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Thread: Narrow trowel set for sale.
16/07/2008 22:54:00
PJ, NickDon’t expect they are related they are all just daft.  I said to her the other week, "Listen to the girl on my Orange pay as you go phone".  (The one that tells you how much credit you got). I said “don’t she sound common”.  She listened and said,” cor yes she does and what a boring job that mush be tell people how much credit they got left, all day”


16/07/2008 16:15:00

She said, Iím just going in your shed dear. I walk round the front garden a bit later on to see what she was doing. Digging the weeds out of the drive with me bloomin chisels. Bit of advice never let your little darling in your shed unaccompanied.

Thread: Fox Machinery
15/07/2008 23:45:00

Hi Richard

If you put "Fox F36-524" in the search to buy on ebay you will see tezzadavis is selling new ones for only £240.+£15 delivery


Thread: Dog house
13/06/2008 23:10:00

Thank you all.

I must admit whilst looking around a charity shop the other day I to thought about recyclable wood, they were almost giving away wardrobes and other furniture to make room for more stock coming in.  But dident get the wood due to very limited space I have in my workshop/garage.  


I work for a company that sell tools, I cry myself to sleep most nights to see what they chuck in the bins.  We sell drills, well all sort of tools.  Customers buy them online.  Use them over the weekend and return them saying they are not up to their required standard or are faulty.  There are loads of the returns that are not checked if under a certain value so are binned.  We are not allowed to take them or even buy them, just like our pallet and packing wood all untouchable to the staff and scrapped


13/06/2008 09:31:00

Thank you Derek, Its nice to get feed back from you pro's.  I have only started woodworking as an hobby since January and realise with the price of wood most things can be brought cheaper so our hobby is good if you just want to make something and take pride in it and hopefully in my case get better at it.  I am only working in soft wood now until I stop making the mistakes.  I am hoping to start making draws with dovetails ect but have a long way to go yet.

Kindest Regards


13/06/2008 08:32:00

Hi Big Al

I brought the timber from a timber merchant in Waterlooville called "Covers".  When you start doing these jobs for a first time you have to buy pretty much everything.  ie. nails, Clot nails.  Mastic. I brought quite over the top sizes of timber for the frame ect.

Thanks Baz.  I'm fairly pleased,maybe a slight bit out of proporsion but not to bad.


12/06/2008 23:21:00

Thanks Ralph,

I made it for an Acquaintance of the family for the price of materials until I told them how much it cost now they dont want it because they could buy one off of the internet for £60.00.  So I might have to go buy me a dog. 

12/06/2008 22:57:00

Hi all

I made this from a plan in the woodworker magazine from a couple of years ago by Alan Holtham. He made his out of left overs. I brought everything new which cost a boom. But I loved making it. Must admit did not turn out quite as good as his one, but I am getting there, slowly.


Thread: LOL.gif
12/06/2008 19:40:00

Hi Sparky

I use to work next door to the ice rink.  In the factory called Sweathearts, 


I c no ships 

12/06/2008 12:17:00

Only joking Sparky,

My words were suppose to say “They are all like that in Southampton” 

I'm Just a bit of a Pompey fan


11/06/2008 17:45:00

Hi Dekek

They are all like last in Southampton.  You watch thier faces on TV next time thier football team plays.


Thread: Woodwork Fellowship
27/05/2008 22:41:00 I think


Thread: lathe virgin
27/05/2008 22:32:00

Thanks Terry and Ralph

My feet are now firmly back down on the floor.  I think I should do a bit more researching and try and get a member to let me a a few goes on thier lathes to see how I get on.

Kindest regards


26/05/2008 20:05:00

Thanks Terry

Funny enough I have just been offered a Vicmark VL175 from a member of my woodturner club, not sure the age for £1500.  But not sure if I should splash that amount of money out on something that I have never tried, wish I could have the same offer in six months time to see if I would like turning


24/05/2008 22:55:00

Thanks Baz, Just seen the book for £10.99 on Amazon.  So I think I will order it. 

I started making wishing wells, windmills and bird boxes with soft wood a few months back.  But now my garden is full of them I have desided to change my hobby so if I make items of woodturning, they will not take up so much room and hopefully not cost so much to make.



23/05/2008 22:17:00

Thank you all for your advice.  I shall try and contact a club member this weekend and hopefully get things moving as I am dying to have a go at this woodturning lark.  Everyone whom talks about turning all say the same work.  FUN.

Kindes Regards


22/05/2008 22:49:00
Me spaces are missing again
22/05/2008 22:48:00
Thanks Ralph.  I joined a club 2 months ago.  They meet once a month in a St.Johns ambulance centre.  Both times I went there they had a guest turner.  So I have had very little time to talk to any of them.  So will have to wait another month.  Unlike this club we are in we can talk day, night or anytime.  I know nothing at all about turning so I agree with you and I shall seek proper instruction to get me started.  There is a chap ten miles from me always advertising in the woodworker magazines called Ted Farrow so I might give him a call to see what rate he charges.  Guest that’s better then sticking a long chisel in a fast moving piece of wood to see what happens.  George Grindstone, jig, screw chuck, face plate.  Oh gosh and I thought this was going to be a cheap and carefree hobby.  Not competent at all my friend.  It looks so easy in the magazines. I live near Portsmouth, where they can play football.   Buy as big a lathe as you can afford you can turn little things on big lathes but you can't turn big thing on little lathes.  I like that above saying George so guess I should have a rethink.  Could always take up knitting I spoze. Thank you Eddie
22/05/2008 18:32:00

What am I doing wrong?  I space my writing out but when I submit it it all joins together with no spaces?


22/05/2008 18:30:00
Hi I am seriously thinking of taking up wood turning as a hobby.  Checking all the reviews on the web I have half decided on the Jet midi lathe at £220.  Has anyone got or used this lathe before?  I would like to buy a fairly good set of chisels maybe around the hundred pound mark.  My thinking is it would be better to spend on a good set of chisels so any suggestions on the best set/make for the money? And finally is there anything else that I might need to buy to get me up and running? Thank you Eddie
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