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Thread: Two steps back
26/09/2010 21:16:56
 Sorry to hear of your disaster, falling at the first jump ,hope you are unscathed,
 That is the trouble with MDF it has no strength . if it had been ply it probably  would have survived, perhaps a layer of ply could have been incorporated in the design to strengthen it  .
Excuse the pun. " is it to late now the horse has bolted"
Thread: spindle threads
23/09/2010 11:31:24
 That is correct for imperial sizes, but metric threads are measured different i/e measure the dia, say it is 30mm you then measure the pitch of the thread, that is across the thread 3.5mm seems to be a standard metric thead pitch. iif that is any help
22/09/2010 19:53:21
Liz welcome to the site
I agree with the advice on the chuck having an  thread insert, hope you enjoy your turning and you will post pictures of your efforts.
 Sparky you done it? it's a okay now.
 Ron Have you had a good holiday?
21/09/2010 23:15:45
 Yes but the word this is right at the edge of he panel.
21/09/2010 23:05:42
 I am unable to read the whole text as it is covered by the adverts , I thought it was just my computor .
 P/S It is okay from Dennis's complaint on. as there are no adverts, it is the only page affected by the problem. 

Edited By George Arnold on 21/09/2010 23:09:52

Thread: lathe problem
17/09/2010 20:33:41
It is a very difficult question to answer , you don't say how long or what diameter the spindles are, if the spindles are thin they will flex and need some support in the middle either your hand or a center support, then you say chatter! so it could be head stock bearings, or if you are using a live tail stock center the bearings in these can wear, you will have to check each part of the lathe for wear,
I am not familiar with the type of bearings fitted to a Myford, but if they are roller bearings ? look in the Yellow pages and look for a bearing  factor and you will find them a lot cheaper  than Myford.
Whether it is  your  technique, it is hard to say, keep the tool rest close to the work so the chisels do not over hang to far, keep the  handle end  tucked in to your body so as your arm don't wave about, also you don't say what type of cut you are making, or if it happens with both scrapers and gouges, have you a turning club? in your area where you could get some help, most turners are only to pleased to help
Hope you can get it sorted and enjoy the pleasure that can be got from turning.
Thread: Ultra Cigar
17/09/2010 19:59:19
 Very nice pen, how does the new lathe compare with your old one
Thread: my dog's summer house
17/09/2010 19:55:07
Hi Mandy
 Good to see you back . hope all is well with you now. I like the dogs house very upmarket.
Thread: problem with motor.
16/09/2010 20:31:26
Put Electric motors spares and repairs in Google search there are loads of suppliers for electric moters and spares.
Thread: Urea/formaldehyde resin
15/09/2010 20:26:19
In Axminster catalogue Titebond Extended Wood Glue. it says it is most suitable for complicated , and laminated work. there is a page full of glues Page 339
Thread: Rocking horse Carving
15/09/2010 20:15:11
It's comming together nicely, , Would a surform type tool be better for  carving material that has no grain, go steady you can't put it back once you have removed the material
Thread: Intrigue
15/09/2010 20:06:38
Is that really what was hiding behind those two trees all this while
Thread: elvis
12/09/2010 13:12:03
Very good.
Nice one Andy didn't the sawdust mess up your blue suede shoes?
Thread: late 1920s town sedan
12/09/2010 13:05:52
 I agree with Dennis two excllent pieces of work.
Thread: Dennis`s Oak burr bowl
12/09/2010 13:03:56
That is a lovely piece of work , well done
Thread: Was it better value?
12/09/2010 12:15:44
Andy & Darren
Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to reply to my post, it's good to see the fact that someone in the office reads the web site.
I understand Darrens defence of the position he along with you have inherited with the 13 copy situation, I don't think I critisised any body personaly, over this, but my assumption that the decision that was  taken by the previous owners was for financial gains.not to improve it for the readers.
As for the printing I personaly find the black and white on matt paper easier to read than some of the printing on coloured shiny paper, but that is a personal thing.
The argument about value is as hard as" how long is a piece of string " and it seems the majority of the people who look at the site ,253 hits are not bothered either way.
 Once again thank you for your answers, carry on the good work, I think that is about all I have to say.
10/09/2010 21:14:50
Perhaps con was the wrong word, as I said in the first post a clever piece of marketing, to increase the turnover by one twelve at a stroke . I can't remember when it happened but I stopped taking it  at that time  for that reason, untill  I had a phone call and it was offered at a price I could not refuse,
Yes I have the option to discontinue the discounted subscription  and buy twelve copies, but I am afraid i would not buy many as it is not found in every newsagents, I only started the discussion  to see what interest I could  rouse, not a lot ! four replies counting yours,, That's par for course
It still does not answer the question" Was it better value" @50p
Thread: Miners davy lamp
09/09/2010 15:03:15
Here is a picture

 The glass holder is wood painted with brass paint. george
09/09/2010 14:59:34
  What parts would you need? if you are turning a replica in wood you will turn all the parts out of wood all you would need would be dimensions. when I turned an oil lamp the only parts  I bought was the glass, and electical fittings.
 Some where I think I saw details in a magazine if I find it I will post it on the site.
Thread: Was it better value?
09/09/2010 14:50:24
Hi Guys
If you base the cost today against the minimum wage  Age 22 years £5-80   Age 18-21 years £4-83 Age 16-17 years £3-57 You would have to work about 36 minutes on the top rate and on the lowest rate you would have  to work for nearly an hour. The stand price of the magazine is £3-50.
 I think machinery by and large  is better value today( price wise), with a bigger choice.
 I still think 13 mags a year is a con ?
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