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Thread: Comments Welcome
20/07/2010 16:22:23
Well Derek as a complete novice at this turning lark I was in the same state of mind as you before I bought my one about 6 months ago.
I settled on the 1000 because it had the larger motor, a 1 metre bed, and importantly was fitted with the heavier no2 Morse fittings. and best of all was one of the cheapest models available !!       I also reckoned at the time that a big quality company like Axminster was unlikely to put its name against a suspect product. 
If you look at its drive system though its almost exactly the same as quite a few others in the same price range e.g. the Draper etc. so its fairly safe to say that Axminster didn't build it themselves.
The whole thing came well packed in a single box, and although the instructions said it was a two man job to assemble, I managed the task by myself, I am a big guy however. Thankfully All of the support components fitted well together and the hardest part of the  assembly was lifting the main drive onto the cast iron bed 
 The quality of the sub components were as you might expect from a cheap machine i.e. the cast iron bed was delivered unpainted and as such looked a but "rough" but after saying that the rest of the support components were ok and the machining on the bed was OK.
I had a little worry when I tested the tailstock to main drive center heights when I found a very slight difference in the two, but so little that a proper clean of the bed and casting faces would have probably fixed it, My background is in high precision engineering though so maybe I am fussier than others may be.
As for it operation I've turned a log which was just at the machines limit for max diameter and had little difficulties and likewise have turned a 20" platter with the drive head turned at 90 deg with no problem or apparent struggling And neither jobs caused the machine to "Bounce" across the floor. But the sheet steel legs are fitted with pre drilled "feet" and could easily be tied down with some suitable tie down bolts.  As for wobbling when using an off centre job well I imagine it would, but probably no worse than any other I reckon 
The 10 speed auto change gearbox seems much better than the manual change machines although to be honest I have spend more time at the high end speeds with the intermediates getting little use, its max speed is 2000 rpm they say, but would be great if it were even faster. But be careful and always return the speed to the lowest before shutting down otherwise if you have a large piece on the machine the motor apparently might have problems starting (I haven't experienced that when I forgot to change back however)
I haven't done a lot of small dia turning so I cant comment on its ability here Derek, but the drive shaft appears to run true so I dont recon there would be a lot of problems with this type of job. You would also be working using a chuck mounter arbour so I think it could cope quite easily.
All in all Derek its a cheap little machine which has done everything that I've wanted it to do, and being a canny Scot, at the sale price I recon is a decent machine for the "first time" wood turner. 

Edited By sparky on 20/07/2010 17:46:13

Thread: Finding a Lathe
25/02/2010 21:11:51
Hi George
Just by coincidence George, my Mrs bought me a subscription of Good Woodworking for my birthday and the first copy (containing the lathe article) arrived about a week ago!!.
It looks handy and they recommend Record DML305 and the Axminster AWVSL 900 as an adequate starter lathe.
I've done a bit of searching and was thinking of the Axminster 1000 which is 10 speed, has a slightly bigger motor and uses No 2 morse tapers instead of the 900's No 1's.
Then dash it along came the advert for the Fox 46 - 719 lathe which has a 1 horse motor plus 10 speed but it was this company that wanted a suppliment of £90 to travel an extra 150 miles!!, however I sent them a nasty e mail and they actually decided to cut their transport charges by £40 !!, but its left me still undecided.
I wonder if any of the readers have any comments about the Axminster or the Fox ? 
Anyway thanks for pointing the article out to me George
24/02/2010 20:03:49
That'll do for me Rog
24/02/2010 14:10:34
Thanks for that info OPJ I've had a look at the site and I will definately use it if I cant get the suppliers to treat me like a "normal" UK member LOLLL
And thanks too for the idea's Ged I'm already scanning almost all the mags but I'd missed the good wood mag so I'll give it a go.
Thanks to Dave's suggestion I've got a contact name for the Grampian Woodturners club so I'm about to find out what they are all about,
So watch this space
Thanks to all again
23/02/2010 13:36:40
Brilliant Dave that's a great idea, I'll get on to that and let you know how I get on
FYI I just got a reply from the company that started all this, they've contacted their carrier and there's a £91 surcharge to deliver their lathe the extra about 150 miles !!!! or to put it in perspective almost a 1/3 of the cost of the lathe itself. 
And we aint talking highland single track roads here Dave, instead we have dual carriageways almost right to my door !!!  
And you wonder why we Scots are "careful" with our bawbee's LOLLL
Thanks again Dave
23/02/2010 00:14:16
Hi folks,
I'm pretty new to this posting lark so I'll apologise first for my spelling !!
Thing is I'm in the market for a woodturning lathe, but as I'm a newcomer to the skill I've been wondering if I should buy a new machine or alternatively look for something second hand.
As there are no second hand dealers near me that I know of, I did what most bargain hunters do i.e. went straight to old faithful E Bay to see what was available, great I thought as there were more than 5 pages of lathe  "Stuff" offered for sale, I was even more happy when I spotted there were quite a few second hand and a few brand new machines there to study and maybe even bid for.
And here's where my problems arose, almost every lathe that looked even workable had, against delivery details, "To be Collected only", and just about every one was from areas around the middle of England.
Oh didnt I mention it ?, thing is I live up here in the north of Scoland near Aberdeen, you'll maybe remember Aberdeen, its the centre of the North Sea oil industry and must handle thousands and thousands of tons of road bourne frieght for dispatch to the hundreds of active rigs, every week.
Now Having seen that most of the second hand E Bay items were a bit out of my driving range I thought that the new M/C option probably was my only choice. This will be a lot easier I thought, but guess what, some of the suppliers that I started to contact who even had "Free delivery in the UK". will only deliver to adresses as far as Edinburgh !!! and anything farther north was either ignored or carried a hefty surcharge!!!.
Yes yes before anyone blows a fuse and tells me all about the price of fuel, I could understand if carrage charges were say graded  re the distance to delivery but a line drawn across Scotland is a bit much.
Now the reason for this post, apart from having a good old moan, is to send out an appeal to any of your other Scottish readers for any information re possible dealers (second hand) who are based anywhere say North of Edinburgh that deal with lathes etc.
There is one supplier in Aberdeen who will sell new machines but they are all in high end of the market and I'm not quite ready to turn professional (Yet) LOLL
Thread: pittosporum any good for woodturning
19/02/2010 22:24:14
Hi Ruth
I came across this article
>> Pittosporum undulatum (tree, shrub) <<
Where it reckons it can be used for making golf clubs, or is excellent for making charcoal !! , so with a bit of effort it might be great for the BBQ at least.

Edited By sparky on 19/02/2010 22:39:31

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