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Thread: latches and wooden catches
01/07/2013 21:08:41

has anyone any ideas on wooden latches for an exterior single is a little thicker than the average so a shop bought metal sneb catch is short of the thickness.

Thread: Wooden Hair slides
06/05/2013 19:35:28

Hello again all , I'm on another little project with no pre- conceived ideas. That is to make some wooden hair barrets. Does anyone have any ideas and measurements or plans. I've just purchased a bandsaw to make the cuts if that is the tool for this?

Thread: pens etc
14/03/2012 21:54:57

Hello Charles

so sorry to hear about your friend .

Yes the price can vary from area to area. If you check the various web sites, you may be surprised at the prices being charged, they can be so variable, It depends on the type of person buying the pen and quite often who they are buying them for. I have sold the slimline pens for £10 and the larger ones euro,knight, cigar etc for £18 . These prices with my area work quite well. Also just selling them on speck to known people also works quite well.

I've only done one craft fayre on a winters day - not very productive. So it depends on the area.

These are only my own thoughts and observations. Probably others have different prices and experiences.

also good for presents.

21/02/2012 20:12:40

I find the lathe the most accurate for drilling the blanks but rarely the drill bit seems to wander even though the Record lathe I have is about as accurate as it could be. I'm sometimes not happy trimming the ends on the pillar drill as peviously mentioned. This is when the upright pen blank can be less accurate.

Thread: Steve Heeley Demo
21/02/2012 09:12:25

They are just absolutely beautiful. Its the finish that amazes me. How do you get that finish? It doesn't look like wood. are you spraying it on or rubbing as you turn?

Thread: pens etc
21/02/2012 08:33:17

Oh dear here's another mistake to look out for if your inexperienced. When trimming the ends of the blank on a pillar drill, make sure the pillar drill platform is perfectly level. If not the wood blank vice will be uneven and the brass tube and wood blank may become damaged as you attempt to trim the ends of the blanks, also a high pitched screeching noise. A blunt cutter makes you want to pull the cutter down harder which, I think creates friction- heat- and then you end up pushing the tube out of the blank. This is my own experience. I am not unhappy about these events due to my curiosity. However it's time consuming and wasteful to say the least the moral of the story has to be

, " more haste less speed"

14/02/2012 21:03:51
Hello Alan I may have mislead you there due to my inattention to detail.My last post was referring to a ready made blank ,acrylic, not resin, which I rounded off. I drilled the blanks and found the drill hole to be slightly larger than the brass tubes, which I may assume is caused by heat due to the speed of the drill press.bsorry about that Alan.
13/02/2012 21:18:22
I have looked at your pens and the colours are atractive.
I have attempted a couple of pens with the polyester resin and managed a couple or three. I found that the drill hole had slightly enlarged and the tube was feeling loose in the drill hole. I didn't find this with wood. I suppose this has to do with the friction caused by to fast a drilling speed. Is this right? But I do like the various colours.
13/02/2012 15:43:13
Hello Oddjob I've looked at that and I'll have to try that, it looks like a brilliant shine. I like it when people believe its something other than wood. It's remarkable as one person said.
13/02/2012 15:03:02
Hello Simon yes I 'm reasonably happy with my pens. I also like the slimline pens. However I've made others. Cigar,JR gents,knight,euro, etc, also letter openers, magnifying glasses, toothpick holders, key rings. I threw myself in at the deep end and took my time. Bought various items, jigs,pen press, not forgetting the dis-assembler,the various drills and bushings. Not forgetting the mandrill.Bought wood blanks, pen bits from Australia and UK. My lathe is a Record and I found it to be very accurate in drilling and turning the blanks. I sanded and sealed and then waxed on the lathe. My results I felt were better than reasonable. As I said I did make some stupid mistakes due to thinking I could go quicker but you live and learn.
I have sold an amount of pens which has made me more than happy, to think people like the results of your endeavours. The most i have charged for any pen is ?18.
Now what I would like to know is, what makes the best glass like gloss and permanent shine after the sanding down to 24000 grit
12/02/2012 21:32:37
Hello Derek I've just looked at your products and I think you have done well to have such a variety of pens etc. I have mainly concentrated on wood. It was recently pointed out to me that I didn't cater much with the female in mind. I have now embarked on putting that right. As for the price I am on the same thought as you ?10 upwards because of the area. I also have decided to retire and go down the same route due to the same reasons as you stated. So good luck to you and good health. Also thanks for taking an interest.
08/02/2012 21:11:22
Thanks for that Oddjob. Is it the case that it appears not a lot do pens in any number. I do think the women like the slimmer pens and smaller one to be less bulky.
Now does anyone sell the pens they produce and at what price? There seems to be some extreme prices when looking at various web sites and I can't seem to understand the prices of the more expensive pens.
Thread: magazine
08/02/2012 15:20:31
Thanks for that everybody
Thread: pens etc
08/02/2012 11:23:03
Hello all been a while but here is my latest offerings.
I took on making pens as a smaller item to keep the dust and the shavings down and began to find it very soothing. I aquirred a supply of various turning items as you can see by my photos. I did make a few simple errors mainly caused by being impatient but I have found the results to be very pleasing, especially to my family and colleagues.
Thread: magazine
08/02/2012 10:27:13
I would like to purchase this one magazine for the supplement "Complete Guide to Woodturning" without the anuall subscription. Is it possible?
Thread: Oak and Turkish Walnut
14/08/2011 19:07:11
Wow BillW I think your pens are looking very professional. Is it always difficult to decide on a price for your skills?Do you compare prices with others? That has to be difficult wih the ammount of pens available. As you know I have just tried my first couple of pens and hope to have them looking as good as yours.. I did the sanding sealer and then the carnauba wax and the finih is excellent. If you feel success then why change the method. Good luck BillW and thanks for the contributions.

Edited By T.allan Jones on 14/08/2011 19:11:40

Thread: pens
12/08/2011 13:36:44

Hello again yes I did the sanding sealer and then the Carnauba and that was an absolute improvement. I bought the Micro Mesh soft touch pads to finish, used water on the pads and the wood came up feeling and looking like a dark marble. I was really pleased, and then I used sanding sealer, the canauba and a block that came with the pen making kit. Now that finish was a distinct improvement. The pen on the right is my other successfully humble offering.


02/08/2011 22:34:55
. And know a pen or two. This is my first pen and is the slimline 7mm size. I'm absolutely over the moon with the making of the pen without any further modifications. I used sanding sealer and then some beeswax. I just simply made it to see the effect before venturing further and am more than pleased with the results.

Edited By T.allan Jones on 02/08/2011 22:35:26

Thread: turning a clock
02/08/2011 22:23:54
Yes I did also. It seems more balanced on reflection. So more of them. And know a pen or two. This is my first pen and is the slimline  7mm size. I'm absolutely over the moon with the making of the pen without any further modifications. I used sanding sealer and then some beeswax. I just simply made it to see the effect before venturing further and am more than pleased with the results.

Edited By T.allan Jones on 02/08/2011 22:24:37

Edited By T.allan Jones on 02/08/2011 22:29:25

01/08/2011 11:29:20
Hello all sorry didn't reply instantly but dragged away for the weekend.Yes BillW I put a Groove in the Base for the small objects to hold like a key for instance which was a request from my daughter.
To Paul I got the clocks from Turners Retreat and aaaaaAxminster I think,but be careful some include the batteries others don't.
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