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Thread: Air drven piercing tools
10/03/2010 05:05:51
Thanks Dennis, that's very useful
Cheers Dave 
03/03/2010 10:36:55
Thanks Roger and Ralph.  I have a small compressor which i use for airbrushing and it is quiet.  It doesn;t get much use but as Ralph says I wouldn't be without it.
Cheers Dave 
02/03/2010 09:15:05
Thanks Ron, Marc and Alan
All advice much appreciated.  I've decided to give it a miss for now.
Cheers Dave 
01/03/2010 14:24:06
Thanks Alan and Marc for the information
Cheers Dave 
01/03/2010 09:06:40

HI all

I have an opportunity to buy a compressor, 1.5Hp - as yet I don;t know how big the tank is, but I understand it is a Powertask from Axminster.  It comes with a nailer and paint sprayer.  I was thinking of buying it so I could use one of those air driven piercing/carving tools.  (the nailer might come in handy to stick my turnings back together again (before you mention it!)

Trouble is I know damn all about the tooling.

Can anyone tell me what size reservoir is needed in the compressor?  Where do you buy the tools themselves?  Any other useful information

 Looking forward to the replies.
Cheers Dave

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Thread: Finding a Lathe
23/02/2010 09:23:17
Hi Geordie
Try contacting the local woodturning clubs in your area.  Have a look at - this is the AWGB's website.  They have a number of branches in Scotland - the Grampian club meets in Aberdeen. 
There is another in Dundee and one in Barmossie which meets at Barmossie wood supplies.  There is also the Highland club in Inverness which is no longer part of the AWGB.
 I'm sure your local club will be only too pleased to help and you may find that one of their members has a second hand lathe for sale.
 Let us know how you get on.

Cheers Dave 
PS we can;t spell either!! 
Thread: All day demo by Nick Arnull 23 May 2010
20/02/2010 11:38:46
Hi We have Nick Arnull doing an all day demo on Sunday 23 May
details are:

23 May 2010

10 am to 4 pm

Demo by Nick Arnull

Tickets £12 on the day, £10 in advance (including light lunch)

Contact David Webb or send me a PM

Cheshire Guild of Woodturners 
Plumley Village Hall, Cheshire 


  Cheers Dave

Edited By Dave Atkinson on 20/02/2010 11:39:23

Thread: Idiot 'experts'
18/02/2010 13:55:05
Hi Guys
Not long ago my eldest wanted some helped to screw down the flooring chipboard in his bedroom as it squeaked.  We moved the furniture, took up the carpet and muggins suggested that there was little point in putting screws in where there were screws already.  "let's put them in the middle" says I.
My first screw just kept turning, so I took it out and there was a little water spout!!  Put it back quick! - 40 mile round trip to my house to get circular saw to cut floor, trip to Wickes for pipe and fittings.  3 hours later leak fixed, floor back.
Blasted floor still creaks!  He hasn't asked me since! 
Cheers Dave 
Thread: sharpening turning tools
28/01/2010 18:42:24
Hi Sam

I've got a tormek but having had a look at Jig 55 here
it seems that this is a jig for grinding a roughing gouge with a straight grind, I have a similar jig on my tormek.  

I set the edge of the gouge about 4 inches from the edge of the jig where it rests on the bar.  

Then I use a permanent marker to ink in the bevel on the gouge . 

Set the jig against the bar and gently rotate the stone by hand an inch of so and then have a look at the bevel.  

You will be able to see where the ink has been taken off.  

Adjust the distance of the bar from the stone until it takes off the ink across the bevel. 

 Tighten everything up , turn on and just rotate the gouge and jig from side to side and you will get a perfect grind.

I also use the ink method for all my turning tools.

Hope this helps


Edited By Dave Atkinson on 28/01/2010 18:43:50

Edited By Dave Atkinson on 28/01/2010 18:44:37

Thread: Wood burning stoves.
25/01/2010 17:38:47
Hi Roger

I ran a 2.5mm twin and earth from a 16A breaker (plenty for 2Kw heater) on the consumer unit to a simple on/off thermostat.  From there onto 2 fused spurs where the heaters are connected.  It's all straightforward stuff but I have been trained in electrical work so if you are in any doubt please get the work done by a professional.

Cheers Dave
Thread: Baz's Maple & Walnut box
11/01/2010 12:28:55
Hiya Baz

Great piece of work.

Cheers Dave
Thread: Labour of love
29/12/2009 09:14:04
Looks great 

Cheers Dave
Thread: Workshop Heating
23/12/2009 11:57:59

I also have 2 oil filled radiators.  I control them through a simple thermostat which I leave on about 8degrees.  It's never cold and it sooms warms up if I turn it up.  The shed is also insulated walls and roof with 4inch loft insulation.  I haven;t noticed any significant increase in the electric bill.

Happy Christmas

Thread: my new shed
11/12/2009 10:55:23
It look fabulous - a great job.

Looking forward to more pics

Cheers Dave
Thread: Hurling Sticks
10/12/2009 08:55:39
Hi George

we must have posted at the same time with tegh same info - spooky!

Cheers Dave
09/12/2009 20:05:39

The website is:

Also if you google "Balestieri Lathe" the 3rd entry down will give you this site with the option to "translate this page".  There is an email address you can contact at belstrieri which is:

Good luck

Thread: Ralph's Spalted Beech & Paduke Drawer
09/12/2009 08:52:30
Great piece of work ralph.  I like it very much

Cheers Dave
Thread: Hurling Sticks
08/12/2009 19:36:37
Glad you found it George

Thanks for all your input guys - I've pointed my contact raymond at this thread so i hope it will help him.

As ever this forum has provided lots of good info.

Cheers Dave
08/12/2009 16:55:33
Hi George

Here's the address - click on the pics.

Cheers Dave
08/12/2009 08:40:37
George - have a look at the site that Kevin mentioned - it's a beast!

Kevin, thanks for the information

Cheers Dave
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