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Thread: How do you rate your lathe
15/05/2008 19:37:00

 Yes John adapters are another way to get round different thread sizes Axminster do a very limited range.


14/05/2008 21:56:00

 Sparky at least they are not of the top shelf or the fan would be working over time, never mind it will soon be bath time.


14/05/2008 21:26:00

  Sparky unfortunately there has never been an accepted standard fitting each manufacturer has their own, if you look in Axminsters catalogue there are a dozen different threads, even on the lathes they supply there are two different threads.

If you will keep buying those expensive mags!


14/05/2008 19:44:00

 Sparky have you puchased your chuck yet, It's a good idea to buy one with a thread insert , so if you change to another lathe you don't have to lashout on new chucks or have to pay for them to be bored out and rethreaded, when I looked at the Nova I had to add in the cost of £50 to get my chuck and face plates altered to   1 1/8th in  8tpi, also it has a short bed as standard , you can buy extension beds which I would have needed.


13/05/2008 19:39:00

Baz I envy you with your Nova dvr I looked at them at Ali Pali and thought hard and long to see  if I could warrant spending the  money,they are a class  job. 

Oddjob I think you could upgrade to cam locks , these lathes are what the Record lathes are based on, they have only recently fitted camlocks to their machines, I assume  you have had al ook on EBay, for any Coronet  gear,

Thanks lads keep the comments coming, you can only speak as you find.


Thread: Congratulations
13/05/2008 19:05:00

 Am I missing something I subscribe and have not seen said copy yet!  the one I have is issue 201? May is not issued untill May 30th so it can't be in the shop yet, surely.


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
12/05/2008 17:31:00

That is what I wanted to see laymans experiences and what trouble or problem that crop up after using or owning a lathe for a period , not profesionals with a brand new lathes to test, how they perform in the field 

Thanks Baz I hope you are the first of many so as we can gain a picture of different lathes, there must be a lot of lathes out there somewhere looking at the differt makes and suppliers, they can't all be working perfectly, or if they are lets hear about them.


Thread: Diamond Stones
12/05/2008 17:19:00

 Mike this could be as messy as putting the cat through the planer,and more painful, it would be a pity to get blood over that nice telephone table while dialing the ambulance service.

OPJ did you see the American inventers program on the tele where the bloke had rigged up a gadget on his grind stone to trim his finger nails?


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
11/05/2008 18:04:00

 Hi you guys  is there no one out there with a lathe they are satisfied with or dissatified with. I started this thread to see what lathes performed  like once they are in the hands of the average turner. Manufactuers must be very pleased with the results so far.


Thread: Diamond Stones
11/05/2008 17:54:00

 Mike I take it you used a stone cutting disc in your angle grinder, sounds a bit scary  hope you put on your safety glasses. At least to please the safety rep.


Thread: A buyers guide to lathes
09/05/2008 19:50:00

 Thanks Ben I have put new thread  out on the lathe   in Tools and Workshop  much as I have written in this thread , I hope some of the 3000 have lathes and will join in with their review on a lathe they are using,


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
08/05/2008 22:52:00

 My lathe is an Axminster M 950 I have had it for nine years  had problems when I first purchased  it with a sloppy thread on the head stock spindle this was replaced, I found the nuts on the camlocks kept loosening as you slid the  saddle up and down the bed, this was cured by fitting Nyloc nuts.

Have had to replace the pulleys three times as they wear badly on the splines , in fact I need to replace them again now .

I find there is a lot of play between the head stock and the tail stock where they fit to the bed , and the consequence is when you want to drill you have to realign them every time after you have moved them , there is a lot of play in the tail stock quill ,

The electrics have been no trouble the motor is the original one as fitted , I paid £399.99 for it I have done a lot of work with the lathe,, they say you get what you pay for, Aminster at the time said these lathe where superier to other imports as they imposed better quality control on the manufactures? I have not used any other lathe for any length of time to compere  it for vibration I suppose you get used to what you have .


Thread: Sparky's 1000th post!!!!!
07/05/2008 20:15:00

 Good going Sparky you certainly put alot of effort in to your threads hope you find time for turning,


Thread: A buyers guide to lathes
07/05/2008 19:55:00

 HI Ben I was wondering if we could set up a thread where people could pass comments on the lathe they have purchased.

Make and model/       Year purchased New or s/h /     What has had to replaced   Any problems that have been encountered. /  Availability of spares/   Customer service/  Any comments  on the general performance/   Cost of lathe.

This would give the overall performance of the lathes over a period of time in the hand of the general turner, I know the magazines do write ups which are good but a time in general use would throw up more information,

This could be applied to any other machine ie  Bandsaw and all one would needs do is click on the thread under Lathe or what ever Machine and pick every body's brains and experience  this would bring all the information in one place,


05/05/2008 18:04:00


If you fit Nyloc nuts you do not have to keep tightening them up once you get them set you can forget them, Yes the shaft is 1in 8tpi so go on get the chuck once you get one you will wonder how you managed without it it is so easy to hold wood , have you a screw chuck these are very handy,  You say you have knocking check the pulleys for wear they can wear so badly the will not slide to change speeds.

Record now fit cam locks  on their lathes which is a big improvement, All these cheap lathes with swivel head do not come back to line up head stock and tail stock accurately you have to realign them every time there is to much tolerance between the machined parts. I looked at the new Nova lathes that record market now , the head stock on these returned to line up with the tail stock every time I moved them, but they are a lot more money but if you intend to do a lot of turning they are real value for money, Ive looked and thought but at my age I can't really justify it, I will have  to keep patching up the Axminster.


04/05/2008 21:23:00
 Sparky I have had a Axminster M950 since March 1999 , I had a bit of trouble with it when I purchased it , I was not happy with the head stock shaft, I had purchased a  Multistar  Triton chuck and it was a sloppy fit on the thread, I took the chuck back to Multistar and they checked it out and it was to the correct tolerance, in the end I got a new shaft from Axminster, they  say it is inch but if you measure it you will find the shafts are  a the metric equivalent about 15thou under size.  any way during the nine years I have had the lathe I have replaced the pulleys three times, they tend to wear at the splines when they are run at high speed, they want changing again now, I have just shimmed them to stop them opening to far, I also found the nuts on the saddle and tail stock assembly used to undo as you slid them along the bed , I remember reading in one of the magazines some one drilled them and tapped them to take an allen screw, any way I got on to Axminster and they supplied me with  Nyloc nuts, the first set they sent me I had to cut a slice of them as they locked up solid before the reached the nylon, they when I returned the peice I had cut of supplied me with some that they had machined to fit I see from my paper work it was the January00 , they also gave me a free face plate  as the one I had from Multistar ran very close to the end of the motor, Yes I would like a better lathe, but I have done alot of work on this one, I see I paid £399-95 for it, Axminster are good if you have problems.  George
Thread: Chisels V. Health & Safety
03/05/2008 22:05:00

 I recently changed broadband supplier when I spoke to the operator and said the cable would have to come through  the roof space she said somethimg about the engineer could not go up a ladder , luckily I live in a bungalow, There was an accident at the factory where I worked , a fork lift driver was killed , the factory was a very tall building  and it had large double sliding doors that  did not slide every easily when you had to open them  these doors must have been about 18ft tall  they took a fair bit of effort to open so it was not a very quick operation, what happend was the driver arrived at these doors and on the forks he had three stillages, these where large square metal bins used by the car manufactures to hold component parts, these bins where empty and he was taking them into the yard , he got of the forktruck and went to open the doors, he had left the fork trucks engine running  this truck had automatic transmission, some how , they could not discover how the hand brake released and the truck crept forward and crushed him to death, they tried all sorts of test but could not discover how or why the brake came off, it was very strange it was on the night shift and I was working in the welding bays not far away welding up army bumpers  so I was making enough noise,  and I never heard a thing , and knew nothing about it till the night shift foreman came and asked me questions. 


02/05/2008 21:55:00


 I to received my copy to day , is it a coincidence that the smart and very well organised workshop fellow has the same enitials as yourself ?  There don't seem to be many H&S problems if that the case, of course the problem comes when you pick up the tools to use them We have all seen the results of people removing guards, afriend of mine has all his fingers missing on one hand from an accident with a guillotine, I met a butcher who had put his hand in a power mincer, he said it would not have been so bad but he was always getting on to his staff to use the block provided to push the meat down, accidents only take a moment but last a life time.


Thread: Grinders sharpening jig 1b.jpg
02/05/2008 21:30:00

Hi Sparky

Your jig looks as if you could easely calibrate and mark the jig with the angles so as you can quickly reset an angle to regrind a chisel, I wonder if it was fitted to a cheap slow running grinder like the Axminster Perform wet stone or Wickes do a similar one for about the same price how it  would perform ? not quite a Tormek but a hell of lot cheaper.


01/05/2008 20:43:00


Where did you get the design from I've not seen one like that before, can you do a finger nail grind with it ? if it works okay for you that's what you want from a jig.


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