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Thread: Drawing board surface
04/08/2016 07:59:16

Thanks Derek, that sounds ideal. I've not seen that product before so will maybe give it a try and let you know how it goes. Cheers, Mike.

01/08/2016 17:01:23

Hi John. Unfortunately not. However I've seen lots of pictures and it looks quite spectacular. I think if l did visit the Globe (l have actually seen it from the outside) l would be just in awe of the skill and craftsmanship of the carpenters and builders. We live in an old (c1750) timber framed cottage and over the years l have had to replace many of the timbers, due in no small part to horrendous renovations in the 1970s, and one part was a large oak frame that l made which was only held together by joints and oak draw pegs. We (my wife too) then in-filled the panels with wattle & daub and finished of with lime plaster. A great project that is in fact still ongoing! Cheers, Mike.

Thread: Nick Gibbs - how is he?
01/08/2016 16:47:03

Hi Tegan. Thanks for the info, l did read something about a job at B&Q, l just hope it's worked out for him. Poor guy has really been through it and l just hope and pray that he's able to do some woodworking, even if it's small bits here and there. I'm really sorry he wasn't able to carry on writing because he always had some good ideas and something interesting to say. Take care wherever you are Nick. Thanks again Tegan, very best regards, Mike.

30/07/2016 19:33:28

Hi Derek, nice to hear from you and your thoughts about Nick. He sure is a nice person and along with everyone else l was horrified at what happened. I know he was determined to carry on after the hard work he put into getting well again but he told me he just couldn't cope having lost his confidence and staying power. As you say, all because of a helmet.

I know what you mean about getting old, it's pants! It's my eyesight l get annoyed about, especially in the workshop. Best regards, Mike

30/07/2016 08:30:22

Does anyone know how Nick Gibbs is doing these days? His accident was the most terrible thing to happen and completely changed his life. I bumped into him about a year ago and although he was physically well he was still struggling with his memory. Apart from the piece in GW a while back I've not heard any more about how he is. Has anyone spoken to him or seen him? I met him a few times over the years and he always had time to chat and was interested in what you were doing in your wood working life. I do hope he is well, all the very best if your out there Nick. Mike Watkins.

Thread: Drawing board surface
30/07/2016 08:06:44

Hi John. Thanks for the suggestion, l did give Formica a thought early on but didn't have any so opted for the ply, however l still may do it if l see any. Thanks too for the offer of the GPO board, l would love to have it but space doesn't allow I'm afraid. Tech drawing was my favourite subject at school (early 70s) and being a draftsman was high on my list of careers. Sadly it didn't happen but l still like to draw projects out before making them. Hope it goes to a good home, best regards, Mike.

Thread: table saw help
28/07/2016 11:03:10

Hi. I started my own carpentry business a few years ago, mainly making oak window frames and doors and l have both a tablesaw and bandsaw and l can without hesitation say that the tablesaw is my main machine. It's a SIP 01332 10" cast iron and it does 98% of the work. Although the l wouldn't be without the bandsaw, l find it limited in it uses. One piece of advice if buying a tablesaw, go for a heavy cast iron top type with an induction motor, anything else is just to noisy and unstable. The good thing about the model l have is that it's 13amp, something to be aware of when looking. Good luck, Mike

Thread: Drawing board surface
28/07/2016 10:44:20

Hi, can anyone help with a suitable surface, be it painted or stuck on, for a newly covered drawing board. I've recently resurface my old drawing board with some 3.5mm ply which, while good quality, may benefit from an extra surface to toughen it up a bit. Any suggestions? Has anyone done this themselves? Thanks, Mike.

Thread: Good Woodworking wants your help!
09/07/2016 13:31:15

Thanks Gerald, glad to know I'm not the only one getting turn off by the art and design content however, I've a feel that we are in the minority! I'm a paid up member of both Fine Woodworking and Woodsmith magazines web content as well as the printed additions. They seem to hit the spot for me with well illustrated and interesting articles. Fine Woodworking no254 had some really great stuff in it and the one l especially liked was Bob VN Dyke's sharpening box., something l am definitely going to make. I could go on about that issue but the main point is, l honestly learnt something from every article. Thanks for the tip (there's a case in point, where did the 'tips' pages go in GW??) about the DVDs. I do have some and may well order some more in the future. Cheers, Mike.

08/07/2016 21:26:06

Hi. I've been a subscriber since issue one and have always enjoyed reading the mag and still have every issue on my selves in the workshop. However, the last few years has seen the magazine change and lm very reluctantly coming to the point of cancelling my subscription. The move to mostly furniture and design, while probably attracting younger readers has sadly turn me off and l no longer read it from cover to cover, something l always did, usually twice! I often sit in the workshop and look back at pasted issues wihich all have interesting everyday useful projects, excellent tools reviews and how to based articles. Thank heavens you still have Andy King and Phil Davy! Without them l would have gone years ago. For me you need less about design, much less about design and more back to basics; tips, jigs, joints, tools, skills from beginners to advanced and more drawings. Take a look at America's Fine Woodworking magazine, it's brilliant at showing you how to make a project without the 'you must have a degree in design' attitude. For drawings just look at Woodsmith magazine.

Sorry, just the rantings of one of your older readers (58) who looks upon the early Nick Gibbs, Phil Davy and Andy King era as being the magazines best years. One last thing, whatever happened to not print the tool companies own words? All of the new products appear to be the tool company's on words or press releases. Accept Andy's reviews of course. Mike.

Thread: Best portable thicknesser
05/07/2016 18:57:01

Thanks Carol. One minute I'm up for the Makita then the next I'm thinking the Dewalt is the one to go for?? Although Axminster are a great company to buy from, I'm still not sure about the Jet and I'm also keen to hear about the Metabo? So, any Jet and Metabo owners out there please?? Interesting your comment about the serrated metal rollers because that is one of the reason why I'm going for one of these machines. I already have a Record PT107 thickness planer which is a brilliant tool except for one thing, the serrated roller on the thicknessing mares the wood. Well it doesn't if you take off say at least half a mm. What I'm looking for is a machine to use for the final shave that doesn't dent the wood. Also something to use for smaller projects. Thanks again, Mike

05/07/2016 18:39:50

Many thanks Derek. I agree with you about Axminster, they're after sales service is brilliant. I'm edging towards the Makita but would really like to know about the Metabo. Dewalt users seem to swear by them but have heard that the quality isn't what it used to be. I wish Bosch made one, I'd have it like a shot! Thanks again, Mike.

04/07/2016 20:26:46

I'm looking to buying a portable thicknesser and I'm looking at three makes but need advice as to which is best. The ones I've narrowed it down to are the Makita 2012NB, DeWalt 733 and the Metabo PH330. Excellent finish is the most important with build quality and easy blade change being close behind. I've also seen the Jet JWP12 but worry that might be a cheaper Chinese import?? Can anyone help. Has anyone used the Metabo? It seems to be a bit of an unknown. Thanks.

Thread: Thickness / Planer problem
17/04/2016 18:32:38

Thanks Mike, that sounds like the solution. I'll check out the manual and see how the roller is adjusted on this machine. Do you think there's a chance it can be changed for a rubber covered roller? I'll have a scout round the Internet and see I that's a possibility. Anyway, many thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely give it a try, also good idea about the test piece or l guess, one last finishing swipe on the top?? Cheers.

16/04/2016 08:55:45

I have a problem with my the in feed roller on my PT107. To a lesser or greater degree the metal serrated in feed roller leaves cut marks or tracks in the wood!?? If the cut is heavy, say 1.5mm plus, then the marks are cut away, however if l want to make a very light pass then the marks don't get removed. Very frustrating from an otherwise great machine.

My previous planer had rubber rollers and didn't mark the timber. Has anyone had this problem and is there a solution? Cheers, Mike.

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