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Thread: Lots of newcomers....but not many new galleries!
29/05/2008 23:20:00


Keep up the good work, taking the mick , but I agree with Mikes comments and must post some more pictures.

I was dissapointed with the feed back I got on the thread I started, from 3000 members


Thread: cutting inside
27/05/2008 20:25:00


 Robert Sorbey do ring tools  in their catalogue, I certainly would not use a skew for hollowing out,  a scraper is one of the best tools inside solong as you keep it sharp with a good bur and use it in a trailing mode. Sorby's make a lot of hollowing tool of the scraper type  with inter changeable tips  the " Multi Tip Shear Scraper. It will depend how deep the bowl is with a standard ground bowl gouge how succesful you will be, As Oddjob says you need a different angle on the gouge.

 If you look at Peter Child catalogue they do a Supertip system which has different tips fitted to one handle this includes what they discribe as a loop tool very similar to a ring tool, and another tip that is specialy ground for hollowing , if you want to do any deep hollowing the chisel length needs to be for 7in it's recomended to be 24in long.


Thread: Jewelery box latches.
27/05/2008 19:39:00


That would want al ot of making Derek's looks a bit easier , Have you ever seen John Berkeley ? he makes all sorts of puzzles his web site is www, I don't knpw if he does any plans I see he has a dvd available i don't know what is contained in that or how much it cost .


Magnets would hold altight they do on cupboards and wardrobes, Good luck to you both  i hope we'll see the results.


Thread: Directory.
26/05/2008 20:11:00


A good idea, I was thinking along those lines regarding the subjects this site covers if you could put in say dust extraction and all the threads on the subject would show on one site. or lathes or whatever information you wanted, I think it would make it easier for users, I don't know how difficult it would be for Ben to organise.


Thread: Jewelery box latches.
26/05/2008 19:59:00

Hi Guys

Have you see  the Ironmongery Direct catalogue Phone08454500020 or Email as the name suggest it is full of all sorts of hardware, and they are very prompt with their service.


Thread: Help! Lathe Restoration Project
25/05/2008 12:33:00


Why is the lathe the reverse to standard lathes ie the head stock is on the right, wish you luck with the restoration.


Thread: lathe virgin
25/05/2008 12:17:00


As I said a understanding wife " not somethig else to dust" that's always the trouble with hobbies  what do you do with what you produce, I've had an outlet for a  l ot of my work I support a local restoration project on a water mill and sell the articles to raise money towards funds ,


23/05/2008 20:09:00


You don't have to spend a fortune on a grinding jig, go into forum topics Price of Bench Grinders Baz has put a picture of one recmended by Keith Rowely there is alot of talk about grinders,information you could find helpful if you have to purchase one,

Also underNew Bench grinder jig by Mike there is another simple jig. Sparky has also put one on one of the threads I cant find it at the moment but if he reads this he might put it up again,

You'll find if you buy a lathe at about the price you are looking at you can spend as much on  tools and fitments and don't forget you will need some means of measureing  ie calipers and dividers but you only need to buy cheap ones of these, but don't be put of  the hobby is well worth every penny spent,any way have you seen the price of wool thtas not a cheap job theses days.


22/05/2008 22:03:00


You will need a grindstone to sharpen the chisels , I don't know how compentent you are at grinding but its a good idea to have some sort of jig/fixture to help to get the angle right, some form of chucking there are plenty on the market, a screw chuck is also very useful, a face plate  often one comes with the lathe, try and get a deal with those thing when you buy your lathe,  a heap of off cuts , an understanding wife.

Buy as big a lathe as you can afford you can turn little things on big lathes but you can't turn big thing on little lathes. Enjoy your turning it's a great hobby you can use wood that no one else want the more knots a rough grain the better, find a club ,I don't know what area you are in but if you are in the Beds /Herts border I can reccomend one. 


Thread: The new way to remove rust organically
22/05/2008 21:24:00

 O Sparky

I don;t need to refurbish that tool, thankyou , you know what they say use it or lose it, or was that the Post Office, I thought the liquid was a passive substance but it seems to have a lot of side effects.


PS pack up the smoking  you know it's anti social

22/05/2008 19:53:00

H All

Has any one got the RELATE number??


21/05/2008 20:32:00

 That's a right Sparkling job Sparky well done  where did you purchase the cleaner from, good job and a good report,


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
21/05/2008 20:22:00


You will find plenty of different subjects to to put your view on, I don't  know what set up you have for grinding your turning chisels ,Sparky put forward what looked like a good set up that he uses

 John I do not know much about your tool manufacturer it will be interesting to hear how you get on with it once you are up and running.


20/05/2008 19:56:00

 Thanks Dave  when I started this thread  I had hoped there would have been a lot more lathe owners ready to put forward what they found with different lathes so far we have only heard of three manufacturers Nova , Axminster and Coronet, I  know Axminster are much the same as a lot of the imported lathes although they have 1in spindle and no2 m/t .

Welcome to the site I don't think I have seen your name before,  but a really good  write up perhaps it will encourage more comments from other uses of lathes.


Thread: Blue Tit finished
18/05/2008 17:29:00
PS you would lose your interest in birds! George
18/05/2008 17:27:00


I hope you don't hold the wood between you knees! one slip could bring about a gender change very quickly.


Thread: Bosch GCM 12SD
18/05/2008 17:03:00


I don't at the moment but it is probaly a good idea to fit one for added safety incase I put any heavy wood on to the saw. My saw is a Record they gave it away during a promotion with the band saw  I purchased, it's just a chop saw a bit limited on width',


Thread: bottle stoppers
16/05/2008 21:29:00

You don't have to worry to much as nothing touches the stopper it will be used on part empty bottles so unless they are laid  down nothing touches the contents. I prefer to use the Optic  corks in Synthetic rubber you can get them in black or white, I have got them from Peter Child on I see they only have black at the moment I was going to see if the local firm that supplies bar equipment done them any cheaper, enjoy your wood turning.


Thread: Bosch GCM 12SD
16/05/2008 21:00:00


Iv'e mine mounted on drawer runners on the bench and draw it forward to come in front of the bench when I require to cut any thing long so as it clears the vice and bench drill ,I got the runners out of a metal desk they double extend, if you know the type.


Thread: Blue Tit finished
16/05/2008 20:30:00

 Sparky you are a multi talented, computer literate, dexterous,,dedicated converter of tree wood into articles both useful and decorative. Nice bird


PS Was one of those mags bird watchig, you are not a twitcher as well?


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