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Thread: The International Woodworking Exhibition 2009
06/02/2009 17:16:10
Sorry to have missed you Ben.........but a nice girl from the Hobby Store advertising department recognised me from my avatar.  That made me smile! I also had a chat with Andy King........nice guy.........the fact that he had time for 10 minutes chewing the cud with me shows how busy the show wasn't this morning. I thik the poor chap is going to have a long weekend!
I'm sure others will post on their experience.........but there was to my mind a bit missing from the show. There was very little in the way of hand-tools...............Ashley Iles was a notable exception, and there was a small Clifton presence (I've realised that my old nameless 4-1/2 is actually quite a decent bit of kit, because it can do everything that the Clifton equivalent can do).........
But the thing I really miss is a decent display of quality joinery. A few prize winners, or professional pieces, would have been much appreciated. There were, of course, lots of round things to look at.
Anyway, I hope the rest of you enjoyed it.......
Thread: Workshop Waste
06/02/2009 17:03:38
I compost goes really well with grass clippings, and locks away a little bit of carbon for a few years. The off-cuts go to a friend with a woodburner.
Thread: Woodburning stoves
05/02/2009 13:57:02
Hi Roger,
there isn't too much difficulty with this. You simply need fire-resistant material around the flue as it passes through the fabric of the building. You also, incidentally, need quite a large fire-resistant hearth, which is overlooked by almost every woodburner-owner!
Your very best bet is to pick the brains of an installer from a local wood-burning stoves company , because I am not completely sure of the distances and the regs on fire-resistance........a lot will depend on whether you have a double flue (pipe-within-a-pipe).
The materials (cementitious board, fire-resistant foam, mineral wool insulation etc) are readily available, and the job itself is a simple DIY task..........but you do need to get the detail right.
Sorry I can't be more specific.
Thread: The International Woodworking Exhibition 2009
03/02/2009 14:44:24
Friday Ben, most of the day.
03/02/2009 13:50:07
Are you there all three days Ben? ........and is there a GW stand, or are you demonstrating under your own name?
Weather permitting, I'll catch up with you, and any other GW member I find,  on Friday.
Thread: New Site Platform Now Live
28/01/2009 19:31:22
I still can't log on without typing in my email address and password every time. I run Norton anti-virus and it has a really useful feature......"Indentity Safe"..........which fills in these sorts of details for you in a secure, anti-phishing way. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the new site. Additionally, the "Remember Me" feature doesn't work.
This really is a pain, and means that popping in for a quick visit is too much trouble.
The good news is that the errant apostrophe problem appears resolved...........thanks!
Thread: Sharpening
27/01/2009 13:35:54
You can flatten an oilstone  by rubbing it on a concrete paving slab. A bit of fine sand as a "lubricant" will help..........but it takes quite a time!
 I used an angle grinder on mine, but it polished up the surface and made it unusable.......the sand and concrete trick cured that though. I  then invested in a piece of glass and some sandpaper, and now do a much better job than I ever did with oilstones.
Thread: New Site Platform Now Live
24/01/2009 08:32:58
Hows everything working now, fellas?
Has it all settled down? I notice that there is very little activity on the forum........
as soon as I type an apostrophe, the cursor jumps out of the text box, and a bar at the bottom of the screen ("Quick Find- Links Only") opens with the cursor in that. This is very annoying, and happens in PMs as well.

19/01/2009 18:44:39
 Baz said:
"Mike has alresdy said he has found nothing that makes him want to linger, & i am beginning to feel the same way, which is sad as i have previously thoroughly enjoyed the forum."
Well, if I did say that I didn't mean to!  I pretty sure I didn't though...
What I will say though is that until all the issues are sorted I am going to be notable for my absence. It is too difficult at the moment. I'll look back in at the weekend......or perhaps someone could send me a message when things are working properly.
19/01/2009 13:36:59
Hi Ben,
Just to add to the above list.........
I can't sign in without typing in my full email address and my password every time. This is a real nuisance, and the reason I am not visiting the forum very often.
The "Remember Me" function doesn't work (on my computer at work anyway), and I have Norton Internet Security with anti- Phishing at home, which fills in forms (such as the log in and password) for me automatically. It doesn't recognise this site, for some reason.
I know you will be run off your feet at the moment, but this is quite a fundamental issue. If it is a hassle to log in, then people won't come back often.
Is there any way of defaulting to show the latest post in a thread, rather than going to the first page?
Thread: bread board
16/01/2009 17:17:17
Hi Mike,
it doesn't get the chance on the board. Washed regularly, and topped up occasionally it doesn't seem to be a problem. And my oak settle has been OK for 8 or 10 months so far.....
Thread: New Site Platform Now Live
15/01/2009 13:55:56
a link on this page that used to work doesn't work any more (404 page not found).............and boy,  that new link dialogue box is confusing!!
14/01/2009 13:27:36
hope you haven't pulled all your hair out over the last couple of weeks!!
I haven't had a good look around yet.............I have to say that I find the new look a little off-putting, and it doesn't make me want to linger. Particularly, the lists of threads feel very crowded, and the fonts are very doesn't feel like a whole lot of seperate threads so much as a page of text.
Is it possible to make the listings within "Latest Posts" lists more differentiated. It used to be absolutely first-class.
14/01/2009 09:35:55
Why have my forum postings doubled overnight?
13/01/2009 21:31:23
Ooooooooh, that's different!
Thread: New site platform for GW...
12/01/2009 13:30:00
baz wrote (see)


On the 9th Ben posted to say he hoped it would take place Monday/Tuesday next week.


I should pay more attention, shouldn't I?


11/01/2009 22:55:00
I think it happened on Friday Baz.....
11/01/2009 22:45:00

Thanks George. Ben, you can ignore most of my first post then.......

although it seems odd that you click on the image and it doesn't take you to the gallery.


Thread: First Burr Bowl.
11/01/2009 22:44:00

Looks like you two had some fun Baz!

What burr is it? It looks very pale......

Thread: chopping board wood?
11/01/2009 22:41:00


I wouldn't bother with stains. Take the lid off a tin of stain, look inside and ask yourself whether you would drink the contents, or eat them spread on toast!

Big Al, as usual, is dead right about his woods...........maple would be good. Don't even think about oak!


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