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Thread: Bookcase.jpg
23/08/2008 09:26:00

Hi! Al,   I think it is some piece of work, don't get me wrong but has it got a finish on it and is it reverseably as to me it would look just as good the other way up,

Keep at it ,


Thread: Rechargeable Batteries
23/08/2008 06:21:00

Hi! John,

Thanks for the info and Web site, i am using 800mAH at the moment, did buy some 2000mAH for my good ladies camera some time back they where ok untill she downloaded, charge for 18 hours as per insructions, same with our wireless keyboard / mouse 3 or 4 days replace batteries, got some garden lights about 3 years ago still the same batteries last most of the year on 1 charge, i surpose its a thing with digital cameras / mobil phones don't use it but keep charging it, i surpose that's progress these days you pay one way or another, like cordless drill batteries you pay more for a battery when it gives up than you do for the whole thing in the first place,

Many thanks,


Thread: workbench height
22/08/2008 20:14:00

Good job there Malc, Meranti that rings some bells from many years ago,

If i remember any more i will let you know,

Happy woodworking,

And may the grip be with you,


Thread: Rechargeable Batteries
22/08/2008 10:42:00

Hi! All,  I know this thread is nothing to do with woodwork but it may be something you have come acrossed,

Let me come clean "Rechargeable Batteries" i was told to buy them for camera and PC so i bought a charger for about £24 pounds, I charge them as per instructions within a short time told batteries down in between time i bought a battery tester only 3 quid and  i went through all our old batteries so far so good, for rechargeable i paid between 3 to 8 pounds for 4 did what ever with regards charging put in them in whatever after a short time told they were down put them on the tester and it shows one good the other not,

So has anybody else had problems with rechargeable batteries and can they throw any light on it,

It's peeee me off at the moment


Thread: Record Vice 52 1/2 E
21/08/2008 20:07:00

Hi! I had 3 and gave 2 away now i am sick as a parrot,


21/08/2008 18:26:00

Hi1 OPJ,

This is my vice "i hope"

Can you see what i am getting at,


21/08/2008 17:42:00

Hi! OPJ,

 Don't forget when you fit your new vice to your bench to fit the back plate behind the skirt of your bench as discribed in my post a few months back you will find it a lot better to work with,

Good price by the way,

Take care,


Thread: Clifton or Lie-Neilsen
21/08/2008 17:18:00

Slap wrist time again,

Sorry guv,


21/08/2008 12:11:00

Hi! Pat,  Should have gone for shuttering ply 1 good side non slip, my bench is 8' x 2' in a 8' x 16' and i have 3 saw benches, 1 overhand planner, and 10 tea chests i manage,

Take care,


21/08/2008 09:51:00

Hi!  Pat,  And don't forget to mount your back plate of your vice behind the skirt of your bench as i describe in one of my earler posts,

Doing well,

Take care,


Thread: HELP---sash window router cutters
21/08/2008 09:41:00

Hi! Eric, Wellcome to the site, it would help if you filled your profile in, as others would say, are they for you, one off,  to match, or a alot, fill us in and there is a lot of help on this site,

Take care,


Thread: Glue film
20/08/2008 18:46:00

Hi! Woodie,  There was a iron on veneer availably in different woods but that was only 18m wide, may be it might have been made by a firm called Contact from years ago came in differrent colours you peeled the back off but in don't remember them doing a veneer type may be in a laminate,

You could try and find on the Web a firm base in London called Crispin and Co i bought some veneer from them years ago if they are still going,

Other than that can't help you,


Thread: Clifton or Lie-Neilsen
20/08/2008 09:30:00

Hi! Pat,  My thoughts on this thread,

Suits may maketh man but expensive tools don't make a craftsman or does owning a Ferrari make you a better driver,

I think tool companies to-day are refinning basic tools, say like turning a model T Ford into a Ferrari which in the end both do the same thing that is to get you from A to B but a lot of difference in price and Mags are promoting them with all their Guru's to drum up more readers instead of sticking to the basic art of woodworking with basic tools, 

All this gismo about expensive tools buy me open the box and i will make you into a craftsman in my view is a load of toffee you either have craft in your hands or not,

When i was an apprentice under my Dad i had the chance to use my brothers Norris A5 plane and having spent time setting it up honing the 6m blade ect "as i found out later my brother never used it because he did not have the time to set it up as time was money in those days" as i found out myself it was a lot quicker to use my Stanley 4 1/2 don't get me wrong it was a good plane to use apart from the enclosed handle as if like me you had a big hand it got a bit uncomfortable not for every day use that's why he never used it plus it cost him a months pay to buy it, he still has it,

So my advice to you is keep to basic tools for the moment fettle them to suit your requirments "there are posts on this site how fettle tools to help you" and if later you feel you want to up grade and have the money buy these made to measure tools do so,

Good luck in your quest,


Thread: workbench height
19/08/2008 17:25:00

Go out for a few hours come back and you will see it in a new light,

Take my word,


19/08/2008 09:48:00

Hi! Pat,  I am 5'10" tall and my bench is 40" or 1016 and has been for a number of years, as Oddjob / Derek say you make it to be comfortable and to suit you,

Look up my past post a way back on How to make a bench,

I agree with Oddjob If you make a taller one you can always cut it down,

I have seen to many woodworkers with Charleys on there backs as my Dad used to call them due i think to low benches,

You will get there,


Thread: Advice needed
17/08/2008 14:07:00

Graham,  How about a triangular frame with triangular shaped legs rounded to softend the look if you get my grift,

Good luck,


17/08/2008 03:42:00

Now there's a job for a Belt sander if ever i saw one,

What are you going to use for legs,

What a challenge,

Should keep you busy for a while,

Keep us posted,

Good luck,


Thread: Ruyobe belt sander.
16/08/2008 20:12:00


I worked in a family run busness established in 1886 by my Grandfather "i have documentation if you would like to see it" manufacturing all kinds of furniture up untill 1999 when i retired and not in all my years did we have cause to use a BELT SANDER a bench grinder yes for plane irons, we had a flexie drive sander as i spoke about in this thread eariler but No Belt sander, All done by plane hand graft, how do you think i got to be Arnie's double,

To me no matter what grit sandpaper you use from hand or tool it will always leave marks, unless it's flour sandpaper or 00 wire wool and these you only use between coats,

Take care,


Thread: sash clamps advice
16/08/2008 10:11:00

In answer to the question where to position 2 sash clamps when glueing up a piece of work 1 metre long, is while jointing the pieces i would put a slight bow from the middle out and position the clamps one each side of work piece 3" or 75m from the ends so that when pressure is applied the middles would touch first, i must say that this takes a lot of pratice but to same one who has done it for a number of years its easy peasy,


Thread: Honing guides ~ six of the best
15/08/2008 13:07:00

Yes if you are not skilled at honing a blade which takes many years to perfect you would need an aid of some sort, thats why it's called honing, Oh! and don't let us forget about the leather or palm of your hand if you were unlucky not to a leather strop to finish of the honing of the iron "takes skill" to strop a plane blade on ones palm,

I can give a demo if i get emails to pay the medical bills,

Just my thoughts on this thread,


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