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Thread: Oak Porch
18/04/2009 21:36:18
What happened to the quote facility?
What's weird about typing Mike out, Marc? I've been keeping an occasional eye on you guys as a non-signed in guest ....and I know that Olly and Baz pop in now and again. Just like old times, heh? If only that change of site platform hadn't occurred........I reckon it probably took 20 years off Ben's life expectancy!!
Ho hum.......
Has anybody made any furniture lately?
18/04/2009 16:08:50 works!
I've not done anything different, but for the first time in months I have been able to log in without typing everything out manually. I didn't do anything different, so maybe somebody fixed something.
Al, Richard....reparky: you knew it would, though, didn't you? Before you know it he'll have taken over the site, then the magazines, then all of Fleet Street, then Downing St, then the UN. Its a slippery slope .....
See you soon!
17/04/2009 17:36:39
Occasionally, Ron.....
I can't get my home computer to sign me in properly, and at work, where signing in is easy, I should be working!
But I do have to keep an eye on things in case the power goes to Sparky's head!!!!
17/04/2009 10:38:58
Nothing metal other than Stainless Steel is suitable for green oak. Stainless Steel nails are available, but you may have to knock them in with a hammer!! This shouldn't be too onerous on such a small area. Green oak will eat ordinary nails in very short order, and although galvanised nails will last a little longer, they won't last long enough.
I like Richard's idea, too.......that is a good old-fashioned method, which you probably will have read about to your kids in "Little House on the Prairie"....
Thread: New site moderator!
09/04/2009 11:06:14
So, people are apologising to the good folk of Suffolk for suggesting I might live in their noble county?
No, Essex it is..........but when asked, I will always say "Essex/Suffolk border".........because everyone knows that is pleasant and rural.
Whilst I might inhabit another forum, I would still post here if I didn't have to type my full email address and password every time...........and no, I still have the appropriate cookies...........dunked or otherwise.
Nice sub Baz!

Edited By Mike Garnham on 09/04/2009 11:06:31

07/04/2009 21:28:39
Ben, what have you done?
Surely you know that this was always Marc's plan...........a first step on the road to ruling the world ?!!!!! It won't be long before he is assigning you jobs, like emptying the bins, making the tea.........He'll turn into a power crazed monster!!!
It has taken my 5 minutes to sign in and then try and type I hope its been worth the hassle!!!
Have fun Marc........I for one am sure that you will make an excellent moderator. I wish you all the best for the role!

Edited By Mike Garnham on 07/04/2009 21:35:19

Edited By Ben Plewes on 08/04/2009 21:02:38

Thread: Cheap English oak, quarter-sawn
10/03/2009 22:53:19
 Judging by the avatar Marc, that isnt a recent thing!! (Why cant I do do quotes......or use apostrophes?......ooh this is so frustrating now.........)
I didnt see Baz post about oak, but then I have missed quite a bit on here
PM sent
10/03/2009 09:01:28
if you've seen it before, you've been looking elsewhere!!! This is the first time on here.
Ralph, no, that dresser will be ash. I've no idea what to do with this, except that it is too good to miss.
09/03/2009 09:57:33



Damn........I can't move the pictures around..........
Anyway, I have unearthed a treasure trove! This is air dried quarter sawn English oak, that has been stacked for 10 years. A local farmer friend of mine had this massive bole of oak planked, then dried it, properly sticked, for 3 years, then stored it away in a farm shed for 7 he needs the room in the shed.
There are nearly 30 boards of 1-11/4" to 1-1/2" by 12 to 14 inches by 12'-3", lots of wide 2 inch boards of the same length, some 6x4 and 6x6 stuff, and a whole lot of other bits and pieces. There is at least 70 cubic feet.
Everything is flat, bone dry and exceedingly filthy!
There is some woodworm, but in the sapwood only. There are also some boards with shakes........but the planks are so huge that there is still a whole lot of useable wood even with the shakes.
I have agreed a lump sum for the lot, but I need to shift it on. At £30 per cubic foot it is less than 75% of what QS English oak might normally fetch, and also has some sizes you wouldn't normally find.  I won't be making any money out of this............just getting a few bits of wonderful timber.
The timber is in NE Essex, between Halstead and Sudbury, and is only available over one weekend (21st & 22nd March).....first come first served.
Please let me know quickly if you are interested, and roughly what sort of quantities..........there is a mountain of timber here.
I need to know very quickly if people are interested,
Thread: Is it just me
06/03/2009 13:41:36
Well, I've tried everything that averyone has suggested......... difference at all! Ho hum....
05/03/2009 13:17:50
thanks for that........
The technical bods behind the site are now on the case. We'll see what comes of it. Having said all that, I won't be as active as before because I have got pretty well established on another forum whilst I've been waiting for this one to sort itself out.
05/03/2009 11:26:05
I'll give that a try, Marc.....thanks.
I hear what you say about the galleries, but you don't appear to be able to click on a photo in a thread and get taken to the gallery?
05/03/2009 11:00:32
Hi Marc,
I run Firefox at home, but one of the complications is that I have Norton anti virus and anti-phishing software. The anti-phishing does all your log-ons for you, in a safe encrypted manner.........and copes with every site I have ever come across that needs logging on.............except GW!
At work, IE is better for logging on........I only have to do it every day, and it remembers me for the rest of the session.
And what about the galleries........?
05/03/2009 10:29:01
I'd love to get involved again, but I currently have to type in my full email address and password every time I wish to visit. This is a chore, and I won't participate fully until someone sorts this issue.
Additionally, it still appears that commenting on gallery entries, which is the core of the site, isn't straight forward. I thought the whole point of the change of platform was so that the powers that be had direct control over the way the site issues like these could be sorted promptly.
Hope all are OK, and I do look forward to joining in once more.
Thread: Workbench Design
19/02/2009 13:22:55
Still no diagonal brace, Olly?
Either brace it or do an infill back panel, otherwise you will regret it every time you plane. As I said, one long brace would be best, but 2 smaller corner braces would be a decent alternative.
Thread: OH What pleasure
10/02/2009 21:34:34
My favourites are pushing together a decent hand-made joint..........or belting a seasoned oak peg into a green oak joint and watching it pull up tight. Sharpening my pencil first thing in the morning with a razor-sharp chisel.........or free-hand chiselling a stop detail on the end of a chamfer. Paring a tenon with a big chisel. Its quite a long list!!!
Mind you, there is also quite a long list of tasks that are nothing more than tedious chores!! Cleaning-up work the day after a glue-up, re-setting the plane after sharpening the blade, trying to retrieve the router cutter that falls through one of the dog-holes and ends up behind the bench.........
Thread: letter carving
10/02/2009 21:25:44
I'm about to do a biggish hand-carved sign in oak, so I'm watching this one with interest! I have no intention of buying all those extra chisels, though.........I really can't see why you would need anything other than 1 wide one (1-1/2" or more) plus the normal smaller ones............and one little gouge thingy.
aren't you concerned that the varnish will blister and split, and come flaking off? Not that I have anything better in mind.........!!
Thread: A handy little sander
10/02/2009 21:22:23
well spotted!!! There are some other really tempting bargains on there calipers for £7.00ish, for a start.
Thread: The International Woodworking Exhibition 2009
07/02/2009 18:24:03
Blowed if I can see what you would do for the 2nd and 3rd days, though George!!
Which camping exhibition?
07/02/2009 00:16:05
£7.50 actually.........
Was it worth it? If I am strictly analytical I guess not, but I did enjoy a day out of the office, and I did buy a few bits I've needed for a while........and I would have paid more than that for the post & packing! I bought a Trend Air Ace filter for about what I could have got from Axminster for.........but you get to try things like that to see if they suit.
As for my own stall.........hmmmmmmmmm, I think not!!! I've nothing to sell, for a start!
The round things comment is about fair, too, because I think turners were pretty well served. I think they would have got more from the show than I did.
Hope you're on the mend...........
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