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Thread: Lots of newcomers....but not many new galleries!
11/06/2008 16:06:00


Welcome to the site, we have a number of lady wood turners at the wood turning club I belong to, and they give as good as they get from the blokes, when we have our Christmas fun day they have a go turning what ever is chosen for the days competition in front of the men, I don't know if you will have the last word on this site

  It's difficult to critisise work people put in the gallery, but it's good to see other peoples efforts, as you know, wood turning is a lonely hobby and a hobby is what it is for a lot of people on this site, There are also a lot of professionals on the site  as well so  it's good to read their input and  get their advice on different subjects .

Look forward to seeing some of your work  in the gallery.


Thread: Buying a new lathe
10/06/2008 20:34:00


I agree with Baz, the lathe is a bit dearer but it is well worth the money, Dave Atkinson  will tell you how well he rates the lathe, I ran a thread on how people rated their lathes it was not very well subscibed to but all the reports on the Nova where excellent.

I think Record are seling the NovaDVR-XP for £1799.90 with chuck stand and out rigger. I know it is always  difficult  to make your mind up and of course the initial cost is always a consideration.

Good luck with what ever you choose. George

Thread: My Latest Project
09/06/2008 20:57:00


Have you made your will yet? and checked to see if your insurance covers speed trials and boy racing, round here they used to race wheely bins during the carnival week, stopping at every pub for half a pint, but that has died out now, of course while you are recovering in hospital you will be able to hold Zimmer frame races up and down the ward.


Thread: Yew'le log.
09/06/2008 20:46:00


I think the people using a jig are cutting the log along the grain, not as you have cut the log on the diagonal, this of course provides the most stable plank for your name plate boards, Yew is a lovely wood to turn, on the trunk wood you can get a lot of inclusions, where the tree grows round branches or bark and the piece of wood can fall in bits after you have cut the planks.


Thread: My Latest Project
09/06/2008 19:48:00


 Cant see very well ! tyres at 120 Lb psi! 40 mph !I bet you get a funny smell when the brakes fail, I think you should not follow the advice from Baz, but keep your cycle clips on untill the end just in case. It looks like a very hazardous weekend if Derek turns up with those flying pigs.

What charity will you be supporting on the JohnO'Groats run? St Johns Ambulance might be a good crowd to get on your side.

Good Luck, George

08/06/2008 20:50:00


I've seen concrete cows  in MK, I've seen a concrete boat, but never a concrete car, I think the power weight ratio would be pretty poor, your latest effort must be the ultimate in "recycling",

Lands End to JohnO'groats on your bike Mike, we will sponsor you for a charity if you go, follow in the steps of Beefy.3000 members @ £10 each thats £30,000 for starters plus magazine sponsorship.


Thread: Lattice Lidded Pot
05/06/2008 20:32:00


If you look at the other videos on the Cutting coving with a table saw thread there is one of a fellow cutting a bowl with a router amongst many others.


Thread: Cutting coving on a table saw
05/06/2008 19:25:00


Thats some saw looks very well thought out, but I suppose it comes with a hefty price.


03/06/2008 20:32:00

 The man in the video was really demonstrating the jig set up , with its guides and hold downs which must make it a lot safer than just using a piece of timber for a guide as he started out,  you have to hand it to the Yanks they produce a lot of gadget for the wood worker, I noticed he put on goggles once he had set up the jig.

Did you look at all the other videos  in the series?I don't like your idea Mike with the blade on top your extractor would be working overtime, I think H/S would not approve.


Thread: Textured Pot.jpg
02/06/2008 22:42:00


Thats an excellent piece   ,how big is it  it's a job to judge the size from a photo, look forward to seeing more of your work.


Thread: Cutting coving on a table saw
02/06/2008 20:24:00

Did you have a look at any of the other videos, cutting half lap miters  on a saw bench was one I had alook at there are loads more, The Woodsmith mag looks like a good one?


Thread: Lots of newcomers....but not many new galleries!
02/06/2008 19:46:00


It is a difficult job to judge somthing from a photograph , it is hard to tell how good the finish is, and if it is a turned bowl how even are the sides, or how good are the joints  in a cabinet,  It might even depend how good you are with a camera.

Talking of judging things or stating ones preference the clock in this months mag did nothing for me, thats not judging it on the quality of the work , or the difficulty of the project, it's just down to my personal taste, and that's where the problem  is .


01/06/2008 19:41:00

 They have a bring and display  day, at the woodturning club I belong to when it first started there was a very small number of projects brought in, and it was judged . but now they do not judge the work and the place is full of members efforts .every one is as Mike says at a different level so it is impossible to judge fairly.

Judging is a personal thing we each have our own conception of what we like, but can appreciate the workmanship that has gone into making the piece  even if the article is not to our taste,  It's not like breeding dogs where all the points  that the judges use are laid out  for the breed of animal, even then the judge will have personal likes and dislikes which will effect his decision , as long as our efforts to put over our points of view, or spelling or grammer  are not criticised we'll carry on trying.But we are not all computor whiz kid's .

Another good thread Mike


Thread: Jenny Wren carving
01/06/2008 16:11:00

 Hi Sparky

I just knew you would not be stumped for an answer, the pins a bit cruel


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
31/05/2008 17:51:00


 Thanks for the offer but I am in Bedfordshire, a bit far to travel, There is a thread on this site where we had a long discussion on the ins and out of different grinders. if I can find it I'll put  the details on this page.

Thanks once again George.

30/05/2008 20:36:00

 Thanks Dave

Ive seen reports of other makes and they do not come up to  the Tomek  quality. I suppose it's the old story you only get what you pay for.


Thread: Bed
30/05/2008 20:01:00

 Big Al

I made a couple of head boards I made the mistake of hardly leaving enough room between the bed side cabinets and the bed, any one can see a woman never made the bed up , or have you been pressing the sheets? Nice head board.


Thread: Jenny Wren carving
30/05/2008 19:50:00

 Hi Sparky

Another nice bird ! how do you get them to pose? they are always on the move in my garden.


Ps Mind Mike  dosn't catch you out with his Swiss army knife, or you will need someone to bail you out.


Thread: Tooth and nail
30/05/2008 19:34:00

 Hi Guys

I think the better word is Botchers. one who makes a botch job although both words are given in the dictionary, for the same discription.


Thread: How do you rate your lathe
30/05/2008 18:25:00

 Hi Dave

How do you get on with a wet grinder if you do not use it on a regular basis? does it dry out how do you maintain it, of course when you buy a Tormek you are not just buying a grinding wheel but a whole sharpening system,


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