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Thread: Ruyobe belt sander.
15/08/2008 07:03:00

My only experience with belt sanders in my 40 odd years working with wood was in the 50s my Dad was persuaded to buy a belt sander for us lads in the workshop which he did a Wolf he tryed it out and the next day he exchange it for 6 wolf electric drills his only comment on the belt sander was that it was for the amateurs only and you would not find one in a real Cabinet Makers tool box and to this day i have never used one although he did go on to buy 2 flex driven disk sanders in the 60s they were a 3hp motor hung from the ceiling with a 10" sanding disk on the end of a  6'  flexably drive shaft a real mans tool to use not the sort of thing you would find in your average garage workshop, but i surpose belt sanders like angle grinders have there use's but not in a Cabinet Makers workshop,

I think it boils down to how you ariva at the preparation of your work and its when you put the first coat of sanding sealer on and it shows up all the inperfections you can not beat the plane or scraper to get a professional  finish,

Only my thoughts on this thread,


Thread: Video - Sharpening a plane blade
25/07/2008 19:56:00

I am trying to think of words to say about this video, here goes, i think Tormak were saying that if you sharpened your blade on one of their machines you could put it back with out honing or adjustment and away you go, but on the other hand if what i saw, was a chap fumbling about like a amateur looking like he has never held a plane before to me not a great advert struck me he did not know quite what he was about what with the cuts and out of frame shots in the video,

If he wants a lesson on how to set up a hand plane after sharpening i will be more than willing to give him one "just name a time"

There i have said my peace,


Thread: Book made from wood
18/07/2008 00:14:00

I dont know what this nigellucraft is all about looks from his site is a paper book bound with 3m burr walnut or oak veneer cover and not what i think you had in mind, who are these peoply,

I have seen better on this site,


17/07/2008 16:30:00

Do you mean a working book with pages or as on the other thead just looks like a book,

Very interesting,

Look foward to the out come,


Thread: m_IMG_0009_edited.
14/07/2008 11:27:00

Amazing,  i like alot, 

 I was always thinking of going into model making years ago but was told who's going to dust them all,

Very rewarding i would think a lot of patience is required, my ideal world would be to make models like that would be to live over looking the sea, retired and passing away the many hours it takes to make,

Good on you,

I envy you,


PS  is it a working model !!

Thread: spindles
13/07/2008 22:05:00

Only if the are all the same George "it may be the pics",

Nice job Warren,

Take care,


Thread: Solid surface fabrication
09/07/2008 13:43:00

Hi!   If anybody looks at my post under SSV you might have a bit of a problem getting it up,you have been warned,


Thread: SSV
09/07/2008 13:36:00

Hi! Big Al,   Looks good, is it for use say as work tops in the Kitchen trade as it looks like a L/shape worktop but small probable a sample work piece you made, can i see a join or is it the photo or the grain, it looks like it has potential for a lot of uses, especial the rounded ends, very interesting,


Boy am i having trouble getting this to work can't get it up the message box that is to send, Done it Hip! Hip! 

Thread: turning flower heads
03/07/2008 13:58:00

Hi! Dave,

I live in Lincolnshire we call them "Midges" and we have not had them YET!!!

As you say they get every where we even had them in our PC monitor last year,

Thanks all the same,


02/07/2008 13:54:00


What are Thunder flies,


Thread: Myland Products
29/06/2008 12:11:00

Hi! Derek,

The name rings a bell from many years ago i remember buying some sanding sealer from them based in Streatham, London i think, i buy all my sanding sealer and Brywax from a firm called Bollom in Beckenham, Kent i think i am right in thinking they made it,

It might be of some help to you as you live in Kent,

They my have a web site if they are still going,

Take care,


Thread: Your work in The Woodworker
22/06/2008 13:43:00

I second that Ralph,

Amazing stuff Warren,


Thread: Bookends
20/06/2008 14:36:00

Hi! Lee,

Looks like you have got the idea, are these what you were refering to in your other post things to do bookends,

Very good the sort of bookends you see in the shops,

Keep up the good work,


Thread: 1st Project - Basket Case
20/06/2008 14:28:00

Hi! Lee,

Ref: Book ends if making more than 1 pair like you are try and make them as simple as possibly but to look good, when you come up with a design look at it and see if you can break it down into parts that you can make up jigs to machine each piece so as it cuts out a lot of the labour and assembly time, "always think of easer ways to arrive at the same point" you may spend a bit of time doing this but it will pay dividends in the end when you have reached that point and you are happy with the end result start work you can always do them in batches at different times and in different stages but keep the jigs for future use,

If you are only making 1 of anything you can be a bit over the top as you will only do it once but if more than 1 it becomes hard to copy the first one,

Keep a look out for old pallets make good garden planters,

I wish i had learnt to play a musical instrument when i was younger,

I hope this is of some help to you,


20/06/2008 12:57:00

Hi! Lee,

Did not see this first another fine job your good lady is keeping you very busy what's next on the list ?

To look at you work so far you are better than you make out you are,

So i will say it again well done and you will move on to bigger thinks,


Thread: Washing Bin
20/06/2008 12:47:00

Hi! Lee,

Looks good to me, nice clean and function the rad cover should be a piece of cake after that,

Keep at it, not the drunken stumers that is,


Thread: The Woodworker subscription chisel sets
18/06/2008 18:14:00

So if anybody is offered a set down the local for money they will have an idea where they came from,


Thread: Lots of newcomers....but not many new galleries!
16/06/2008 07:44:00


They say Mothers day comes 9 months after Fathers day, !! think about it!!


Thread: planer jig 2.jpg
15/06/2008 15:35:00

Hi! Marc,

A good bit of work there inventivness that's what i like to see i bet you enjoyed making that,

By the way are you left or right handed only from what i make out from your pic you work from left to right and thinking about it planers come the same hand i think so if you are left handed it might make a difference had not thought about it before as i am right handed,

Hope it works ok,


Thread: Dog house
13/06/2008 19:16:00

Hi! George,

Sounds like you could use a de-nailer tool like i have for those pallets it has 2 claws with a bar that swivels looks like a claw hammer head and a long handle that slides over the shaft, you put the claws one each side of the nail head and slid the handle up and down like a hammer then pull the tool towards you the jaws close around the nail head it grips the head of nail and pulls it out i would send a pic if i could,

Got mine from my Dad years ago don't know if they are still made or what they are called mine has on the handle BPT.HDWE.MFO.Co No 20 Made in USA i think i have seen them somewhere for sale on one of the tool sites away back,

A very handy tool to have for that job only if it gets the head of the nail out you can get a large claw hammer to do the rest,

Will let you know if i get more info,

Take care,


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