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Thread: Suggestion!!
11/02/2008 08:58:00


I have only been a member for a few days, and love the site........great work!

There is one improvement I would suggest straight away, though...........I hope you don't mind.

When you view someone's work in the "Gallery" and comment on it, it starts a new string in the "Forum"  under "Projects & Design" and under your own name. Firstly, this makes it look as though it is your own work (eg "Oak Stair by Mike Garnham" appears currently.....clearly not my work), but more importantly it means that you generate a whole lot of very short or two comments in each, and seemingly disconnected. This seems to me to cause unnecessary confusion.

I am sure it would be possible and preferable to have all the comments about a gallery item under one heading. That is,  if 5 people comment on a photo, all 5 comments would occur in one string (preferably under the photo). At the moment, it could be that 5 people commenting produces 5 new strings in the Forum (if they comment from the "Gallery" rather than from the "Forum"). Wouldn't it be better if the comments actually stayed as part of the gallery anyway, rather than ending up somewhere else?

On another topic......... 

I read somewhere that you have just acquired your 2000th member, and that this number is rising rapidly. Given that number of members I can't think why there are only 46 galleries, which is about one gallery for every 43 members. Surely more than 2.3% of the membership has made something! What can you do to encourage more people to post their work? 

I know I am not speaking from a position of strength as I have nothing posted yet............but I promise that as soon as I can get the photos together I will start a new gallery. 

I really don't think that the scoring idea works.......I can't imagine ever scoring anyone's work, especially from a tiny jpeg on a website. Woodworking shouldn't be competitive. For example, there is currently a chap showing a rather nice dining table and chairs........his very first project, (and who knows what tools he has and whether he even has a workshop?). How on earth do you compare that with something made by a full-time professional with every possible piece of kit, a big workshop, a dozen employees and years of experience?

Anyway, keep up the good work, and try and do something about gallery comments generating a new topic in the forum if you can.




09/02/2008 13:22:00

That really is an excellent effort for a first attempt! 

The striking thing about this furniture is the design of the back and legs of the chairs, which looks really good. If I could just add a little critique........? The bottom rails connecting the front and back legs of the chairs appear to be on the floor, which means you have to have an absolutely flat floor, as well as,  in my view, being just a little uncomfortable visually. 

Did you consider making the chair seat tapered rather than square? The cantilevered back corners of the seats could put some strain on the joints when your 20 stone relative sits unevenly for a couple of hours! Reducing the overhang of the back corners might have looked pretty good, too!

Anyway, don't take those comments as criticism.....your first effort is a damn site more impressive than mine was, I'm sure!

What's next in your workshop?


Thread: IMG_1965.JPG
08/02/2008 20:13:00
Good god, you're mad!  How big is the engine? Unfortunately, when they crash-test it you will be faced with another 5000 hours work!!!!
Thread: coffee table in oak railway sleeper.jpg
08/02/2008 19:56:00
I bet you don't move that very often!!!!!!!!  I hope its on your ground floor....otherwise reach for the Acros quickly!
08/02/2008 19:49:00
I love the nice clean lines of this furniture. Can you tell me what the black centre section of the table is? I can't tell if it is part of the table, or a table cloth.
Thread: Sand-blasting ash
08/02/2008 19:40:00

Thanks for those comments...... 

Unfortunately my  compressor is only 2.5HP, which apparently isn't man enough for sand-blasting, so I will be taking this to a local firm I have used previously. They are pretty good if you stand over them and tell them exactly what you want.

Matthew, my only comment on sprayed lacquer or varnish is  that the only furniture I have ever wrecked was as a result of spraying varnish! If you don't get oil or wax right you don't generally end up taking an axe to the Welsh dresser to turn it into fire-wood, which is what I had to do 20 years ago when the varnish ran. I'm not sure I have recovered enough from that to try it again!

I know!!...........I'll make the furniture, then you guys can finish it for me! Brilliant! You've got a few weeks to prepare yourselves because I am in the middle of making a couple of oak settles at the moment......

Thread: Why did my reply start a new thread?
08/02/2008 08:44:00


I replied to a thread yesterday (oak stair), but instead of appearing under the original heading I appear to have started a new thread. What has gone wrong?


Thread: Finish for Ash
08/02/2008 08:40:00

For a dark grey ash finish, try a black shoe is only a coloured wax after all!

The other way, but messier, would be to melt some wax, add a dark (say ebony) wood-stain,  add a little thinner, stir it all up, and give it a can always re-melt and add a little more stain to get the colour right  (but it is a bit problematical trying to take some of the stain out of the mixture, so always start with less than you might think you need!!). Wax melts perfectly well in the microwave, but I suggest avoiding doing it whilst Sunday dinner is being prepared!

You could do the same thing (ie add some woodstain) with a varnish (spirit based)......and my preference would be to brush it on roughly then wipe it straight off again with a rag before finishing with a wax. 

 One huge tip is to make a good deal more than you need, label it, and leave a note of the ingredients you used, because there is nothing more certain than someone will ask you to make something with the same finish, or that you will have to do a repair to the original piece.

Thread: Oak Stair (600 x 450).jpg
08/02/2008 08:24:00

Careful not to get the Planning Dept and the Building Inspector mixed up!

Presumably you used the "no worse than the existing" rule to get this passed, but, believe it or not, you could actually tack a piece of hardboard over the ballusters for the inspection, and take it off immediately afterwards, and be fully compliant with the Regulations!! Like an MOT, the Inspection is a comment on compliance at the time of the inspection only.......

I hope you made some money on this one, with all that work on the newells! 

Thread: P.U.glue.
07/02/2008 09:37:00

Brilliant stuff, though, isn't it?  Gap filling is a bonus, but the best thing about it is that it cleans off the wood surface so well that it doesn't affect the finish. PVA, on the other hand, can leave horrible marks in the finish.......particularly in those hard to clean up corners of shelving units.

Wet & dry sandpaper does it for me!

Thread: Oak Stair (600 x 450).jpg
07/02/2008 09:10:00

Nice to see something a little different, and the newell caps look great!

I hope that this building didn't require inspection by the Local Authority Building Inspector because the gaps between the ballusters doesn't comply with Building Regulations. 

 Love the panelling! 

Thread: Sand-blasting ash
07/02/2008 09:00:00


I'm new here, and will set up a gallery shortly, but in the mean-time......

For my next project I am considering some conservatory furniture in ash, and want a bleached, driftwood-type finish. I have achieved this in the past (with pine) using a wire brush and lots of time and energy, but this stuff will be too big. I think I will try sandblasting the furniture post-contruction, and wondered if anyone has tried this?

Normally I would oil ash (usually Danish oil), but I reckon that after sandblasting some form of varnish might be better...........I won't be waxing it as each piece will consist of about 200 individual and seperate pieces of wood. I'm 47 already and would like to live long enough to have the furniture finished!!  Any thoughts?


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