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Thread: How to modify this design - outdoor sofa
22/05/2020 11:17:43

Hello Joel

I haven't looked at this design in detail, but modern screws will hold in end grain providing that the screws go into the end grain at least 40mm. If you are a beginner at woodworking any mods might be beyond your capabilities.

Also put clearance holes through the timber that you are joining so that the joints pull up tight, don't just rely on an impact driver to pull it up as you can easily strip out the thread in the end grain

The important thing is to make sure that you treat all the end grain with wood preservative prior to assembly or it will rot fairly quickly.

Good luck with your project.

Thread: Potpourri Bowl
22/01/2020 18:16:39

Sorry forgot to add the pics from my album.

22/01/2020 18:16:39

Sorry forgot to add the pics from my album.

22/01/2020 18:14:15

I was recently given a 6x6 blank of this lovely wood & designed it to show off the grain. It is quitw hard & blunts the tools quickly but otherwise turns well..

Thread: Thin Section Hardwood Sources?
30/12/2019 21:05:38

If you do find a source of wider section timber as thin as you require it will almost certainly cup unless you have quarter-sawn which will be very expensive. If your but joints are good & you match the pieces before gluing you will hardly see the line & will have a more stable piece to work with.


Thread: Problem with Axminster Woodturning Lathe
30/12/2019 20:52:08

This sounds to me that it is the starter capacitor which is probably not working. this is a tubular unit usually bolted to the outside of the motor. You might also try spinning the job in your lathe by hand & then press your starter while it is rotating. If the motor then runs it is definitely the capacitor.


Thread: xmas present
22/09/2019 09:27:22

p1010020 (500x375).jpgp1010018 (500x375).jpgp1010017 (500x375).jpgI was given the pear wood turning blank so decided to do something a bit different

Thread: Wood Stabiliser
19/07/2019 15:57:02

Hi Colin

My mistake, the one that I am using is Made by Ronseal. I don't think that you will have any problem with excessive darkening of the timber. It is an almost clear liquid & in my experience there is no difference after applying than if you had used white french polish.

18/07/2019 21:53:15

Hi Colin

Cuprinol Wet Rot wood hardener is what you require. I have used this for years, it is a clear liquid so will not stain the wood. You need to put it on with a brush but the trick is to keep putting it on until the wood is saturated and will not absorb any more. Leave overnight to dry or longer if possible. It does what it says and sets hard and therefore stabilises the timber. I also use it to stabilise hair cracks when turning bowls etc.

I have also used it to recover blown chipboard that has absorbed water eg kitchen cupboard doors. let the board absorb as much hardener as possible then cover area with plastic and clamp firmly to squash the chipboard (or MDF) back to original size, then leave to harden.

Hope this helps.

Thread: Plans for child's wheelbarrow
15/04/2019 16:40:39

I have some plans for a child's wheelbarrow that came from a Woodworker magazine about 50 years ago. My late father made one for my children (who are now over 50!). I wanted to put them on the forum but when I try and download them to my album the page is too big although it is only A4 size.

Am I doing something wrong?


Thread: Wheelbarrow
12/04/2019 21:01:19

Hello John

I have plans for a child's wheelbarrow that my late father made for my children over 50 years ago! They are only photocopies from a woodworker magazine so are not of the highest quality. However, I have managed to get a readable copy on my printer for you to be able to make a wheelbarrow. You might need to scale down the sizes for your requirements. If you would like to contact me on 01579362143 & provide me with your address I will post the drawings to you.


Thread: Cedric's bandsaw
10/04/2019 14:22:55

Hello Les

Thank you for your interesting post. I still have this machine & use it regularly.

I think that my machine predates your time there as it is all cast aluminium except for the saw table that is cast iron.

It also has a Burman modified motorcycle gearbox on it giving two speeds, one of which is slow enough that it can be used to cut aluminium or hard plastic.

The gearbox is grease filled not oil and I understand that this box was first made in 1936 & changed to oil filled in 1951 which more or less dates my machine. As you say this may be a modification ex factory.

Do you know when this saw was first made by Willow?



Thread: Bandsaw - Ripping down
10/04/2019 13:18:16

Hello Wilf

Here are a few extra ideas that might help with your problem.

Firstly buy a good quality blade as cheap blades are often a problem. There are quite a few blade manufacturers just google it and they will come up. I use a 3 tpi skip tooth 1/2in blade. Any thing less than 1/2in wide will always track.

Try increasing your blade tension a little at a time as that can make a big difference. Also make sure that you do not force feed the wood into the blade, let it cut at its own speed. It will invariably run off if you push it too hard.

Make sure that the rear blade support is set so that immediately you start to cut it engages with the back of the blade & that your side guides are set just behind the teeth to give maximum support.

If all this fails you can do away with the parallel guides and make up a hardwood wooden vertical fence about 20mm wide. radius this slightly, an then position it at right angles to the blade and slightly forward of the cutting edge so that it guides the wood into the blade. You can then control the cut by moving the wood slightly left or right to counteract any tendency to track off when cutting.

Hope that this helps.


Thread: replacing belt on myford mystro
04/01/2019 20:50:03

Hello David

Have only just seen his post so you may have solved the problem already.

I had the same problem with my Myford metal turning lathe.

You can buy segmented or toothed belting which is made up of segments that clip together so that you can then feed it round the pulleys without taking half the machine to bits.

Hope this helps.

Thread: Removing rust from hand tools
04/01/2019 20:39:03

I spray all my tools ( including lathe beds and chucks etc) at the onset of the cold weather with WD40 then just wipe off the excess. This will normally keep them clean until it warms up again.

Thread: how to seal chipboard worktop joints
30/11/2016 17:44:06

Hello Teka

I use wet rot wood hardener for this job. It is thinner than PVA so will soak into the wood better. allow to dry between coats and continue until the chipboard wont soak up any more. I recently put new worktops in my kitchen and put six coats of hardener on.


Thread: Dewalt Planner Thicknesser D27300 out feed table adjustment
18/02/2015 20:56:34

Hi Russell

It sounds to me as if something is out of alignment. If you have a long straight edge I suggest that you bring the feed table up and then check that the two tables are in alignment ie see that the straight edge touches right across the two feeds. If it is not right you might have to pack the mounting of the out table to correct the problem.

Regards Cedric

Thread: Rocking Swan
14/02/2015 17:17:29

I have recently finished this rocking Swan for my Cousin's Grandchild. This design was first published in Practical Woodworking in about 1971 and I first made it over 20 years ago for my own Grandchildren. I have modified this one to make it possible to flat pack it as I had to send it by courier.

14/02/2015 17:11:14

Rocking Swan

Thread: sip 01489 tyres
05/03/2014 21:25:51

Hello David

I was the person who posted the way to make tyres yourself. I have just reposted this to another person so if you go to my posting of 23/02/2014 'Cedric's Bandsaw' you will see how to do it. If you have any queries please come back to me.

Regards cedric

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