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Thread: Veneer Rippling
20/03/2017 12:07:15

This subject comes up often and if you have a look here on another forum you may be able to find an answer.


Thread: Tables saw problem
23/10/2016 10:35:10

Check the fuse.

Thread: Table Saw Blade Question
23/10/2016 10:20:11

If you have come to the conclusion that you are flogging a dead horse then put it back in the box list it on one of the selling sites and seek out a new one, there are some fairly decent 10" table saws about for around the hundred squids mark, Scheppach, Ferm, Lumberjack etc.


Thread: wine glasses
09/06/2015 12:53:30

Just wondering how you would go about washing these without getting the stem wet?????


Thread: Bandsaw advice
03/04/2015 19:35:15

Seems a bit of an overkill to me seeing as you are rating yourself as a 'hobbyist', any decent bandsaw which will take a three-quarter inch (20mm) blade will do e.g. Record BS400, unless you can get one second hand which would be the way I would go.


Thread: Another built in
19/01/2015 19:25:45

Inventiveness and skill are just a couple adjectives I would use to describe your work, would love to spend a day in your workshop. yes



Edited By Eugene Anderson on 19/01/2015 19:26:18

Thread: Finally finished this wine rack
01/01/2015 16:49:05

I would have thought a 'shared' bottle was not enough for that excellent rack.


Thread: Flattening sandpaper
08/10/2014 10:24:54

Carpet spray adhesive (B&Q) will hold your sandpaper down, spray, leave for a minute, fix sandpaper and if it rolls up place another piece of mdf on top until it dries but you shouldn't need to do that.

Edited By Eugene Anderson on 08/10/2014 10:25:38

Thread: Adhesives
01/10/2014 18:28:40

0 degrees C is freezing point, ain't no glue going to work in that temperature.

Everbuild D3 is as good as any other and commonly available in builders merchants, if you want what the kitchen worktop manufacturers use then D4 PVA (Everbuild again) can be got on the net.


Thread: Birch Faced Plywood
01/10/2014 18:14:40

I think you are talking about Birch ply, this is different from the usual marine (and other) ply. If you cannot locate Birch ply then try Jewsons, they do a nice solid void-free ply which they call 'Wisa' ply and the covering is nicer than plain white Birch.


Thread: At Last
02/03/2014 10:52:23

Nice one Derek, the white wood is Sycamore..


Thread: Walnut box & Neat hinges
17/01/2014 20:43:21
Posted by Big Al on 17/01/2014 17:53:48:


The lid is veneered with book-matched Walnut Burr and the box is finished with 3 coats of spray Cellulose Lacquer then buffed with Microcrystalline wax applied with 0000 wire wool.



Edited By Eugene Anderson on 17/01/2014 20:44:07

17/01/2014 14:51:35

Just finished this Walnut box and thought I'd use Ian Hawthorne's new Neat hinges for the hardware, It is always a tough decision which hinges to use and usually the deciding factor is down to price but if you are going to spend time and effort making a box and it is going to be a thing of beauty (hopefully) then it seems a shame to spoil it by fitting cheap hardware which always looks out of place and detracts from the finish.
I also decided to use one of his Neat Locks, I think a box always needs something at the front and it's either a handle or a lock, obviously a lock is added value.
Ian's older type hinges had a knuckle which had to have a small recess cut to allow it to open, these new hinges are made differently and do not require any additional cutting, they make fitting hinges a breeze. Anyone who has tried to fit quadrant hinges will know the problems of making two cuts on each corner and then cutting out a mortise for the stay, these hinges require no more than one cut each corner and screwing in, four passes on the router and job done.
The setting up of your router table is important and it requires some scrap, this is where some forward thinking comes in and a short length extra needs to be produced when cutting the sides of the box. Fitting instructions come with the hinges and lock and a few minutes setting things up accurately pays dividends, my little 8mm cutter actually cuts 8.5mm (I will have to invest in a spiral bit) so the slot is slightly larger than required and leaves an unsightly gap. The hinges and lock measure 8mm across so leave plenty of wood either side of the hinge if you cut your box sides to a minimum of 13mm. As the box needs to be in Lincoln tomorrow I didn't have time to make an escutcheon but will do so next time.
These locks and hinges are highly polished and add that bit of quality to your box, the lock mechanism is firm and secure without any play and locks onto the striking plate firmly but it also moves freely, all in all I think they are well worth the investment for a box you are spending time and effort on.

Ian also does a 180 deg opening hinge for games boards and writing slopes etc. just Google Hawthorncrafts or Neathinge.

Question for you, how much do you think I should be asking for this stuff ? I am in a constant quandary about pricing my boxes, they obviously need to be priced to sell but then you need to make a few squids, I am retired so my time doesn't really come into it, I am always being told to charge for my time but this is not my living and the time it takes me to do one of these (8-10 days is at my speed) is not important, I do this at my pace and start and stop when the fancy takes me.


box 1.jpg

box 2.jpg

box 3.jpg

box 4.jpg

box 5.jpg

box 6.jpg

Thread: Wanted, Old style Stanly 92
20/12/2013 19:16:33

I have sadly lost my Stanly 92 Shoulder plane (loaned it with regret) and am on the hunt for another, none on e-bay at the mo but they seem to be selling around the 40 pound mark if any has one doing nothing.


Thread: East Midlands Woodworking Show
19/12/2013 18:40:10

For anybody who has not heard about it yet, there will be a new Woodworking and Tools show, this time in the East Midlands at last, in the Newark Showground in March 2014. The link is here.


Edited By Eugene Anderson on 19/12/2013 18:42:29

Thread: may give up
05/12/2013 18:51:48

Whereabouts are you Steve? looks like some mountains in the background so I doubt if it's lincolnshire where I am if you wanted to spend some time, is it the handling of the tools that is causing you the hassle or what?

I only took it up a year or so ago and only had one day with a woodturner, struggled on with a couple of video's and lots of dig-in's, but now coming to terms with it, I try to keep a keen eye on the tool tip and everything I do so that if it goes wrong I can rectify it, gradually getting there and improving, see a few of the latest boxes I have made, the view is a little wrong as they were photographed to mainly show the Agate inlays.

Andyagate inserts.jpg

Thread: cherry jewelry box
05/12/2013 18:28:08

Looks looks like a lot of love and care has gone into that one thumbs up you better hope she doesn't come to you to get you to help fill it with shiny stuff crying


Thread: Watch the birdy
01/03/2013 21:15:09

Brilliant, you have too much time on your hands, I bet it's got carpets inside..............and the birds are going to have to pay visiting fees.


Thread: one down, two to go!
01/03/2013 21:11:07

Made a miniature one some time ago so I know the problems involved, lucky to get the cabriole legs ready made to fit the job.


Thread: New Home Made Tool
28/01/2013 17:29:32

That is a brilliant idea Carl, they can be sharpened with a little diamond hone and there are bundles of these available (ebay) in a variety of shapes, the round one would be useful, and for not a lot of money and so very replaceable, no reason why it couldn't be used on the outside for detail work.

Could you show us the other when it's done?


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