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Thread: Sip scroll saw and others
23/02/2015 15:41:29


the capacitor will be on the side of the motor, can you not by pass the NVR first to verify


22/02/2015 17:56:57

Well its been awhile since I posted on here however


if its humming but not running, then the chances are that its the capacitor, although its a relatively unused machine it could be caused by ingress of damp over a period of time, and also that you had to change the fuse for no apparent reason says a lot.

cost of capacitor probably about £15 if you can fit it yourself then fine if not maybe E bay it as spares or repair bite the bullet and buy new


23/10/2014 17:34:14


Laser cutting is OK but bear in mind that the edges will be burnt, more so in very small areas,so applying any finish could be a problem, normally we would stack cut 3 or 4 at a time, the thinner the board the higher the stack cut.

That said Laser cutting of course somewhat defies the "handmade" factor



Thread: A selection of Scrolled portraits
18/10/2014 17:03:24


I am using the "Gimp" and "Inkscape" combination.I did look at moving on to Corel, But after an hours demo with it and although there are more bells and buttons, I wasn't convinced bout the edge detection features so stuck with what I have. Anyways they are free and me being a tight git that will dosmiley


18/10/2014 16:30:01

hi the first is the great British miner, not one of my patterns but when I saw it I liked it.


this one is one I made from the original picture of the Harley Elekraglide


this one , I made the pattern from stock photo


then the Grandson obviously from his own photograph

reece ebay final.jpg

and finally one I put together to send to a friend in the US as part of an international gift exchange to celebrate Sawyers Day earlier this year

sawyers ady.jpg

Thanks for looking


Thread: The stones
17/10/2014 18:37:27


nice cut on that one

just a question

were are you getting No1 Niqua from, assuming you are not talking about the yellow niqua, I cannot find any smaller than a 5, not in the UK any way.

Oh and bet that 540 you are using is a mere kitten compared to the Q3 ??

Didn't you get that motor rewound??


the UK publishers no longer seem to have any interest in scrolling anymore, guess its because theres not much call for it, but as I and Robert know there is a big following, will show a couple of my recent cuts


Thread: Beating MDF Dust
16/07/2014 19:22:03


please tell more with regards to making your own?


07/07/2014 18:03:57

Some may have seen this, some may use it and others might like it.
For a long time now I have been constantly battling with mdf dust in the vac filters, for ever stopping to clean them (I cut a lot of MDF). I introduced a so called interceptor, although the one I added was designed as an attachment for cleaning fire grates, but thought well the is really fine dust in the grates so it may work, IT DIDN'T, so I went in search of the answer and eventually found it.
as can be seen on pic1 it is a small 5 gallon bucket with two inlet/outlets
pic 2 shows the internal pipe work, the long pipe is as supplied and extends down to around three inches from the bottom of the bucket, the only addition is a standard waste elbow bonded to the other pipe, once this is done and as pic 3 shows fill the bucket with around one inch of water, put the lid on connect everything up and start cutting ( of course ensuring you have first cleaned the vac filter) I cut for around an hour and then removed the lid and as can be seen from pic 4 all the fine dust is congealed in the water and the filters are as clean as when I started, job sorted, oh the reason for the elbow is simply to act as a baffle to stop any splashing water getting into the vac.
As said some may not like the idea but for me it's a God send

Davedc1 (small).jpg

dc2 (small).jpg

dc3 (small).jpg

dc4 (small).jpg

08/05/2014 17:14:07

following a spate of break ins to outbuildings etc in our ares I thought I would look at my own security, pictured below is what I came up with- you can never be too careful



padlock 2.jpg

Yes it works-should be able to get some sleep nowlaugh

Thread: whats the best way to shrpen this wood saw
06/05/2014 16:45:23


wood saw.jpg

SORRY all, just could not help that,its been so quiet around here of late

just had to see if any one was still awake


Edited By daveO on 06/05/2014 16:46:10

Thread: Scroll saw decisions (woodworker novice!)
02/02/2014 15:01:56

Hi ED and welcome to the forum

Now as far as saws go, your initial observations are correct, the majority of the cheaper saws are in deed from the same stable and simply re-badged, as is the machine you mention. Some will temp you with a work light, some with a “handy blade tray” and even a free flexi drive. If you get a machine with a flexi drive bear in mind that to run it the saw has to be running as the same time.

You will also be told that they accept both pinned and pinless blades, however the majority will come with a “blade adaptor” of which are a pair or so called extra clamps the you would fit a pinless blade to and then hook them onto the existing blade holder of which is a very tedious operation. The remainder will offer a dual use clamp but in reality firstly they struggle to clamp very small blades, and do eventually work harden and fail to clamp up at all, so IMHO I would stay away from any of them, and I do speak from experience, I started with a little cheapy.

Now as for the proxxon and dremel well although probably a better build quality I feel they are aimed more towards the “modelers” market and are not intended for heavy use and of course as you mention there is the issue of the blades.

So which one, well firstly I would be looking for a machine that does not require any tools for blade changing, or a least not for the upper blade clamp, I would also favour a machine that does not actually accept pinned blades at all.

And this is were the problem starts there are very few available in the UK. In fact I believe the Excalibur is the only one. Now you mention that you are to go abroad, were to, I ask that as you may well be able to get hold of a much better machine outside the UK such as the dewalt 788 or the delta 590 or even the 595, and if they are available then I would opted for a second hand machine until you move.

In the second hand market I don’t think you would go far wrong to opt for a Delta there are currently three available on E bay two 2 speed and one variable speed all of which have very positive and quick set blade clamps, I currently use one myself.

Just a final tip if you do go down the Delta road you may find that the integral dust blower doesn’t work, this was a inherent problem in the older machine, to remedy that simply go to you local aquatics shop and buy an aquarium air pump and connect it to the machine.

Hope that helps some, any further question just ask


Thread: Teds
26/01/2014 17:41:41


a friend of mine paid good money for this last year, and whilst at his house I browsed the disc, and thought this all looks familiar.

The content was virtually the same as a disc i bought out of interest on E bay the difference being that I paid £1.99 for my copy.

Yes there is some good stuff on it, for instance I sent a copy of a complete book of clock patterns to sad sam awhile ago, that was from the disc,but generally as said there is not much on it that you cant find on the net, the only bonus is its at hand


Thread: Axminster Bandsaw Motor Problem
21/01/2014 12:44:25

hope you get the answer, in the mean time see if this helps any


Thread: Sourcing Oak
11/01/2014 16:49:59


try John Boddy in boroughbridge 01423 322370


Thread: What,s In Store
06/01/2014 16:15:13


and a happy new year to you Derek

whats in store, well the way things have been going it will be non stop scrolling for me, oh along with my continued quest to find a quality scroll saw in the UK, not an easy task.


Thread: East Midlands Woodworking Show
20/12/2013 16:18:35

Thanks Andy its time we had something a bit closer to home- see you there


Thread: Paul's clocks etc
14/12/2013 17:39:58

Robbie PM an email I have a few clock patterns


Thread: Non slip mat
20/11/2013 19:26:18

Oh Derek really

please read again


17/11/2013 17:26:46

brill idea where do you get them from I've looked in axminsters catalouge but they dont list washing machines?


Thread: Inbetween job
13/10/2013 16:56:49

Nice job there Derek she will love that

Just a question- is it USB or PS/2


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