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Thread: Turning Help
02/02/2012 16:52:36
Glad to hear you are getting better results, only thing not mentioned yet (i think) is how are you mounting to the faceplate, is it good and firm because if its lose, this will cause chatter and as you have found more so on harder timbers ?
If you are looking at getting another decent tool to work with i would suggest you get the Ashly Iles3/8 or 1/2" bowl gouge it costs more than the rest but you get what you pay for and it is worth every penny.
Thread: News Section
30/11/2011 22:51:48
I am with Dennis on this one.
Wheres the competition ? not important to most but as i am only turning 2 - 3 pieces a year at the moment it would be nice if there was somewhere to enter them
I have said it before and i am sure i will say it again, without competitions how do we raise the profile of worthy turners, ? who will become the next generation demonstrators,? thats how it worked for me. sadly the health didnt hold out but never the less we need more to come through.
Thread: Setting a planer???
24/11/2011 22:14:34
That would more likely be the outfeed table is set wrong,
As the timber comes off the blades if the table drops off the timber will ark, check and adjust the table is parralel with the infeed table, parralel but obveously the thickness of the cut lower
Thread: trying to identify a wood
20/11/2011 22:15:07
The only "green" timber i know of is Locust wood and Laburnum occasionally is green, dont have any pictures and a long time since i have had any Locust wood so not sure if it goes under another name ?
Thread: first vase hmmmm
29/10/2011 22:15:48
It looks like a good first atempt, End grain is harder to cut but it will get easier with practice, what tools did you use gouges or scrapers ?
Thread: Yet another pressie
28/10/2011 21:21:16
Very Nice Indeed Alan
How do you cast the blanks, is it done with the brass barrels in position or do you glue them in after as you would do with wood ?
Thread: Birthday boy
27/10/2011 21:09:12
Many Happy Returns Dennis
Thread: Bigger chips than Mcains
12/10/2011 15:45:51
I too am sorry you have had such a bad experience at a demo.
I have demoed all over the place in the past and sorry to say you do get the odd person who just spoils it for everyone else but it sounds like you had more than your fare share of them,
Please dont let it put you off, rather i would suggest you attend other demos as i am sure you will find they are not all like that, try the woodworking show next year (hopefully it will be run again), there is more to see there and it is laid out better than most smaller demos
Good luck with your turning, being tought by Mick Hanbury is a great way to start, let us know how you get on and show us how you are doing with your turning.
Thread: Association of Woodturners of Great Britain International Seminar
16/08/2011 20:18:12
I wish there was a club close enough to me, all i keep getting is "why dont you start one" as to the anual subscription, for you it represents good value as you get something from it, I however object to paying to be a member of an organisation that dose little for me and then charges a weeks wages to attend the only event that interests me in the year.
Still it will be interesting to see if there is any feedback from the seminar or wether they just ignor the grumbles and just tell us what a wonderful time they had !
14/08/2011 17:28:17
Have to agree Simon, it is a great show, and free !!
Well worth a journey to go and see, i am hoping to get there this time round,
14/08/2011 11:58:04
And thats the shame of it Bill, we need an organisation that will bring us all together not show off the eliete !
12/08/2011 15:10:17
I can see your point
However i know of 2 other occassions Hans Weisflog has demmonstrated in this country, one was a free to enter event with several other professional demonstrators at Craft Supplies in the 90s, sadly i could not make that time as i was demonstrating at Yandles the same day
The other time was when i was not able to turn, but the point is neither time was it necessary to charge a fee to visitors that is clearelly out of the price range of most but the well off turners,
I have been interested in turning lattices for more years than i can remember i demonstrated the many methods, including curved lattices for many years as well as writing several articles in the 90s
The chance to see Hans at work is something i would normally give my right arm for but that price is just rediculouse ! there is no way i could afford it.
I think this is an organisation that has lost or is loosing its touch on reality either that or they just dont want the riff raff to spoil there day out !
Sorry but i just say it like i see it.
Thread: A dead pear
07/07/2011 23:49:56
Pear is a lovely timber to turn it has a relitavelly tight grain for a fruit wood, I would snap it up if you can, and let us see what it comes out like.
Thread: Association of Woodturners of Great Britain International Seminar
14/04/2011 12:09:46
I like the AWGB under normal circumstances, they do a lot to promote woodturning for young and old alike,
This event is however aimed at the more well off turner, what about the more average turner who has barely enough disposable cash to keep themselfes in timber,
I realise it costs to put on such an event as this but why not cut the cost by making it a smaller event maybe even several smaller events around the country so more of us can attend rather than just the elite ?
I havnt yet renewed my membership initally i just forgot but on reflection i dont know what i actually get out of it ?
12/04/2011 22:07:59
I am not so keen,
The aim of the AWGB as far as i thought was to promote woodturning, holding a 3 day event and charging £225 might seem a fair price if you have that kind of money,
Some people can not afford that but would like to get there anyway, i would rellish the chance to see Hans Weisflogg at work it is something i have wanted to see since i turned my first lattice over 15 years ago.
I am out of work through health reasons and there is no way i could even consider that kind of layout, why cant there be a day rate,
And as for the £75 a day to see those turners demonstrating, i have never paid that to attend a show, or club demo i cant think of anywhere i might expect to pay that ?
Thread: What price your work?
31/03/2011 10:43:34
Pricing is one of the most dificult parts of turning, as it is with any hand produced item.
We would all like to get a fair price for our work so using a formula to work out materials labour wear and tear on our equipment plus 10% is a great way to do it, but this will be easier to achieve in an affluent area than it is in other areas ?
Some will no doubt say that unless they get a fair wage it just isnt worth doing ? well fair enough but is anyone prepared to give up a hobby to fulfill a principle ?
I personally dont sell much work and what i do i get enough to cover the cost of making it this is no longer a business to me through health reasons so i do what i can when i can and with whatever i have got.
If you can get a good price all well and good if not dont give up, enjoy what you do and have fun ! thats what its all about really.
Thread: Square Bowl
28/03/2011 20:12:50
That is a very impresive piece of turning, not an easy thing to do but you have done it really well.
Thread: Bowl Advice
18/03/2011 16:36:29
If you are looking for a good quality Bowl gouge, the deep fluted 3/8 from Ashley Iles is the one i go for, it costs more than the others but it lasts longer too. and buy unhandled tools it will save you a few quid, after all we are woodturners so why pay someone else to turn your handle ?
Thread: Ebonised & gilded Ash bowl
17/03/2011 23:46:22
Nice piece Baz
And an interesting blog, how do you get on with the sprey ? i have always opted for a stain in the past when i have done this sort of thing. also have you ever tried the gulding paste ?
Thread: A Bowl Turned on Hot Glue
16/03/2011 17:40:30
2 years, It dosnt seem that longc ?
Well the glue gun is still going strong so it must be a good one then,
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