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Thread: i laughed out loud to this one
11/05/2010 15:11:50
I like the joke. Nice One..
I was a Navy man 1954-64..
I left something in Port Said...  My Innocence!
Thread: Combination Machines
11/05/2010 15:01:47
If you have the space go for free-standing machines, and plan the progress of timber around your shop.
Best of Luck
Thread: What bevel chisels?
01/08/2009 00:10:25
Marples boxwood handled chisels are to be found regularly on eBay, and they are not usually expensive.
Mine are 40 years old, and they hold an edge 'forever'. They are not posh, but they are good steel.
You can pay well over £260.00 for a set of Blue Spruce chisels. They look pretty, and they perform well, but I still think they are overpriced. 
Good luck
Thread: Problems with my Block Plane
01/08/2009 00:03:45
I agree..
I have a couple of expensive planes, because they are good. But the older Stanleys and Records can be fettled and if they shave the hairs off your forearms without trouble they are sharp . Give the blade another few licks after you test it for shave mind! 
Welcome to woodworking. The best way to stop tools from rusting is to use them!
Thread: Storage Bench
31/07/2009 23:43:04
Posted by handy mandy on 28/06/2009 19:47:13:
because i put too much padding in seat and back so better access into box with front hinges.he actually agreed with me .ha!ha!
 I have too much padding on my seat too and I hinge at the front !
Nice functional bench..  
Thread: With sadness, the passing of BigBoab
31/07/2009 23:33:55
My condolences to you all, with deepest sympathy. God Rest..
Thread: Alan Peters
06/01/2009 17:42:00

I am sad to hear about Alan Peters's poor health and I wish him well. I have my treasured copy of his book, 'Cabinetmaking' - The Professional Approach'. I wouldn't be without it. I am also pleased to hear it is being reprinted and it will be a good addition to any Woodworker's library. I wish Alan and his family all the best. He is one of our great crafstmen. 


Thread: my first jewellery box
31/12/2008 14:30:00

Many thanks Jim and Toothy,

Your well-wishes are much appreciated. I hope it doesn't keep me out of the shop for too long..  

A Happy New Year to you both, and to your families. (And anyone else who reads the thread naturally!)

Thanks fellas. I'll keep you posted, but I have to keep the legs straight as much as poss... So PC time will be limited as I dopn't have a laptop!

Take care; thanks again


29/12/2008 08:16:00

Hi Jim,

You have a fine-cut bandsaw blade Jim. It looks as if the dovetail you split for the lid joint is the same as the others' hence the reason I  thought you planned for it. Nice job and I look forward to seeing your next project.

None from me for a while I fear. I am going in soon for some knee-surgery so woodwork will be out, until I get the all-clear!

All the best and happy woodworking


Thread: Loose tenons?
28/12/2008 10:27:00

The question of whether or not  'loose-tenons' are stronger than ordinary M&T joints:

I think a lot depends on the material you use for the tenon. I always use plywood for mine.

As far as I can see, the loose tenon just transfers the weakest part of the joint; i.e. from the root of a normal tenon, to the cheeks of the mortices, in a loose version. I do believe the loose M&T has a slight edge over a traditional joint when it comes to 'side-force' though. 


Thread: Woodworker latest issue
28/12/2008 10:04:00

I thought a freebie was something you threw for your dog to catch!


Thread: Interpreter Wanted
28/12/2008 10:01:00

Sounds like Americanese to me!


Thread: What wood and where from
28/12/2008 09:54:00

Plenty of turning blanks on eBay too.

Quite often the heavier sections of pallets are made from hardwoods, some of them quite exotic too.  Just get yourself a 'metal-detector' though..

Good Luck


Thread: my first jewellery box
28/12/2008 09:47:00

That's a nice neat job James. I like how you made sure you had a wider pin for the lid joint. Nothing wrong with the chamfer on the lid either. It provides a 'handle' to  open the box. In my case it's usually to hide a bad joint, but there you go!

As for photographing, did you do that under normal tungsten light? This usually gives a yellowish cast to pictures. 

 Well done whatever. 


Thread: Chisel rack and storage 1
28/12/2008 09:41:00

Those caps do get lost and it is so easy to stab yourself with one chisel when you go for another!

I put a rebate into a batten and then screwed the batten to the wall, so the edges of my chisels just drop into the rebate, out of harms way. (I hold the handles in place with 'Terry-clips', to solve the problem of chisels getting shorter over the years. .

Nice job though for sure, and room for expansion I see.


Thread: Breadboards: Endgrain Ash & Walnut
28/12/2008 09:31:00

The only contamination I worry about is the stink of onions and garlic. So I made Missus a separate board for that. She's even good enough to use different knives. Lost count of the number of times I had sandwiches in cafes and teashops and could taste stale onion from the knife!

I don't mind when they are boiled to nothing in a stew, but had I had been the first to try onions or garlic I would have put them on the poisons list! Yuckkk.. Good only for keeping vampires out the shop...

Nice job btw Mike!

Thread: Mike's reached 1,000
17/09/2008 11:26:00

The guy in the front row I believe is John Mills... So it's obviously from an old movie, hence the 'silly hairstyles'!


Thread: Planer/thicknesser comparison
17/09/2008 11:23:00

If you have the money and the space:

Sedgwick 12" under & over planer/thicknesser. Serious kit, and you will never need to buy another.


Thread: RAGE 185mm Multipurpose Circular Saw
17/09/2008 11:13:00
Dauid Kent wrote (see)
hi were is the best place to bye ash boards from

Hi David,
Depending on where you are.
George Sykes Timber, Atherstone Warwickshire, for American Ash at a decent price.
Harry Venables in Stafford for English Ash.
Thread: The mess in my shop
17/09/2008 11:03:00

My pleasure Dave.

Best of luck


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