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Thread: Lets talk Bandsaw
26/08/2013 18:02:00


The Schepach looks like it has a pressed steel table, going of photos the Fox also appears to have the same table.

From my observations there seams to be three types of main frame construction.

Draper (round type), screwfix Titan, B&Q, I think they have plastic doors/covers, not sure of the main construction.

All those that look like the Charnwood are steel fabrication.

The odd one out the Schepach Basato 1 that I think is cast alloy main frame, from the Schepach you have quoted, a change of manufacture.

Just to add more confusion for you.


26/08/2013 12:54:42

Hi Dave,

I'm nearly always here, sorry didn't see the reference to myself.

Have a look at this post


It is still going strong



Thread: nu tool morticer
11/03/2013 13:09:35


I took mine apart this morning, the bush is NOT split, it has a hole that the screw passes through, the screw bears onto the shaft of the chisel.

The bush is made of bronze, if you were to have one made I don't think the material matters.

Incidentally there are two sizes of chisel 13/16" and 3/4"


10/03/2013 20:34:43


Could you take photo of the part, I have a Rexon mortiser I think they all follow the same principal of design, I will have a look in the morning, to cold and dark at the moment.

As Dave has said there has to be a method of clamping, a split ring is the easiest way.

If it is of any help my chisels measure, 0.810", 13/16" = 0.8125 this would be an ideal size for clamping.


Thread: lathe
28/02/2013 19:57:44

Nice one Sadsam,

Hell of a good price.

V/S with a good minimum speed

Nice big spindle thread and MT2

Plenty power.

and a proper on off switch.

Have fun.


Thread: Small benchtop bandsaws
28/02/2013 19:53:10

Hello Robin,

In away my comments were honest observations of what are quite minor but inexcusable faults that are easily put right, for the use I have bought it for I am happy with it.

I wonder if you have misread my post, I have the same large bandsaw as you (Electra Beckum BAS 315) so have no experience of the W715.

I was tempted buy the Basarto1 but like you I had read some bad reports on the internet, I had to take a step back and ask myself what I wanted it for considering I have the BAS315 for larger and more accurate use.

Good luck with your decision.


27/02/2013 13:31:16

Hello Robin,

I have recently bought a benchtop bandsaw as a second saw, I have an Electra Beckum BAS 315 and wanted a small saw for use in my cellar workshop. I did a lot of on-line searching before deciding on a Charnwood W711 watch the video, it really does cut as shown.

The bad points, the table insert has to have a bit cut out of the back, it interferes with the blade, the underside of the insert was a disgrace, it had been filed to fit and super glued in, I fixed this by placing cling film in the aperture then laying a bead of epoxy on the insert before pressing it down with a piece of wood to make it level, of course it will be removable because it is sat on cling film.

The bottom blade guide would only just move back enough for the side guides to miss the blades teeth, the side guides are steel pins I made new pins out of some plastic I have that was designed for making bearings.

The fence is reasonable, the mitre guide is a bit flimsy.

I use Tuffsaw on my BAS315 and have bought two blades for future use on this saw, the blade that came with it is surprisingly good but a bit aggressive.

It has a cast aluminium table.

I have stalled it twice, once cutting freehand (playing) tight curves and a piece of wood that was not flat on the bottom.

As has been stated they are all pretty much the same in this class, each supplier specifies their own spec/price, some may have roller bearing guides, some have pressed steel tables.

All in all I am pleasantly surprised with it.




Thread: new lathe
30/01/2013 11:56:31

Hi Sadsam,

I think you have got this the wrong way round, you can't put MT2 in MT1.

Please have a good think before buying, Record have had some bad press on another forum.

Also a friend of mine bought a new Jet just before Xmas after un-paking and setting it up it was making some bad noises from the motor, he returned it and got his money back but has lost all faith in Axminster.

he has since bought a S/H (old) lathe and is very pleased with it.



Edited By BillW on 30/01/2013 11:56:53

Thread: Christmas Pressies
29/12/2012 21:13:47

Excellent in every way Derek,

I do like recycled/reclaimed.

It's Mr Sod Sadsam he visits me on a regular basis.


Thread: Table top planer/thicknesser
29/12/2012 21:05:23

Hello Sadsam,

Not offended in the least, it would take a lot more than that to offend me especially from someone I respect.


Thread: Large Doll Cot
22/12/2012 13:53:03

It was not meant as humour Steve, think about it, your daughter could have a daughter, I could go on but don't you think it would be nice to be remembered in 40 - 60 or more years time.


19/12/2012 21:18:00


There's going to be one very chuffed little girl on Christmas day, have you signed and dated it, it could become a family heirloom.


Thread: Table top planer/thicknesser
19/12/2012 21:14:04

My apologies to Brian for this post drifting off topic.

Thank you Derek and Steve your comments are appreciated, you have all done some excellent work that I have been very tempted to compliment you on.

Steve, my garage has , band saw, table saw and P/T so it only runs for relatively short periods, Oh and my stick welder, runs that without to much problem, just have to work round the AVC on the genny.

My lathe, scroll saw, bench drill, belt disc sander and grinders are in the cellar.

Thank you Dave, PM sent, I was just going to draw round a saw blade but it would be interesting to have a plan.

Regards all,


18/12/2012 17:04:06

This post has confirmed my thoughts, If I had asked for a replacement it would have been the same, if I had asked for my money back and bought anther make I would have had the same problems.

There is one other consideration for me when choosing machinery I have no electric in my garage, I run of a genny, Ok 4.5kw but I have my doubts that an induction motor of the size fitted to a P/T like Alan's would start, never had the chance to prove it unfortunately.

Thanks for the welcome Dave, I hope you don't mind I will be copying your saw blade clock sometime in the future.

Thank you Ivory, you take care also.

Sadsam, it's not a case of a dummy, I have very strong principals and I am proud that I abide by them, a year has gone by !.

Any way if I remember correctly you have Fox P/T, have you had any problems ?.

Oh and you can forget ebay, no bargains any more.


13/12/2012 13:41:47


My experience of the Fox F22-564-250


Thread: What or which mitre saw
14/11/2012 22:04:14

Thank you Julian, Your comment is appreciated..


06/11/2012 11:12:07

I can only reiterate on what I have already said about the Rage, had mine for about four years now and give it no respect when cutting old nail infested wood up and yet it can cut with precision when required to (see photo at bottom of post).

I have never had a nail spring out and break the glass although I could not be held responsible if this happened to you Mike.

AlanP has made a very valid point regarding max RPM, I have a friend that bought a multi cut blade for his Makita, not made by Evolution and it was rated for the higher RPM, in use it plucked a nail out of the wood and hit him on the side of his head, I don't know if this was caused by the higher RPM or not but worth bearing in mind if anyone follows that route.

I'd say go for it Mike and if you want to cut with a higher precision be prepared to spend some time setting the saw up and buy a wood cutting blade (1” bore)

The segmented ring below is about 200mm OD, dry fit, cut with the wood cutting blade I bought.



Thread: Greetings
31/12/2011 22:28:00
A little bit belated for Xmas but hope you all had a good time.
I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity for 2012.
Good health particularly to the older members (including myself).
Happiness and peace to all. (we can dream)
Prosperity particularly to those that may find themselves innocent victims of the present financial crisis.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have helped me and hope that I have managed to give a little back.
Best regards and take care.
Thread: First Colouring
18/12/2011 22:16:17
Absolutely brilliant Derek,
Normally I'm not very keen on decorated turnings but I think you have done this very sympathetically, most decorated pieces I've seen are OTT for the sake of OTT.
All the rest is what we have come to expect from you, quality of turning and finish.
Thread: a bit heath robinson-but it works
13/12/2011 23:27:54
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