence).
so what i would recommend a second iron for you smoother and grind a curve with a 3" radius on it and buy a second hand stanly no7. might be a good place to start.
I have a very easy techinque for preparing boards, so i'll try and add it to the "how to" section on the forum as soon as i get time.
I hope this has helped.
Thread: Disaster Strikes!!!
03/04/2009 21:57:42
Another one for the calender...when you build things for paying customers the laws of physics dont quite apply, dont ask why...its just a fact.
glad you got over it ok though, I bet you were that mad you couldnt even swear...Still the chest is looking very nice, I cant belive how well the stain came out...I have never had much look staining pine myself.
Its good of you to show your mistakes, not many dare do that. when you see that other people make cock ups it makes us  realise that we are all human...
Well done
Thread: New site moderator!
03/04/2009 21:41:26
well done, this is great news. I think we will all have to start sneaking the odd bit of foul language in our posts...just to keep you on the ball
Very well earnt.
Thread: GlueUp2
17/03/2009 22:34:05
Nearly there by the looks of it, I must say i am amazed at the size of it...much larger than I originaly thought, you have done well to handle it alone.
Like yourself, I could also do with investing in a load of good cramps.
Keep up the good work
Thread: Scraping and Planing
13/03/2009 20:24:45
Store the finished piece on your bed and sleep under your bench.
I take it you will be making a start on your bench very soon then. I must say, since i've finished my new bench it has really taken my woodworking to a new level, I think you'll be amazed at how much your bench will help you, good traditional workbenches are seriously under rated.
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