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Thread: Ally Pally
17/03/2010 11:27:44
I will add this one to your charity auction, i can send it back to the My HobbyStore address that was on the entry forms for your attention, if thats ok.


Thread: Ralph's Pierced Lidded Pot
16/03/2010 22:42:48
The idea of a theme aids both the turner and the judge, if for instance as they have in the past, you pick a room of a house then there is only so many things you can do so it is down to the turner to put there own style into that piece.
Back in the mid 90s we were given the theme "an item for the kitchen" there were 4 or 5 versions of a set of scales, 2 or 3 egg stands it focuses your choice.
The piercing was all done freehand as i worked round, mind you that might change next time, these were the first 2 pieces i have done any piercing like this on, still learning.
The winning piece was the one in picture 19 on the right the one with orange and yellow highlites
16/03/2010 21:16:55
Thanks Guys
Marc, my wife was of the same opinion, but there decision is final, and the winning piece was a great piece of turning
Ron we have to accept that the judges are of a high enough caliber to be fair and wise enough to do there job, there is often too many pieces to consult on how they were turned,
We were a little unfortunate this year because there was no theme, which in the past has given a guide to us to turn too and for the judges a bench mark to compare too
I will be doing the how too shortly so if there is any question it will be answered before the next piece
Thread: Hi, I'm a newby
16/03/2010 20:56:56
Hi Graham
I am terible with names too so no worries there. I /we would be interested to see what you are into.
Thread: Ralphs' clock
16/03/2010 20:53:25
Thanks Guys
My wife pointed out something that Marc pointed out in another thread, they wondered if it might have been looked at as a routered piece ?
I hope not, and there is a "how too" in process to show how it is done, but either way i enjoyed turning it and i didnt enter to win a prize so the fact that it was seen by so many people is enough for me.
The winning piece was a great piece so the best woman won on the day. 
Thread: Richard's competition entry
16/03/2010 09:18:25
I agree Richard
This is a striking piece, is it your competition piece ? i seem to remember it was more open piercing than this.
How long dose it take tom produce a piece like this ?
Thread: Dennis's Competition entry
14/03/2010 23:20:04
Thanks Dennis
I should have looked first, it is a great idea very clever,
Thread: Alexandra Palace Show
14/03/2010 23:14:42
Thank you Clare for all you did this year
There were teething problems that as with all events will occur but no harm done, look forward to the next one.
Thread: Get Woodworking live 2010 turning competition
14/03/2010 23:11:12
Thanks Richard
Yes the clock is one of mine as is the lidded pot and the triangular bowl on legs i will put more pictures on tommorow,
The standard of entries was very good and i am not at all supprised i didnt get anywhere, i must admit i was a little supprised with the eventual winners but thats another story.
As to the issue of carving piercing and decorating work, ten years ago i was in a similar position when we were producing decorated work on the lathe like lattices and competing against carved twists in the end there is no answer, looking back it was a wise choice to embrace advances in the craft, and now i will try all types of turning.
What we need to remember is unlike some trades that are still trades turning has had to develope into a craft and we are now artists, better to embrace change and keep our craft going than loose it the same way many other trades/crafts have gone.
I do hope there will be more opertunity to do what we do and that the standard keeps growing as i have seen in the short time i have been back.!
As to the "How To" yes i will be doing that this week for the pen stand.
Thread: Dennis's Competition entry
14/03/2010 22:56:11
A realy good entry nice combination of timbers i like the top piece in the pictures, what is the function of the one above that Marc has piced out ?
Great work well done like i said in another thread keep at it and we might get more oppertunities to enter competitions,
Thread: Ron's Ebonised Urn
14/03/2010 22:50:53
Your Ebonised Urn was a great little piece it looked well turned, as to the issue of carving and decorating work, it is a question that has gone on for years and will keep going i am affraid, we are no longer looked at as "woodworkers" rather "artists" and whereas we used to have several competitiions with varied entry classes we are now down to just the one !
Keep at it as this is the only way we will reverse the trend and maybe get better choice as to what competitions and categories we can enter
Thread: Alexandra Palace Show
12/03/2010 23:04:39
Good idea with the pics i will leave it a couple of days, Hope you feel well enough to get there or at least just well.
12/03/2010 22:18:05
Sadly no i didnt see anyone, well i couldnt be sure as i dont know what a lot of them look like ? Didnt see anyone from the magazines either, shame as i took an article up for Darren Loucaides he wasnt there so i just handed it in at the My Hobbystore stand.
The standard in the competition is high, i dont think i will be lucky, but mine is a little different so you never know ? i will post some pictures of them tommorow
It is a good idea to take some cash, there is a host of great bits to pick up. and a lot of them are quite cheap i found several little bits i have been after all for £3 to £5 i will be picking them up Sunday, some of the wood is a little over priced but that might go down at the end of the show ?
I will be back on Sunday so might see you then ?
12/03/2010 20:43:12
I have just got back from the show and it was good. admitably it is better for us turners, but there is a fair mix of trades catered for.
The highs and the lows so far,
I wanted to see Richard Raffin turn but unsuprisingly it was packed so i went to see Mick Hanbury do a demo, he had a few teething problems to start with, no electric and a lathe that only ran in reverse, enough to test anyavones patients prior to a demo, but he just dealt with it and gave what i thought was one of the best demos i have seen. well worth a look even at the expence of missing Richard Rafin sorry Richard will try to see you on Sunday.
There is a special place set aside for us to meet each other a wonderfull idea especially as i wanted to put a face to some of the names on the site, you cant miss it............ its the only place where there is absolutally nothing but a chalked space on the floor . i would suggest a better place to meet would be one of the many seated areas around the hall. ?
There is some fantastic turning in the competition, it is a great source of ideas for future work but i wish people would take notice of the signs saying "do not touch" i am not keen on people picking up the more decorative pieces
I will be back on Sunday to have another look and hopefully will see more of you there then.
I would be interested to see what anyone else thinks ?
Thread: Get Woodworking Live! Who will be there....?
10/03/2010 22:18:37
I will be bringing the misses on sunday, thats her treat for mothers day,............ better than being left with the kids.
Hope to see some of the guys and ladies there.
Thread: Woodstar DC12 Dust/Chip Extractor
09/03/2010 23:59:35
I dont have any dust or chip extraction in my shed yet, but the extractor Marc has suggested is the sort of thing i would look for, Axminster Power Tools do a similar version as do many others.
Thread: Garfields Bubinga Bowl
09/03/2010 23:49:15
You can tell that from a picture ?
09/03/2010 23:07:52
This is nice Garfield.
I like to see the sapwood in the bowl, some cut it out but i think it adds charicter to the piece, very nice
Thread: Johan's rimmed Walnut bowl
09/03/2010 23:03:19
Very nice indeed Johan
Clean Crisp lines and a very nice piece of wood too. just right.
Thread: To seal or not to seal
07/03/2010 18:17:52
I use acrylic Lacquer on a lot of my work, i never use a sealer first the lacquer is a sealer in its self, i often need a couple of coats though, i would just go with the black try it on scrap piece of timber it needent be big or turned just a small scrap piece.
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