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Thread: happy birthday
20/07/2009 15:35:21
That's a beggar when that happems Sam

have you tried jam chucking it so you can turn both sides?  That's how I'd do it.  You could also perhaps put a small disc between the wood and the tailstock when you are finishing then it wouldn't come loose.

Hope that makes sense.

I think your clock looks great.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: The New Toy
20/07/2009 10:07:44
Great stuff Ralph

Look forward to seeing some pics - bet it doesn't stay that clean for long! 

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Why Sad Sam,
20/07/2009 10:05:26

Thread: Richards Turnings
20/07/2009 10:03:40
Very nice Richard.  Insired me to have a go - they're on my list now.

Sparky - what's all this red rose and breakfast in bed nonsense, or do yu mean it's for you?!!  

Cheer Dave 

Thread: Burr bowl on legs
20/07/2009 10:00:41

Apary from the bowl bit it was all done with the lathe stationary!!  I was doing another natural edge piece at the weekend and caught my finger - it hurt and bled, but fortumately not onto the wood!!!
Cheers Dave 
Thread: Brass turning
20/07/2009 09:59:19

I've replied to your pm but I've also found the webiste of the supplier - based in teh Northampton area.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Burr bowl on legs
19/07/2009 18:50:49
Thanks guys

Finish is 3 coats of Liberon finishing oil (used a toothbrush for the back) followed by two coats of Chestnut woodwax22 to the smooth bits which i buff with a brush in a drill.

I didn't counter balance this but I did start turning at 300 rpm just to get it round after which I turned up the speed to about 500 and then 700. 

I was going to turn a spigot on the back but twhen I got to it thjere was not enough timber.  I finished the back and then glued on a pre-prepared chucking piece with hot melt glue to the smooth bits and it worked really well, it's the first time I've used hot melt glue and I'm impressed - it sticks like muck to a blanket.  About 30 secs in the microwave and use fo my wife's gairdryer and i was able to get a knife in the join and pry the chucking piece off.  (she wasn't in 
When it was in it's normal p[osition it looked terrible but til;ting it onto it's legs makes it look much better I think.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Brass turning
19/07/2009 18:44:07

You can easily melt pewter in an old pan over a camping stove, or in the kitchen when "management" is out!  Yes old tankards will do but they will dull as they oxidise.  Simon Hope uses a pewter alloy which keeps its brightness.  IIt comes in sticks and can be quite expensive to buy in bulk.  Simon sells sticks at around £20 - about the size of an old bar of solder.
I don't have a web address .for him but I can get hold of him via another  route.  If you want me to put you in touch send me a pm.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: What's the matter with this b****y site
17/07/2009 17:10:04
It happens to me sometimes - so if I'm doing a long post i type it in word and then copy and paste.  Mind you I often only think of that when I've lost it all!

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Olly's table
14/07/2009 08:18:12

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Rays Chunky Pen
14/07/2009 08:13:04
I agree - great style - where did you get the bits from?

Thread: The wonderful Tormek grinder
08/07/2009 19:17:58
I have a tormek and love it.  I replaced the old wheel a while ago with the black one and it's fab.  Not sure what a "canal" gouge is.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Derek's pebble clock
08/07/2009 19:15:53
Nice clock Derek - how did the yo yo work out?

Cheers Dave 
Thread: troublesome lathe
07/07/2009 22:21:26
Hi Sam

Glad you;ve made progress.  An unbalanced blank is one where once you;ve trued it up it is still out of balance.  You can test this with the lathe off.  The balnk will rotate until the heavier part is at the bottom.
This is caused by the wood being denser in one part compared with another, often when you have a mix of heartwood and sapwood.  Tighter growth rings are denser compared to wider growth rings.

If you have one of those sharpen your tools and keep the speed down.   

maximum diameter is what you can get to go round without it catching on the bed but thiockness and weigfht do count.  
Hope that helps.

Cheers Dave 
07/07/2009 09:53:18
Good idea by OPJ about PTFE but don't be tempted to use WD40 - it dissolves th egrease in then bearings - yes, I've done that on my old record and had to replace the bearings
Cheers dave 
Thread: Woodturning club
06/07/2009 18:48:45
Hi Ron

That sounds great.  I'm on the committee of the AWGB.  IF you have a look at our website in the contact us page you will find Brian Partridge's deatils.  He is our rep for your area and he can advise you on all sorts of issues including insurance and let you know the advantages of being part of the AWGB.

Hope that helps

Cheers Dave 

PS just read page 1 of the thread and see you already have Brian's details.  If you call him he'll be able to fill you in with useful info before your meeting. 

Edited By Dave Atkinson on 06/07/2009 18:50:07

Thread: Bending wood - need advice
06/07/2009 18:45:44
Hi COnor

I watched Tom Thackeray a few weeks ago bend ash at just over an inch square.  he steamed them in a steam chest fo about an hour first.   All seemed very easy as long as there aren;t any faults in the  timber.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: troublesome lathe
06/07/2009 18:42:35
Hi Robby, I guess you;ve checked all teh obvious stuff like tightness of everything.  perhaps the bearings in the headstock are worn.  I don;lt know if you can get replacement bearings but it is worth a call to Axminster - they are always very helpful.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Why why why
06/07/2009 18:40:42
Hi Ged

It all rel;ates to theory I laid out above, which I've just re-read and see it doesn;t relate to anything! 

Basically for a box the top should be about a third of the overall height.  The diameter of teh box should also be about a third of teh overall height.  That is the golden ratio.

a rim on a platter looks good if it's about a third of the diameter - I think that means for a 15" paltter the rim shoudl be about 2.5 - 3 inches - i.e. 5inches : 15 inches

Hope that helps.

Cheers Dave 
Thread: Demo by Mark Hancock - 12 July
01/07/2009 23:13:03
Just over a week to go.  Be really good to see you at the club if you can make it,

Cheers Dave 
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