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Thread: Oak combi frame
28/04/2008 20:06:00

 The postmen hate these low letter boxes, good woodwork, shame about the bricks they really spoil a good job.


Thread: hello from israel
28/04/2008 19:48:00


Who made the table very good.


28/04/2008 19:47:00

 Hi Uri you are very lucky to have olive wood as a local timber, I have turned a couple of peices in olive for a friend he brought it back from portugal, It turns very well and takes a good finish, nothing as elaborate  as your work , welcome to the site.


Thread: Imagine you could only have one...
26/04/2008 22:19:00

 Talking of home brewing, many years ago I tried to make some tea wine, the recipe said to place the bowl of liquid in a warm place cover with a cloth and let it ferment, this I did and put in the cupboard next to the airing cupboard where the wife kept all the spare towels and linen, went of and left it ferment , went back to check on the wine several days later only to discover the cloth that I covered the bowl with had sank into the liquid and it acted like a wick drawing the said liquid out of the bowl and soaking all the linen on the shelf  with this tea liquid, needless to say I was not popular with the better half and have not attempted home brewing since.


PS I am allowed to make tea or coffee, 

Thread: Sink!!!
26/04/2008 21:53:00

 I don't think you can construct it like a barrel , a barrel is kept to gether with iron bands and the barrel relies on being kept moist to expand the wood to make it watertight. We constructed the stone cover or tun at Stotfold mill like a half barrel the staves had to be tapered and planed at an angle to fit together tight, we then drove the iron bands or hoops over the barrel to hold the whole thing in place, this has been very succesful this has of course been kept dry as it has to retain flour, which is contrary to what I said but you have all seen  halve tubs on patios fall to bits when they dry out.

 Yew would look very nice but I am not sure as to its properties in a sink situation,  Talking about yew being poisenous did you know that you can eat the fruit of the yew  as long as you do not eat the stone? I know, I did not believe it when I was told, but the chGeorgeap who told me actually ate the fruit in front of me  and he is still alive today

25/04/2008 23:24:00

I think elm is a good wood, I'm sure they used it for making buckets in the old days,but a wooden sink, I don't think your new wife will appreciate scrubbing it clean every day it will be very difficult to keep it hygienic it is all right if you have been brought up with this type thing but to go back in time is a different thing, fit a nice stainless insert and get the browny points, the rest of the kitchin sounds fab,


Thread: Imagine you could only have one...
25/04/2008 23:00:00

Not bad from what machine to what pencil in twenty three messages,, the piece of electrical equipment I would not do without is the kettle! whats better than a nice cup of tea or coffee when things don't go the way you expect, to sit down with your favourite beverage and cotemplate  the avenues open to you to rectrfy the problem,


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
24/04/2008 22:31:00

Sorry Mike I must have misread a thread along the way, about you going on holiday, a lot of people come to East Anglia  for their holidays,


24/04/2008 22:01:00

Mike I don't know of a show that would satisfy your interests, if you go to what is loosely named a craft fair, it contains loads of stalls that cant be called craft' bought in goods for resale, hand made card etc maybe a wood turner or carver but not wood work of the caliber you are looking for, They  say the Queen has a good show at Sandringham I have not been but that is what I am told, I think it will be a job to find a show that is within reach of every one and contains a large exibition of high class of completed wood work, Keep looking you never know. I see you are of abroard again have a good trip,


Thread: Price of Bench Grinders
24/04/2008 21:40:00

 I have a Tull grinder I have had it for over twenty years, of course I have  replaced and upgraded the  stones several times, and replaced the tool rest with a set up similar to the Trugrind Sharpening System as I mainly sharpen turning chisels , I often look at the Tormek and think how much I would like to own one, I don't know how a wet stone stands up to being left unused for long periods?, If you want a drystone system Creusen  grinders do a set up I don't know how it comperes with the Tormek list of grinding attachments, but that comes out over £200, theres nothing cheap in this world, but if you buy one for £10 it will be rubbish ,poor quality stones poorly made tool rests, It depends how competent you are at grinding tools to the correct angle, but if I was starting again i don't think I would hesitate at buying a Tormek it would be a good investment for years ,  Decent stones cost best part of £20 each ,


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
22/04/2008 20:59:00

Hi guys a get together? are you sure you want to face the reality of meeting face to face, after all we have only known each other for a short while. One good site might be the D&M Toolshow held at Kempston Park Racecourse, free entry, free parking free show guide,  therei ,s a web site for further information , there may well be caravan parking in the area for the gypsies amongst us,


Thread: We've just got our 3000th member!
21/04/2008 20:50:00

Congratulations you are doing a grand job Ben the news letter sound a good idea , as Derek says there are a lot of threads to look at now,.


Thread: Can Anyone Help
21/04/2008 20:39:00

 Ralph as Mike says if the tools where good enough eight years ago they will be good today, you sound as if you have a good knowledge of the subject any way, , there        is a dedicated turning magazine WOODTURNING W H Smiths carry it. If you have not bought any wood turning blanks for eight years  you will find them very expensive, there are always new tools coming on the market, enjoy your turning, and good luck.


Thread: settle (2).jpg
21/04/2008 20:22:00

MIKE Looks a good job well made , I bet that's where the cat hides when you start up the planer!


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
20/04/2008 15:19:00

I am glad i did not put the cat through the planer just spent two hour trawling through a bag of sawdust to find the little spring from behind the blade, as for stroking things to relax and relieve tension I always found stroking a pussy was very helpful, and the cat enjoyed   being stroked as well.

Derek have not had a news update lately.


19/04/2008 19:36:00

ike is that what you would call a purrrfect salution , do you have to feed them in with the grain!


Thread: Free oak
18/04/2008 20:33:00
Derek  I thought you where making a table to hold the club dinner on ? it looks just about big enough for all the members to get round it , Don't mention it to you know who! 
Thread: Vacuum chucks
17/04/2008 21:04:00

Hi! Kasper I down loaded an article from a web site this was in 02/11/05 so I don't know if it is still on the web . this gave a  discription of a vacuum chuck, it's an American site but it gives you a lot of information. I have also seen an article where you can use an ordinary vacuum cleaner for the vacuum pump, I think with thiis type of chuck you have to take light cut and not to run at a high speed, if you can't find the web perhaps there is some way I can copy the info and get it to you, I still have not made one myself yet it is a job to do.


Thread: When your not there
16/04/2008 20:54:00

Rich a photo evert twenty minutes? you'r either drinking a lot of beer or making the one last a long time


Thread: Another weekend of under-achievment??
16/04/2008 20:51:00

Welcome back Mike , you can see you left it all in good hands,


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