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Thread: Back into Woodworking
14/04/2008 20:34:00

Good luck Eric,  I built our kitchen when we moved into the bungalow some 13years ago , I used faced chip board, I did all  the fitted bedroom wardrobes at the time, I purchased a Triton saw bench which worked very well, I have just replaced the kitchen doors as the wife wanted a change , I got them from B&Q they had a wipe clean cherry finish , the original ones where  wood  stained and varnished, but of course you have to make sure you build cupboards that are to the metric sizes . I think Mikes idea is a good one to purchase standard cupboards and fit your own doors, The wifes friend  had one from Ikea,  which impressed the wife thats what started the move to change the look of the kitchen  so I consider I was lucky to get away with new doors, any way you look as if you are doing a grand job.


Thread: When your not there
14/04/2008 19:56:00


Theres a little man comes in my shed, I've never seen his face,     But I know he's always there as he moves things about the place.        I had not completed marking out , put down the pencil and the square,   Went to pick it up again it's moved  I no longer find it there.

Just finished with the roughing gouge and put in the rack,      He'd been and moved it somwhere else when  I turned my back.    Go to tighten up a nut again, but cannot find the socket,      Searched throughout the shed to find he's put in my pocket.

The bradawls moved , the chuck keys are no longer to be found,   Begin to think it is the twist that I am going round.   Looking for a screwdriver, I was sure the handles red       Found it after searching , he's painted it brown instead,

It seems hes not only in the shed , he's moved into the house,   Went to turn the computor on he's been and moved the wireless mouse.   Now the wife is asking when I made the coffee, where did I hide the tea? You know if and when I meet this bloke he'll look a lot like me                                      A W ELDER.


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
12/04/2008 20:31:00

Suggestion for a summer club rally ! based on a scout camp fire with a sing along, We could sing songs like,

Two blades on my planer I'm just planing along, the guys with. three are after  me but I'm singing a happy song.

Router sixty six

Idle vice bless my wood work for ever,

Or any other song that  wood fit!


Thread: When your not there
12/04/2008 20:11:00

When you are not there

I'm knackerd spent  the last three nights hiding in the work shop to see what happens  when I'm not there, NOTHING! the only spirits I found where in the house in a bottle  marked 10 year old single malt .hic! muss wait for a full moon and try again,hic!


09/04/2008 11:57:00


I am sure that planer in the video has two blades?


08/04/2008 21:26:00

So thats where all the mess comes from in my workshop, I think I'll sneak out tonight and open the door quickly to see if Ican catch them at it,making a mess that is, will it be like when you try to see if the fridge light goes out when you close the door? and you open it quick and the light is on , but in reverse will it all stop once I turn the light on?


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
07/04/2008 21:55:00

Hello fellow club members, I see we are one over the eight is that a good state  to be in, matron has let me out , she has had a  word with the doctors and says if I keep taking the bromide and stay of a high protien diet I should be okay for a while, Mike has not put his bit in lately, but I have a feeling he has gone abroad, Perhaps he will start up an overseas branch, he will be surprised how you have moved things on Derek.


28/03/2008 11:51:00


I go back further in time to 1929! as they say the older you get the sillier you are, if one takes a position on the board can you claim expences, i/e Wife as secertary,son as researcher, a second home, trips abroad,travel .car hire, taxis?. I like the poster  but must go now the men in white coats are at the door.


27/03/2008 23:14:00


Chairman is not PC , I'm sorry I am already committed, the men in the white suits are taking me away tomorrow and I'll not be back untill the 7th April , I know I am leaving it in good hands .


PS Thanks for the welcome, I have some work in the gallery,


27/03/2008 18:32:00

Hi guys put me down for two blades on my under over planer, but should we be shouting about this? there may be a common market rule that states  you must have three blades or you can only operate on odd dates or some other silly ruling" they would not allow firemen to climb ladders to take down christmas bunting" how they go on at a fire I don't know,

If the club gets under way will there be any concessions for the elderly amongst us,? or will there be an age limit,this could be classed as age discrimination, will you need photographic confirmation ? will the type of guard matter? mine swings to one side, perhaps there could be a competition to find the planer that is the fastest and the owner would have the title "Two Blades"  who drives the fasest planer in the west/south or where ever he lives the possibilities are endless.


Thread: Extractor 2.jpg
22/03/2008 19:15:00

Hi Mike

I don't know how that happened, I did not realise about closing the gallery I am a novice with these computers, I was so pleased I had managed to down load something, I'll try and do better next time. no more upside down photos I hope.


Thread: img035.jpg
21/03/2008 18:02:00

Thanks Sparky


Thread: img034.jpg
21/03/2008 17:58:00

Thanks this bowl was presented to the local builder who was responsable for the reconstruction of the mill, the base is from one of the pit wheel teeth they were oak, not apple as a lot of people thought,


Thread: img040.jpg
21/03/2008 17:41:00

Sorry folk I should have explained, it has come from the burnt timber and was on the lathe waiting to be turned, yes it's up side down silly me, I did not notice when I down loaded


Thread: Gun and cartridge belt
21/03/2008 17:27:00

Thanks It's always satisfying when a project turns out well , there were no drawings I borrowed a twelve bore and worked from that.


Thread: The lathe
21/03/2008 17:20:00

Hi Baz and OPJ

The lathe is an Axminister  M950, the green stand is what my first lathe was mounted on, it was a home made lathe, the tin stand that came with the lathe is in the shed, the exstention is angle iron ,it can come of the end of the lathe and be fitted to the side to make a short bowl lathe ,and with the head turned I can turn 19in I will put a picture on the gallery some time, I am on my third set of pulleys they tend to wear badly when they are running fully exstended ie full speed,

The lathes are not the best on the market , you get what you pay for , but Axminster are very good when you need spares. I hope to remedy the dust once I get round to making a dust extracter box as per Mike !Im looking round for materials  to construct the unit without rushing out to buy new. I cant grumble I have done a lot of work on the lathe.


Thread: Extractor 2.jpg
19/03/2008 20:05:00

Hi I thought this was about "extracting the dust" not any other waste product!

Mike is there any reason why you have reversed the position of the  vacuum ? you had on your other dust box the suction  hose higher than the return pipe , how are the baffles constructedi n your new box? what vacuum are you using it seems a larger hose , iit  looks like a very strong box you have constructed, a good job,



Thread: Lidded pot in african walnut 2008 (15).jpg
17/03/2008 20:28:00

Hi Richard

I have managed to down load pictures of the work with the wood rescued from the fire at Stotfold mill , you can see the state of the wood  when I had cut it open, next time I down load I will change  the numbers for caption,


10/03/2008 21:01:00

Sorry the web site is .stotfoldmill .com


Thread: A quick guide to dust extraction
10/03/2008 20:53:00

Thanks Baz and MIke

I.ll  give the project some thought, before I attempt my set up,


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