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Member postings for Ivor the engine

Here is a list of all the postings Ivor the engine has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Ivors missing pic
27/07/2009 21:58:27
What other half  Sparky,
Thread: What if,
27/07/2009 21:56:04
Hi! Sparky,
 Is this ok,  " NO" because when i click on image nothing happens hence why my posting are all over the place,
I think Ron has something for me on another post,
27/07/2009 19:47:40
Hi!  Ben, I have tried to pull up a photo from my album nothing i am about to give up as at my age i don't need spending 2 hours trying to post oh i give UP,
27/07/2009 19:21:22
Do you see under my post, 
Send to friend   /  Quote,
27/07/2009 19:19:33
Hi!  This was in my local Co-op mag, we all know what could happen but if the average DIYer were to try, bring on the H/S,
Take care,
I can not attach a photo at the mow as cut / copy / paste / insert image is not working i could do with out this at the moment no wonder every one has go away, oooooooooooph
Thread: Question for Ben,
26/07/2009 10:23:19
Hi!  Ben / Sparky,
Further to my missing messages i was looking at my last 4 postings,
Liming techniques for oak,  21/07/09,
Amazing bandsaw action,    22/07/09,
Question for Ben,                   23/07/09,
How thick,                                25/07/09,
Under these postings i notice that i only have,
Send to Friend / Quote,
Other members posts have,
Message a member / Ignore member / Send to a friend / Quote,
Do you think it is something i have done,
Many thanks,
Thread: How thick!
25/07/2009 21:15:33
Hi!  Ron,    I say 64 shavings,
Thread: Question for Ben,
23/07/2009 23:07:36
Hi!  Ben,
Why are my inbox box / sent box  empty in my messages as i had messages in both yesterday now they have gone i had one from Alan T he sent on the 12/07/09 i was about to reply to, is there a time limit as i have not deleted them and not logout not that i can see that would make a difference as they were always there before although i have not sent or received any since the change over,
It would be nice to know that one had only a few days to reply to one's messages before they disappear,
Has anybody else had this problem,
It may be i am getting old and missed something here,
Thread: Amazing Bandsaw Action..
22/07/2009 07:20:35
Wow!!   I have never seen anything like it, i think Sparky is right that it must be Balsa wood and the blade must like those you can get for cutting tiles i am not so sure its a bandsaw and how come it does not fall apart while he's cutting, amazing though,
Thread: Liming Techniques for Oak
21/07/2009 22:23:00
Hi! Sparky,
I wonder why,
Thread: warren
25/12/2008 07:25:00

I would like to Wish all on this Forum a Merry Christmas and all the very best for the New Year,

Take care,


Thread: ivor,s tools_renamed_9897.jpg
14/10/2008 21:58:00

Hi!  Dauid, I found out today just in case you got back, £3-00 ordinary post or £6-40 recorded delivery,

Regards, Ivor.

14/10/2008 07:39:00

Hi! Dauid,  I have left you a message in your inbox,

Regards, Ivor.

Thread: Why are batteries so expensive?
08/10/2008 16:15:00

Hi !  Malc,  I have allways wondered why this is so, it has been the case since cordless drills came out it would only cost a few more pounds to buy a complete drill with batteries than buy a new battery on it's own,

No dought somebody will come up with a reason why this is so, i do have my own thoughts on why,


Thread: help
08/10/2008 16:00:00

Hi,  Tell me why does one need a extention on a router as i wonder if a router was designed for one as in my view if one was using a large cutter or any other cutter come to that it would put more stress on the bearings and cause vibration with more pieces to come loose i would think twice about using one,

I would be interested to know why one would need an extention as i have not heard of them before,


Thread: Bench-top makeover
03/09/2008 15:28:00

I could not agree more with you Michael,

I hope other members take note of Ian Taylors vice arrangement,


Thread: Bookcase.jpg
23/08/2008 13:36:00

Hi! Al,   Yes i see why now you having pointed that out, sorry to be annoying,

That will teach me to go to specsavers next time,

Take care,


Thread: To all you carvers
23/08/2008 13:18:00

Hi!  This is a puzzle for you carvers, on going through some of my Dads old stuff i remembered some think he told me as a kid he knew this chap at the end of the war who had a model shop and used to carve the propelers for the model planes he told me that this chap got a piece of wood say mahogany say 24" long by 1"sq or bigger and would with his knife carve a chain and when he had finished it would be longer than the 24" when he started "would this be possibly"

You know what Dads are like,

Take care,


Thread: Bookcase.jpg
23/08/2008 12:39:00

Hi! Al,  thanks for your reply i can understand it took a great deal of work to make but is there a reason why its not reverseably from your pic i can see no reason why not, i can also see a nice fitment underneath to complement it or is there one on its way,

Take care,


Thread: workbench height
23/08/2008 12:25:00

Yes Malc thats what my Dad used to call it i just could not think where i had heard of it before, thanks for that, "its the old grey cells not working"

Take care,


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