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Thread: Extreme birdhouses
25/01/2010 23:42:21
They just seem to be getting better and better !
Thread: Get Woodworking Live! Who will be there....?
25/01/2010 23:40:45
That all sounds pretty good, bet it costs a few quid though ? mind  you it is probably worth every penny
On another note with the show in mind, i will probably get up there on the last day, is anyone going up first or second day passing anyway near Wiltshire, only i wondered if anyone could deliver my bits to the competition for me, ? save me having to go to London twice or trusting the postal service.
Thread: abrasives
23/01/2010 14:51:15
I only managed to get 4 boxes and they are sold out around here so i would if you can, the 60 grit isnt needed much but its still worth it for the rest of the box.
Thread: advent calender prize
23/01/2010 14:48:54
I find that if you say yes often enough she is very understanding, mind you if the yes is in the wrong place it can be very expensive too.
There are 4 ideas i will turn each and see which looks best, mind you a couple i havnt turned for a quite few years so it is anyones guess at the moment ?
Glad to hear your prize has arrived and will benefit you as well, 
Thread: abrasives
22/01/2010 23:45:23
Nip down to Lidle before it sells out and buy some of there boxed Sanding discs for the ROBs, they are just under £3 per box and its velcro backed so they can be cut to fit any power sanders you might have, they come in a mixed range from 60 grit to 400 with the odd 1200 disc.
Thread: advent calender prize
22/01/2010 23:39:46
Sorry George
Yes my glue arrived safely and is some excelent stuff, mind you i dont think i would pay the full price for it.
Shed and leak now all sorted and i am at last getting back into turning, a little rusty after a break of nearly 2 months since the first mishap. Should be starting the competition pieces Monday have to get to Yandles tommorow to get some more wood first.
Will have to look into the site more often and catch up, once i get my head into something new in the shed everything else goes out of the window.  sorry. mind you i have a very understanding wife.!
Thread: Ron's boxes
17/01/2010 23:30:08
Thats a very nice box, and the stringing idea is great.
Thread: workshop hell
12/01/2010 23:24:01
Good point Marc
Theres 4 bags of "waste" material to get rid of !
Most anoying thing though i just bought some real nice white Sycamore for a piece to turn later, cost just under £40, cut it in half to store it and both pieces now have a water stain on them just have to see when it dries out ?
12/01/2010 23:05:17
The Stopcock / tap is inside the shed for the outside tap, it was behind the kit so not easy to get to, but i wont tell them that ?
12/01/2010 22:53:42
They are sending out the forms but as i didnt shut off the stopcock for the outside supply i suspect it was my fault ? you never know though i just might get the sander replaced !
Thread: Ron;s quiz Q7
12/01/2010 22:31:23
I thank you for the quiz, i might not have been quick enough to answer bu i learnt a lot from it.
Thread: workshop hell
12/01/2010 22:26:35
Thanks Guys
I think i got off quite light especially as the Bandsaw was right in front of it,
The plumber is now coming tommorow morning, loads of people with the same problem, and,  its "housing society" so they sort it out, hopefully it might be back in place by the end of the day. At least its all clean and reorganised for me to start again,
They say it comes in 3s so i think thats the quota in this thread, lets hope thats the end for now ?
12/01/2010 14:50:08
Thanks George
Just spent all morning emptying everything out of the shed the water went in and under just about everything,
Mostly ok all the wood is very wet but only at one end, the machinery was mostly off the floor so on the whole it was ok, even the bandsaw seems to be fine despite being right in front of the leak, i think the only real problem is the sander, so much water inside, it will probably be a write off.
Just waiting for the plumber to do the repair to the pipe and i can put everything back together. may even be back turning by the end of the week.
11/01/2010 23:03:01
It must be catching ?
I came home today and my son said "sounds like something is running in your shed ?" when i opened the door it was a flood, the water pipe for the outside tap had split and there was a horizontal fountain squerting accross the shed, soaked my bandsaw, belt & disc sander and hoover, the Viceroy was sitting in 2" of water as was all the wood and the chop saw had a light shower.
Luckilly the bandsaw isnt too bad at least it missed the motor and moving parts and the Viceror missed all the electrical parts, but i think the sander and hoover are write offs.
Well at least i will have to move it round to clear and dry it all so something good might come from it, but its another few days maybe a week before i get to do any more turning ?
Thread: Sparky is the man
11/01/2010 22:51:26
Totally agree Marc
You are a much appreciated member of the forum, many thanks
Thread: Baz's Maple & Walnut box
10/01/2010 17:14:53
Very nice Baz
Its a very nice combination of colour. is the inner pieces added after or is it routed out of one piece ?
Thread: Material suggestions and thoughts
09/01/2010 00:33:29
Nice project a jewelry box, i would consider Sycamore as a good contrast timber the rich brown and crisp white go well together.
How are you thinking of jointing the corners Dovetails look good but a tight mitred corner works well, look at the recent idea for mitred corner clamp by Baz well worth a look
Thread: Olly's new toy
09/01/2010 00:26:54
Looks good Olly
A very interesting piece of kit, must be technical with the CD that comes with it ? would be interested in a review too
Thread: Anyone else snowed in?
08/01/2010 01:00:52
Talking of glue, dont leave PVA out in this weather if it freezes you might as well throw it away its no good after it thaws.?
06/01/2010 17:07:39
Sorry to hear that about the virus, my youngest son downloaded a game onto the better halfs laptop and also got something calling its self a 2010 virus allert it attacks your computer hard drive deleating the parts you need to remove it first !
The virus scan and the firewall didnt recognise it as a problem because it loads up as an update option for a virus software ? or thats roughly how it was explained by my eldest son who after 2 1/2 days of messing around has finally got rid of it and her lap top is now working again.
Needless to say my younger son didnt get hold of my lap top to play on in the meen time
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