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Thread: Cheap and nasty workbench
21/10/2009 17:48:01
Lovely job there Krysstel,
 I hope you have many happy hours working on it,
Take care,
Thread: Newsletters
20/10/2009 05:51:27
Hi!  Ben,  Got mine yesterday,
Thread: Working with template guides
18/10/2009 11:50:51
Hi! Tom,
  Thank you for your PM,
 Give me a little time to reply as i am going over a book i have "Techniques of Routing by Jim Phillips" which contains "Routing aids and templates"  i have only had a router for 25 years, have done a bit with templates making up doors as i was a kitchen fitter and have seen jigs for routing of spindles,and understand that a router is or was made for free hand work not in a table and thus making it more versatile tool,
As i said give me a bit of time and i will get back to you,
The most interesting post i have seen in a long time,
Take care,
PS Where abouts in Australia are you as i have friends out there.
Thread: Whos who
17/10/2009 15:46:53
Yes sorry about that Sparky its under The Woodworker with Ben on the front "Finishing touches" left side under "Latest Issues", i could not read the month of the mag "print to small"
Thread: Working with template guides
17/10/2009 15:35:53
Tom,  Can you go into more detail, with may be some pics,
Thread: Whos who
17/10/2009 06:21:41
Sorry about that Sparky,
16/10/2009 16:00:55
Are you sure its not Harry Green of the On the House Fame on the front cover of Good Woodworking "Fit for a King" if not must been his twin,
Thread: waiting for the postman
15/10/2009 21:05:30
Lucky George with a H, Nice to hear of winners,
Take care,
Thread: Geoff's boxes
15/10/2009 21:02:22
Hi! Geoff,
The first one looks like a shell fish, i like boxes you never know what's inside,
Lovely work,
Keep them coming,
Take care,
Thread: Warning
15/10/2009 20:54:23
Hi!  Sadsam,
 Sorry to hear your tail but don't lose to much sleep it only covers heating and insulation as we have the same type of bungalow as yours and could not claim,
Never mind,
Take care,
15/10/2009 18:19:01
Hi! Roger, Apart from the scam bit my boiler is only 7years old we have had it serviced each year and had parts replaced to the tune of about £400, being its a Combi worst thing ever invented, at the moment the expasion tank seal has gone which we were told would cost around £135 + lab, this time last year we could not turn off the heating only by the main switch by the clock or turning the rad stats off, over the year by doing this we have saved on oil say £100 to put right, so we had Warm Front come told him what was wrong, He told us a new boiler cost £2,700 + lab,
My grind is that all these new contract firms rise from nowhere with their new vans all paid by yes tax payers money, do you remember the change over to natural gas back in the 70s you could not go down a Street with out seeing a van,
To me the greens create more CO2  gases by the waste they invoke, like the USA in the 60s a throw away society,
The troubie today every thing made can not be repaired "well it can only if you do it your self"
Am i right to cancel my grant as i don't want to add the already growing national dept or do i jump on the bandwagon like fhe MPs,
When i think there is a eco way out,
I will now get off my soapbox, like you i think you have some thing to vent, my other half calls it moaning,
Thread: drive gate
15/10/2009 06:22:06
Nice job there Dennis i bet they will be the envy of the Street and you may get some orders for more,
What ever finish you use make sure its a good one i would like them to last a long time,
Nice work,
Thread: Warning
14/10/2009 21:41:28
 This has nothing to do with wood,
I know a lot of you are over 65 and my have heard or aplied for a government grant "The Warm Front Team" as i have done, got the grant but all is not going to plan, but putting that aside i got a phone call today from a foreign chap who said he was from The Warm Front Team and gave me a phone number to ring with a name and ref No to arrange for this chap to come and give me a survey for loft insulation but asked me to pay £95 up front via Western Union, the red light flashed when he said i had a grant of £1.400 but he said dollars instead of pounds i asked where he was ring from he said the UK,
I told him this was a scam and hung up,
I have been in touch with TWFT about this, and  have canceled my grant,
All this corruption in the goverment going on who can you trust and this is supposed to be goverment backed,
Take care out there,
Thread: Pewter Threaded box
06/10/2009 11:33:07
Hi!  Alan,
Another brilliant piece of turning keep them coming and as Oddjob says skillful lathework,
Thread: dresser
06/10/2009 08:05:32
Hi! Tommy,  Nice dresser, a How to would have been good,
I bet her in doors was pleased,
Keep it up,
Thread: General Knowledge
06/10/2009 07:58:47
Well Marc i am spellbound Oddjobs reply was more than i expected but yours, i did not realize there was so much on the subject where do you get it all from,
I thank you both for your time,
Very interesting reading,
Many thanks,
04/10/2009 20:55:40
Watching the snooker on Sunday Dennis Taylor refered to the creaks the floor made when the players were walking round the table as a "Sprung Floor" if thats the case why does the table not move and how does it surport the weight,
I can understand dance floors having a bit of a spring in them and i have heard of floors being called "Sprung Floors" but can not remember why,
So  How and Why are they called "Sprung Floors" any idea,
Thread: scheppach 2600ci
23/09/2009 12:06:48
Hi!  All, 
I have an old Tyzack saw bench with a 13amp plug and have the same problem fuse blowing will sort it one day,
On the same line many years ago in the 80s i wanted a new jigsaw and the then H/S was pushing self-employed to go 110v for power tools working in private homes so i bought a Bosch 110v jig saw and a transformer the only thing was if RCBs were fitted in the consumer box which was something i those days new unless i pluged it in to a cooker point 40amp "if one was available" as it would trip the power RCB 32amp so all in all it was a waste of time,
That's what i called progress one step forward two steps back,
I was told later that had i paid more for the transformer it might have been ok i thought £50 for a transformer was a fair price + the jigsaw over £100,
Thread: Saw aftercare,
22/09/2009 22:31:06
Thanks Ben,
Thread: Installing a Router into a Table - Newbie Advice Needed!!
22/09/2009 20:52:02
Yes Marc, 
But my switch can stay in the ON position then i use the NVR, i take it yours dose not,
You get what you pay for
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