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Thread: All Electra Beckum HC260 E
15/01/2013 19:09:44

Hi Gareth ,

I have that machine and got the belt easily at a bearins company . Only cost about 5 euro . I'm sure they cant be difficult to get where you are .

Thread: Electra Beckum HC260
09/12/2012 14:15:44

Hi All ,

As per my previous posts , I was given an ancient Elektra Beckum HC260 planer last year . I've been working on it occasionally and am gled to say its running really well now . After plenty of elbow grease and tlc . Only thing is.... I was not given the fence with it , Id' like to get manufacturers fence for it but the cost on-line is up near £100 , not including the conversion and the shipping to me here in Ireland .

I'm hoping that some generous sort of woodworker out there has this fence thrown in the back of a shed somewhere gathering dust , I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for it and shipping ? Also , if someone had the side mortice attachment too , i'd be very grateful ...(probably pushing my luckk but if you dont ask you wont recieve !!) Heres hopin !!!



Thread: clamping
22/11/2012 22:05:45

time to get out the hand plane methinks...............

Thread: Which hinges ??
18/09/2012 15:09:01

Thanks Derek ,

It makes perfect sense , I think a large DOH !!!! is needed ... Sometimes I think so much about things , the obvious answer doesn't jump out at me....It's a simple solution really.

Thanks ,

Kevin .

18/09/2012 13:05:33

Hi All ,

I'm doing some wainscot panelling in a bathroom for a client , I've to panel in a boiler and want to give a continious look throughout . I'd rather not use parliment hinges as they would be too visible , I need a discreet hinge that will allow the door (panel0 to swing out around the skirting board . I'm hoping to leave around a 2mm gap around the door and the main issue is that the skirting is that the skirting is running up to and across the panel . Any advice ?

Thread: Scheppach ts4010
04/09/2012 10:51:17

Hi All ,

I have had the Scheppach ts4010 for about ten years now ( its the one with the aluminium top ) . It's been a great saw for me and I now find I'm cutting a lot more sheet material . The sliding carriage is quite small and it difficult to cut sheets accurately without having roller stands all around . Does anyone know if it's possible to get a replacement table with the extending arm to carry full sheets ? If yes , are they expensible or would I be better off upgrading to a bigger saw ( which I cant afford ) . Any help would be appreciated .

Thanks ,


Thread: Elektra beckum HC260E, Vintage ?
26/01/2012 15:26:14
Hi Paul ,
I got a new drive belt fairly easily here in Ireland so I presume you will pick one up fairly easily . I'll take the number off it later for you . I've been having the same problem with mine while thicknessing too ... I have not been using it but meant to look at it when I get time , I presume the outfeed roller is set too high or maybe wear over the years . I dont see a way of adjusting it though . Maybe you will be able to solve the problem and let me know ?
Kevin H.
Thread: Scheppach Basato 1 Bandsaw , Manual ?
23/01/2012 13:59:24
Hi Guys ,
Just picked up one of these second hand and am looking for a manual if anyone has one lying around. A copy or scanned version would do great .
Thread: My new 'toy'
16/01/2012 20:36:12
Best of luck with it ............I'm so jealous
Kevin H.
Thread: equipment for spraying
09/01/2012 21:20:36
Hi Zac ,
I use a Fuji HVLP spray gun . I dont do huge amounts of spraying but I find this machine excellent . I got it off Rutlands . I once worked for a bigger company and did a lot of spraying , they had a compresser fed Kremlin gun which drew the paint direct from large containers (25L) . It was a brilliant and almost foolproof system . Excellent results all the time. Of course , they had a dedicated spray shed with extractors and heated drying room.
Thread: new to forum and woodworking
07/01/2012 08:49:51
Hi Denis ,
Of course , I meant design alterations .... not mistakes .lol
06/01/2012 22:27:02
Hello and welcome ,
We all need advice and no question is stupid when it comes to woodworking . You never stop learning with woodwork and we learn as much from mistakes than from successful projects . I wish you well and hope to see more of you on the forum .
Thread: Elektra beckum HC260E, Vintage ?
03/01/2012 21:28:00
Hi Nick
That would be great , I've not been using it to be honest but I have been pondering making a hood and fence . I put new blades on it but need to do some more to it , I find that the infeed and outfeed rollers are a little worn so it seems that the outfeed roller during thicknessing is a little too high ? it means that the timber bounces and gets lots of snipe . I really must get into shed and do some pottering .
Kevin H
Thread: Got There At Last
16/11/2011 20:06:34

Brilliant. Well done
Thread: Welcome to my Workshop!
15/11/2011 08:58:04
Nice space though , even if a bit cluttered . I am the same .. I will post some shots of my workshop soon..... once I've tidied it... . As for power tools , I have 5 routers although my vice seems to be extractors , I have 4 . I dont know why ? I just seem to buy them .. counselling needed maybe ?
Thread: chestnut
24/10/2011 13:35:18

It's horse chestnut ..
24/10/2011 10:57:40
Hi all ,
I've been given a load of chestnut offcut from a local farmer for firewood . Looking at it , I'm wonder is Chestnut any good for turning ? I dont currently turn but intend on taking it up in the future , should I just throw some up in the attic of my garage for a few years and forget about it . I also like to make mirrors and picture frames , is it stable enough for this is I turn it into planks ? any info gratefull recieved .
Slan go foill ,
Thread: Melamine Faced Chipboard
10/10/2011 20:51:09
Hi Carl ,
If you dont have a saw with a scoring attachment , the best you can do it get a really good triple chip blade , one with as many teeth as possible , one side will then be fine with minimal breakout on the other side . The blade needs to be new or really sharp . The chipping will increase as the blade loses edge . Freud do a good range of blades and a good supplier should be able to advise you on the best blade for your requirements . Obviously , it depends on whether you are using a bench saw or a circular saw .
Thread: Sheet material cutting aid
09/10/2011 22:03:48
Hi ,
great to hear they are readily available , I work alone and I might pick one up myself , nothing worse than the sheet or panel splitting at the end . As for the detective work , most of it was old style , rummaging through my old mags although .... where would we be without the internet ??? Not just for researching but for friendly banter and the passing of experiences ( good and bad), that we all can learn from . Until next time .
09/10/2011 20:45:55

Hi again ,
I've been checking and am glad to say my mind is still working , I knew I had it in a magazine somewhere . It was in THE ROUTER mag from feb/mar 2004.... I know... how did I remember it . It was called the Wilton saw clamp and at the time was available from Spectra Tools Ltd (phone 01694 670371 ).Being from
Ireland I dont know this company but anyway.. Now ...of course , this company might not exist anymore so I googled but could not find the item on their site . It retailed at £5.99 back then . I since have found it on another site GRAINGER.COM so Ive copied and pasted below for peoples info , they are out there but might not be too easy to get as we ( maybe I shouldnt generalise) are not into gadgets as much as the yanks!!!! anyway have a look below . Funnily enough , the country of origin is the U.K so surely you can get one .

WILTON Clamp, Saw

Saw Clamp, Throat Depth 2.75 Inches, Capacity 0.75 Inches, 4.25 x 3.0 x 1.5 Inches, Holds Cut Off Material Securely
Grainger Item # 6HH06
Price (ea.) $6.10
Mfr. Model # SC1
Ship Qty. 1
Sell Qty. (Will-Call) 1
Ship Weight (lbs.) 0.3
Usually Ships** While Stock Lasts
Catalog Page No. N/A
Country of Origin
(Country of Origin is subject to change.)
United Kingdom

Clearance Center Item
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